Aug 1st, 2012

Grab your popcorn. The Apple vs Samsung patent trial just kicked off the first day of testimonies and Samsung may already be off to a bad start. Remember those images we posted earlier today showing you guys Samsung’s early prototypes? Well, it looks like Samsung is in a bit of hot water after those images were rejected as evidence in court, yet Samsung still felt the need to get word out, sending off the images to all the major media outlets. Judge Lucy Koh was not amused and now, she’s demanding answers.

While the information has been public for awhile now, Lucy Koh denied Samsung use the images as evidence because Samsung produced them too late in the discovery process. Samsung “begged” the court to reconsider and show jurors the images of its F700 phone (the one that went into development reportedly before the iPhone, yet looked eerily similar). Samsung then got a little more creative, appealing to “the court of the popular vote,” sending off the rejected slides to sites like AllThingsD for them to put on display for the world to see. Samsung will be heard.

This obviously didn’t sit too well with Judge Koh who demanded Samsung’s lead attorney, John Quinn, give her a declaration stating with the names of everyone involved and more importantly, who authorized it. Watch yourself, Samsung. If found in contempt of court, John Quinn could be faced with fines, jail time or both.




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