Jul 31st, 2012

If full Onlive compatibility wasn’t enough to sway you into picking up the OUYA, maybe their all new buddy will. It looks like the OUYA console has snagged its first big fish, reeling in video game publishing giant Square Enix who’s now officially on board the OUYA-train. Square Enix announced that the recently launched Final Fantasy 3 will be the first title they’ll bring to the Android game console, and marks the very first time US gamers will have the opportunity to play FF3 on their television screens.

More than a mere port, Square Enix promises Final Fantasy will be given an HD graphical overhaul to take advantage of OUYA’s powerful hardware, and a free demo will be provided for those new to the franchise. What’s more, Android games are typical confined into using no more than 50MB of RAM at any point to keep from killing off too many background apps and to help save battery. Because the OUYA wont be battery powered and has no real need for multitasking, developers can finally take advantage of that full 1GB of RAM to use on their games. Let’s not forget the console will come pre-rooted at the users request. Hot diggity dog!

I was wary at first, but OUYA is shaping up to be a real contender in the gaming space. Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony better watch out. Hey, Kevin — you still have 8 more days to get in your pre-order. OUYA’s official Kickstarter page can be found below.


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