Qualcomm Developer Tablet Now Available – Features Snapdragon S4 Quad-Core, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of Storage, For Only $1,300


For those not “in the know,” SoC manufacturer Qualcomm doesn’t just produce processors for the world’s hottest handsets. Every now and then, they produce hardware aimed directly at developers (with deep pockets) to test out the biggest and baddest games, and applications, they can throw at it. Now, it looks as if Qualcomm updating the specs on their original “Liquid” tablet shown off earlier this year at CES bumping up the processor to dizzying new heights.

The Snapdragon S4 Pro mobile development platform (MDP) features a Qualcomm S4 quad-core processor (APQ8064) with beefy Adreno 320 GPU, 10.1-inch 720p display, 2GB of LPDDR2 RAM, 32GB of storage and runs on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. The device also features a 13MP rear, dual 2MP camera, 7 “Ultrasound” microphones.

But what fun are all those specs without some benchmarks to excite your inner Android-fanboy? Take a look:

All of this can be had for the low price of $1,300 on BSQUARE’s store (link below). Before you freak out — keep in mind their chunky developer smartphone runs for $1,000. So, if you think about it… this is kind of a deal (not really). I guess there are worse things you could be blowing your money on. Like a fancy Apple ultrabook or something (snicker).

[BSquare | Via Engadget | AnandTech]

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  1. Hopefully the tablet matches with my Bugati Veyron…

    1. I hardly take mine out. Now if I could get one that matched my Gulfstream I’d be on board.

  2. *Snickers* Apple Ultrabook *snickers*

    Seriously though, this one looks like a beast. Comparing this to commercial tablets is like comparing RX-78 Gundam to RGM-78 GM.

    But no SD Card slot? No dice :)

    1. $1,300 with no SD card slot? For real? Man they trippin’!! >=.[

  3. “$1,300? Wow!”, said the incredibly huge bezel. ;-)

  4. I am wondering why all tech blogs post international gs3 quadrant at 4450 when I get 5500-5600. I know it’s just a BM and that it’s no biggie but just saying info should be correct.

  5. Its power is over 9000!!!

  6. Can I have this in a 4.5-5″ phone please?!

  7. I would actually buy it if it had something like a 1080p Super AMOLED Plus display, and a smaller bezel.

  8. Hmm… A down payment on a car, or a tablet?

  9. Didn’t Qualcomm have a tablet with a 1920×1080 3D display as well? If anything, this is really good news if for no other reason than we can expect to see Quad Core S4 Pro released in Q3/Q4. MOAR POWR.

  10. “We like huge bezel,” said nobody, ever.

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