ASUS updating Padfone to Android 4.0.4, includes bug fixes and optimizations


ASUS has launched an update that raises the current Android version of their smartphone/tablet/laptop hybrid Padfone. While software version isn’t steeped in Jelly Bean, it does take the device’s Ice Cream Sandwich build to Android 4.0.4. At the same time the update addresses several known issues with the ASUS Padfone and provides optimizations for things like power usage and camera performance. The full changelog includes system stabilizations,  support for 64GB SD cards, and a new Super Note function with handwriting recognition.

ASUS is pushing the update over the air, but it can also be pulled directly from the company’s website. A full changelog can also be located there. Check for the update under the setting menu or head over to the source link below to begin the installation process.

[ASUS via NotebookItalia]

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  1. I would’ve cared more is they ever released this thing with North American compatible 3/4G bands… Passed on some choice devices waiting on what never came……

    1. Ditto, picked up a GSM GNex because it didn’t look like it was coming with T-Mobile compatibility.

  2. Anyone own this? How is it?

  3. Asus has been the best when it comes to support and updating devices. This, among other reasons, is why I believe they should create the next Nexus phone.

    They just do not get a lot of credit in the phone game because they have not released a lot of phones, however when comparing the satisfaction of their tablets all they have to do is add a radio and band capabilities and it has phone features, and not a strong US presence.

    I believe Asus would make and being able to support a great Nexus and in general android phone.

    1. while being disappoint the Padfone never came stateside, I do agree with you.I would personally like to see a Nexus Phone from ASUS and/or Sony.

  4. Well, with $10 per device on the new all you can consume plans, it’s closer to reality I think.

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