Official: Sprint announces Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE with QWERTY keyboard


After hinting that an announcement would drop any day now during their Q2 earnings call this morning, Sprint has made the Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE official. The phone will be the first on Sprint’s LTE network to feature a full 5-row QWERTY keyboard. The phone doesn’t skimp on specs a 4.3-inch ColorBoost display, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 8MP rear camera with 1080p video support and HD front-facing camera, and NFC support. The Photon will launch with Android 4.0.4.

As the phone’s rather long name suggest, 4G LTE connectivity will be core to the sequel to last year’s Motorola Photon. But the device will also feature world-roaming capabilities on global GSM networks. Pricing and availability will be announced at a later date. In the meantime Sprint is directed interested parties to sprint.com/photonq, a landing page that currently appears inactive. Follow the link below for more details in Sprint’s official press release.


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  1. I didn’t know QWERTY keypads were still in demand I’ll pass on this phone for that reason alone.

  2. Hey, Photon Q. You’s got a purty keyboard… *drags finger across the keys*

    Been so long since I had a good qwerty *breathes heavily*

    1. That’s not creepy.

    2. You got a banjo no one knows about there, Chavez? :-P

      1. I used to play in my youth. Here’s a pic of me when I was younger http://imgur.com/qe5WR

        1. Lol…nah, that can’t be you, the hair is all wrong.

    3. IKR!? And my soon to be here Nexus 7 will give me the power I really need. Oh my gosh, I might say goodbye to my E4GT.

  3. About time moto releases a phone with NFC!

  4. Hey.. Chris Chavez… what about Samsung Galaxy Blaze Q? This look same specs to Photon Q… think Blaze Q will coming out Aug 15th? I tried to look for confirm on google and no luck!.. my G2 getting fall apart!!! GPS dont work, Graphic look discoloration…. argh!! I need QWERTY with 1.5Ghz!

    1. Oh yeah.. Forgot all about that thing. Gah! So many options… Why does Android give us so many options! xD

  5. First time I have seen this phone with the Atrix HD style ICS Blur. Perhaps Verizon devices get the more stock ICS look and the other carriers are getting this style? Guess we will have to wait and see what drops with the Razr HD.

  6. That laser cut keyboard looks nice….. So this is rebranded Droid 4?

    1. On screen keys, different processor, bigger display, better display, smaller bezel, and NFC.

      ….I’d say nope, this is a new phone completely.

  7. I like the phone. but after th GS3 i think majority of phones should come with 2 gb of RAM!! (Crosses Fingers For Christmas Season phones

  8. Still no AT&T Moto Qwerty…..

    forever alone.

  9. Can’t believed I’m going to say this but that’s the best looking qwerty phone ever, smaller bezel and soft keys , well played Motorola well played

  10. Locked bootloader – no deal.

    1. You mean, UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER! :D

      1. Yeah, believe it when I see it! We’ve heard it all before from Moto :-/ I hope to God this isn’t another one of their empty promises. Even if they do follow through this time I think Moto has burned a lot of bridges – I for one don’t think I’d ever buy a Moto product.

  11. I’m crying. A Qwerty phone. Haven’t had one since the G2 and I had to leave that last year in Oct. I HATE software keyboard. I can’t wait until this comes out. I want it so badly. I hope it’s cheap so I can pick it up easily off the streets. LoL!!

  12. Finally, something to replace my wife’s Samsung Moment. She wouldn’t let me upgrade my OG EVO 4G until there was a sufficient replacement for her phone.

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