IDC: Samsung, Amazon struggle to gain ground in tablet space as Apple continues domination


No one said this tablet war would be easy. The International Data Corporation released its numbers on tablet market share for the second quarter of 2012. Apple has maintained their lead after shipping 17 million iPad tablets in this quarter.

Meanwhile, Samsung takes a modest jump from 7.3% to 9.6% with 2.4 million tablets. Amazon, the newest player to the game, shipped 1.25 million Kindle Fire units to get 5% of the share.

Their tablet has been the best selling item on Amazon since its launch, but as these numbers show that doesn’t amount to much in the overall scope of the ecosystem.

From there, ASUS shipped 855K for 3.4%, Acer shipped 385K for 1.5%, and the rest of the vendors all combined to ship just over 3 million shares for 12.3%.

It’s great to see competition enjoy growth from the same quarter a year ago, but when you look at Apple’s dominance continuing to strengthen you can’t help but wonder whether or not any of these vendors have what it takes to take Apple down a peg or two. Take a look at the full numbers in the chart above. [IDC]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Surprised to see Asus’ share is so low. Once the N7 gets taken into account, it’ll be a nice jump. Still a looong way to catch *pple, unfortunately.

  2. tablets are gonna be slower than smartphones in catching up and ultimately overtaking apple imo. Way I see it, tablet market still is a niche market, and it’s gonna take some time to convince people to get them.

    Lot of people do want them, but don’t end up rushing to the store to get them because theres no real need or drive to get them. Apple has a loyal fan base so they can rely on that, but for Android it’s gonna be harder. But with all this ~200 range options it’s certainly making it easier for consumers go out and grab them. Not that it just has to do with affordability, but its less of a commitment when it’s just cheaper. So as they offer more wide range of models and prices to attract all sorts of consumers, hopefully sales will kick off.

    1. Add Microsoft Surface to the mix and they will struggle also. It really is due to the non-practicality of tablets. Apple users are typically wealthier and can throw 2-3 times the money around for a computer and a phone so they will buy it just for status and so they can watch movies while sitting on their heated toilet seat. The only thing I see right now is for Gamers it seems Android tablets are amazing. Not kid gamers but adult gamers will buy up tablets more and more.

  3. It’s all marketing. Apple’s tablet was out longer and they have monkey see monkey do followers that would follow it to their deaths if it fell off a cliff. Some are apple shareholders who would never give another product a chance. Even though when specked out by someone technical the android tablets are physically superior. On top of the fact that they are winning anyway apple wants a monopoly and they are still carrying out Steve Jobs wish to destroy Android.

    1. Get over yourself. Apple’s slapping Android around because no one is buying it because it’s only for geeks and tech-heads. Your inability to see what the general mass population of consumers want is staggering and just reeks of ignorance.

      Get the Android makers to stop coming out with sheer junk that only appeals to cheapskates with zero care for quality, and then maybe they will compete.

      Android tablet makers are competing against each other, not Apple, and they are doing a piss-poor job of it too.

      Explains the childish behavior of Samsung’s lawyers in the current trial. Monkey is as Monkey do right?

      1. The majority of consumers buy their phones subsidized with contracts, correct? Do the majority of consumers do the same with tablets? I would say no. The ipad has been out longer, and since most people are probably likely to keep their tabs longer since they are not getting a great discount when their contract is up, it is very likely that it is simply going to take a little longer for Android to overtake Apple in the tablet market. Once consumers decide it’s time to buy their next tab, they will see that the quality of many Android tabs is equal to the ipad they had, and the costs are lower.

        It will take longer, but unless Apple decides to become reasonable on the cost of their products, and actually star innovating more, Android will dominate them in this market as well.

        It’s simple, really. O.o

      2. I would have to disagree. I would say the *reason* why people prefer the iPad over competing tablets are because its 3rd-party apps are better. Period. I have an iPad 3 and find the apps to be very sleek (e.g. Netflix, Comcast/Xfinity, Flixster, HBO Go, Facebook, Gmail, G+).

        But as for core features that need to be a part of OS, it is severely lacking. The lack of integration in your Contacts app, or flexibility of what you’d like to do with photos is quite annoying. The fact that you can’t natively sync your contacts with your personal email (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc) is quite awful. I don’t want to have to export my contacts as a CSV file every time I want to import them. The iCloud alternative for managing your contact list is just pitiful. I’ve heard it syncs nicely with Outlook, but I’m going to assume that most people use that for work purpose predominantly, and haven’t entered all the information about everyone they know in there.

        The other day my wife and I both needed access to our wedding list while writing thank you cards. She had the laptop and I had the iPad. iOs doesn’t let you save *files* from your email unless it recognizes the file type (e.g. Photos, Videos). So every time I left the spreadsheet and had to reopen it … I had to dig up the email again I sent myself and open the attachment. FAIL.

        So … I think once the Nexus 7 gets out into the wild a little deeper we shall see developers finally coming out to support it, and then things will change in the tablet realm.

        1. I agree with most of what you said except for some of the Apps you listed. For example the Netflix app is great on the Nexus 7 and Gmail? Sorry Gmail is definitely superior on Android.

    2. Pwned!!

    3. Whether or not Apple is “winning”, they’re certainly making boatloads of money. However, when it comes to corporate profits, THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH!

  4. meh. Android will gain share in the tablet space the same way they did in the phone space.

  5. Unfortunately when apple releases an iPad mini their dominance will grow even more. Steve Jobs was against a smaller iPad but apple doesn’t like competition and they know people will buy it just because it’s apple. I doubt the iPad mini will have top of the line specs but people will still think it’s superior and buy it.

  6. I thought the “IDC” in the headline meant “I Don’t Care”. :)

  7. Realistically Apple has a 2 year lead on Android, and Android has only a handful of Tablet Apps. I bought one, but all i was able to use it for was Web Browsing, because there are only like 5 news apps, and a few games that are tablet tailored.

    1. The original Samsung Galaxy Tab was released about 6 months after the original iPad….nice try

      1. Come on… that was an over sized phone. I even bought 2 of them myself…. But I’m talking about a serious contender to the iPad. The original 7 inch galaxy tab did not have a tablet optimized GUI, and did not have tablet apps. It just stretched all phone apps onto the 7″ screen. Nice try though…..

        1. There is no such thing as a “serious contender to the iPad”…..sorry

          1. Well, a 10 inch screen, and Tablet UI makes it a contender. Hey, YOU’RE the one that made it sound like the original galaxy tab was a contender……..

          2. Never said that the original Tab was a contender….I brought up the Tab to disprove that Apple had a 2 year lead on Android in the tablet market

          3. Again, the original Galaxy Tab was more of a Phablet, not a tablet.

  8. Android tablets struggle because they are junk for most users. Simple as that. The consumer does not want something that’s destined to become a door-stop in three months. Users are frustrated with the garbage-quality and/or a joke of an OS that’s way too complex for most users.

    You guys very well know that yet ignorance and being in denial gets the best of you. In this case, consumers have choice, their picking Apple’s offerings, and it’s putting you in a hissy-fit. Don’t hate Apple, or get childish and attack consumers as “iSheep”. You lose all credibility when going down that path.

    1. My xoom wifi is as good as any ipad and better in some areas.

    2. My Nexus 7 does everything the iPad does and then some – Flash for example. And it cost about half the price, is lighter and because it’s more hackable, will retain its usefulness longer. As for Apps, it runs almost everything my phone runs and while tablet -specific apps do take better advantage of the real estate, they are not absolutely needed.

    3. Trollololol

  9. Look at the percentages under the “Growth” column. I think that is a significant piece of data to consider.

  10. That’s a lot of people with no taste.

  11. iPod market all over again….

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