Aug 2nd, 2012

No one said this tablet war would be easy. The International Data Corporation released its numbers on tablet market share for the second quarter of 2012. Apple has maintained their lead after shipping 17 million iPad tablets in this quarter.

Meanwhile, Samsung takes a modest jump from 7.3% to 9.6% with 2.4 million tablets. Amazon, the newest player to the game, shipped 1.25 million Kindle Fire units to get 5% of the share.

Their tablet has been the best selling item on Amazon since its launch, but as these numbers show that doesn’t amount to much in the overall scope of the ecosystem.

From there, ASUS shipped 855K for 3.4%, Acer shipped 385K for 1.5%, and the rest of the vendors all combined to ship just over 3 million shares for 12.3%.

It’s great to see competition enjoy growth from the same quarter a year ago, but when you look at Apple’s dominance continuing to strengthen you can’t help but wonder whether or not any of these vendors have what it takes to take Apple down a peg or two. Take a look at the full numbers in the chart above. [IDC]

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