Pictarine consolidates your social media photo streams so you don’t have to


Photos make up a large part of the social networking experience, but with so many pictures spread across so many different services, it’s fair to say some of the best might be missed. Pictarine aims to change that, offering a consolidated stream culled from 11 different networks and pared down to a singular experience. The new app makes it easy to view, comment on, share, and like photos posted by friends and the other you follow. It also promises to help you “rediscover” some old favorites you may have forgotten while enabling the ability to bookmark new images that meet your fancy.

The app’s concept is simple, and so is using it, but for the budding photographer or photo fan it’s definitely worth a try (it’s free through Google Play). Hopefully greater functionality and new features will be added in future updates, but Pictarine gets the basic job done without much fuss.

[via GooglePlay]

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