Jul 26th, 2012

Google’s long-awaited ISP initiative, the one cities across the US clamored to be the pilot market for, was formally introduced to the citizens of Kansas City and the world today. The high-speed internet and television service will be available in three packages, from a $120/month gigabit internet plus TV option to a free-of-charge 5Mbps internet-only option. The rest of the United States is officially jealous.

But perhaps one of the coolest aspects of Google Fiber is the way in which it aims to bring together Google’s current stable of products and services into a complete connectivity solution. Notably, those opting in on the TV package will receive a free Nexus 7 tablet as part of the included hardware. The tablet’s express purpose? To act as your television’s new remote control.

The plans, pricing, and options like an included Android tablet should put current cable and satellite providers on notice. If things get off the ground and Google expands their Fiber operation, it could lead to a major shakeup in the industry.

[via Google]

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