Google Fiber announced for Kansas City, TV package includes Nexus 7 as remote


Google’s long-awaited ISP initiative, the one cities across the US clamored to be the pilot market for, was formally introduced to the citizens of Kansas City and the world today. The high-speed internet and television service will be available in three packages, from a $120/month gigabit internet plus TV option to a free-of-charge 5Mbps internet-only option. The rest of the United States is officially jealous.

But perhaps one of the coolest aspects of Google Fiber is the way in which it aims to bring together Google’s current stable of products and services into a complete connectivity solution. Notably, those opting in on the TV package will receive a free Nexus 7 tablet as part of the included hardware. The tablet’s express purpose? To act as your television’s new remote control.

The plans, pricing, and options like an included Android tablet should put current cable and satellite providers on notice. If things get off the ground and Google expands their Fiber operation, it could lead to a major shakeup in the industry.

[via Google]

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  1. god.. if your listening, please send google fiber to Sydney, Australia. Thank you.

    1. And Rancho Cowabunga, CA…

      1. and Bay Area, CA

        1. … and Jackson, MS.

          1. … and Cleveland, OH

      2. They dont install fiber in teepees.

  2. Wow! That was pretty cool to watch the live event. I need to move into the city it looks like. :)

  3. Hell I have 150mb connection from fios an I’m jealous

  4. Oh. My. God. Please, come to Michigan, Google Fiber…You will be loved.

  5. yeah i wonder how much expanding they will do, hopefully a lot.

  6. To me, the coolest part of this is that they’ll offer broadband at normal speeds for free for at least seven years (so long as you pay the hookup fee), and free gigabit internet to schools, libraries, government buildings, etc. That’s really insane when you think of how much money that will save Kansas City.

  7. Well looks like im moving to Kansas City

    1. A lot of people are saying this on other news reports.

      1. the plaza is overrated!

      2. Of course! Just when I was considering moving out of the outskirts of the metro area and close to work.

  8. Please come to south central PA. I would drop Comcrap in a heartbeat!

    1. That’s what I just said! Lol

  9. So I’m sure Boston, MA would love to have this
    =D unlike certain chicken chains (Chick-Fil-A)

    1. good thing you included those parentheses.

  10. This is Aggressive. Comcast is pissing its pants in Kansas City

    1. TimeWarnerCable is in this area. And yes, they certainly are.

      1. *queue the whinny lawsuits and subsequent lobbying.

  11. fast. no data cap….dear google. I have already offered my soul to you. I have nothing else to sacrifice. How about my neighbor’s soul?

    The best part of all this is making that phone call and giving comcast the big finger. Oh how I will enjoy making that call. Now hurry up google and offer cellular service as well.

    1. I cannot even imagine how awesome this would be.

      Sadly, I don’t expect to see it in rural Minnesota…ever. :(

  12. I would love to see this in my area…

  13. I am certain they will include the Q shortly. I am assuming the only reason they are not doing so now is because of availability. It would be the perfect complimentary device, but they just don’t have enough produced.

  14. please come to Utah…

    1. I’m hoping for the same thing, I’ll gladly ditch Comcast if this comes to Salt Lake.

      1. If it did come to SLC would it be available to nearby cities or just slc

        1. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease provo too!!!

  15. Here’s what I think.

  16. Seriously, out of all the places in the US this is what you came up with Google!

    1. Many places applied but obviously they didn’t do as good of a job convincing Google as KC did. Besides, KC is close to the center of the country and has a lot of national communications structure going through it.

      1. EXACTLY, KC is perfect for this, were populated but not over populated, spread out decently….i love it here. :)

  17. I live in kc and it is great BUT they are only putting it in half of the city, and it is the half with very very low income and high crime rate. The people who would be able and willing to pay for the tv package won’t even get a chance with the current areas.

    1. Er, you would be surprised who lives in the areas available. The Plaza, Brookside, River Market… they’re all in the available area, not to mention the small neighborhoods like Valentine, etc.

    2. That’s where they need the free internet packages the most though.. Especially the schools and kids that need internet and are already hard pressed for books.

  18. Suburbs not included. That sux!

  19. I’d dump my $40 a month 10mb service for a free 5mb service in a heartbeat. 7 years of guaranteed free service is pretty awesome.

  20. Currently paying 200bucks a month for Verizon Fios. Google, please come to NYC and shake down the price fixing we got going on out here.

  21. From the torrenting capital of the world, Kansas City!!!!!!!

  22. True, but its filled with snobby people and horrible parking.

  23. wow… 120 for internet and TV… so it’s basically 50 bucks for TV service because it costs 70 for internet standalone… you know what 70 bucks a month gets me for internet? An extra 10 dollars left over for 20/2 service… or 10 dollars short of 30/5 service. That rate is downright incredible, unbelievable… and a bunch of other words.

  24. Dear Google,

    Ugh, please come to the suburbs. While I applaud your efforts to give the schools in the actual city of Kansas City free fast internets to improve their educational standards, you are leaving the rest of us (and the most money) out of the picture until you expand to the suburbs surrounding KC, especially in the Johnson County area.

    A friendly & hopeful JoCo resident, who is ready to ditch Time Warner. I even have a Nexus Tablet, so I can use my own remote :(

    1. Wholeheartedly agree, same goes for the Northland ‘burbs. There is a bullet point in their FAQ that they are planning to expand to North and South Kansas City with their next Rally and Construction phase… probably be 2014 at the earliest though :(

  25. As soon as this is available in Providence, Verizon is gone.

  26. I hope this will come to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia (Suffolk)!

  27. Come on Google, come to the burbs of Chicago!! All we have is Comcast and my service is twice as expensive :( PLEASE COME

  28. come to NY google thats where we need you more lol


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