LG Spectrum user manual updated with references to Ice Cream Sandwich


A rep on the LG’s support forums wasn’t kidding when he said the Ice Cream Sandwich for Verizon’s Spectrum was merely awaiting final approval from the carrier. A newly updated version of the Spectrum’s user manual has appeared online at LG’s site and makes reference to Android 4.0 and several of its features, including multi-tasking. With everything set on LG’s end, the ball is in Verizon’s court to sign off on the new software and push it to users, making an exact release date for the update hard to predict. The good news is LG Spectrum owners shouldn’t have to wait much longer.

[LG via AndroidForums | Thanks, Nate!]

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  1. Awesomeness.

  2. Any word on the rezound ? My bro is still waiting on the ICS update for that, Can’t believe the spectrum will get it before the rezound since there’s been rezound update rumors for the past 2 months

    1. The ICS file for Rezound has been out for at least 2 months… you do not have to be rooted in order to install it since it is the same file that will be delivered OTA (one of these years).

      ICS 4.0.3 with Sense 3.6 overlay — zero lag/pause as ICS opens up support for the second core — phone is wicked fast/snappy. Add to that the fantastic battery perfomance and you have one hell of phone (DAT SCREEN!!)

      1. Wow thx I din’t even know it was leaked

  3. I didn’t realize that there were “LG Spectrum owners”. Well that is good for LG since they are trying hard to be noticed…

  4. can’t wait to use on my girlfriends spec.

  5. Ics us not out. It was leaked some time ago and the people that tried to install it screwed up the phones. The ones that did get it to install successfully had many bugs. It is not the same as the ota.

  6. The link for the vs920 has been 404’d

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