Sprint launching four new 4G LTE markets by Labor Day, if they can get past the birds


In case you missed it in today’s earlier post covering Sprint’s Q2 earnings call, the carrier has revealed plans for four additional 4G LTE markets to launch by Labor Day. These include Baltimore, which was originally penciled in as a launch market, and expansions in Gainesville, Georgia; Manhattan/Junction City,  Kansas and Sherman-Denison, Texas.

Still, one major obstacle stands in the way of Sprint’s continued efforts to rollout a widespread LTE network: birds. Speaking during their call this morning,  it was revealed that a number of the carriers towers have been inundated with nesting birds, an ecological situation that has put Sprint in a precarious position. They won’t be able to activate these towers until the birds begin their winter migrations. Add in the wait for fiber-optic backhaul, and the result is the rather sluggish initial rollout we are currently seeing.


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  1. Wow. They’re not activating the new cell towers in order to appease PETA freaks? If it was an endangered species I could understand…

    1. Attitudes like that are how species end up endangered.

      1. Was probably just pigeon ratbirds. Could use less of ’em

        1. Could use less of you.

          1. I agree. I could stand lose a few pounds. Thanks for caring.

          2. What are strangers on the internet for?

      2. Who gives a damn about birds? There are people starving

        1. And Sprint expanding LTE coverage a few months early will fix that how?

          1. kil the birds, cook em, and feed the homeless?

    2. your hair is on the endangered species list. It used to be something commonly worn on men back in the 80s, now rarely seen.

      1. The Dude abides haters.

  2. Ughhh roll out is slow indeed, in the ATL market and its still real spotty, hoping for the best though

  3. Hahahahahaha!! That was Hilarious!

  4. After jumping ship from T-Mobile and moving over to Sprint last year, I’m really feeling the hurt. My 3G speeds have never surpassed 20KB/s and are typically lower than that. Wi-max doesn’t penetrate building worth a damn. LTE cannot come quick enough for me..

  5. Maybe because Sprint is for the birds. AM I RIGHT!?!?! Don’t worry Tmobile fans.. yours is no better.

  6. good photo choice. Go O’s!

  7. Well, one would think first they actually have to bring any markets online. Their coverage within the markets they supposedly brought online is a complete joke.

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