Staples exec: Amazon to release five or six new Kindle Fire models


According to Staples president of US retail Demos Parneros, Amazon might have a bit more in store for us than a simple refresh of their 7-inch Kindle Fire. Parneros claims that Amazon will launch “5 or 6” new Kindle Fire models, and at least one will feature a larger form factor. While rumors have persisted of a 10-inch version of the device since before the flagship model launched last holiday season, the current status on the plus-sized Kindle Fire seems to change every day.

Most sources have claimed that Amazon is indeed working on a 10-inch Kindle Fire, but that the retailer does not plan on launching it concurrently with an update to the 7-inch model. It isn’t clear exactly how Amazon would fill out a lineup featuring five to six new devices, but there are several possibilities. Parneros was referencing new SKUs, and these could simply account for several different storage options in a 7-inch frame. Some may even simply refer to the original Kindle e-reader. Nothing is all that clear right now. The takeaway? Amazon is definitely looking to expand their Kindle Fire lineup, and that 10-inch version we have been hearing about might be coming sooner than expected.

[via The Verge]

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  1. I think the big issue with Kindle Fire will be are they still working off Gingerbread code base or are they graduating to ICS or JB.

  2. It has also been said that they are rumored to be working on a phone. That could just as easily retain the Kindle Fire line also. So that could be one of the 6 devices.

  3. As long as they don’t include a memory card slot I am good.

  4. still not interested… I want the play store, i want pure google… I want Nexus7!

  5. No way are they releasing 5 or 6 different tablets. That just causes market confusion. They’re probably releasing a new Kindle ereader with the new lighting system that the Nook uses, a refresh 7 inch tablet with 2 storage sizes and a 10 inch tablet with 2 storage sizes.

    1. Yeah – it’s 5 or 6 different SKUs, which probably means 2 products in 3 variations (8GB, 16GB, 32GB), or 3 products in 2 variations.
      I’d bet on: 1 phone (16GB), 2 7″ tabs (8GB, 16GB), and 3 10″ tabs (16GB, 32GB)

      1. Thought Amazon was scrapping the 10incher for now and going to put out a 8.9inch tablet first.

  6. They just need to get rid of that custom skin. Its worse then moto blur.

  7. They just need to get rid of that custom skin. Its worse then moto blur.

  8. Kindle Fire Flare (4″phone), Kindle Firebug(5″ tablet), Kindle Firestorm (10″ tablet), Kindle Fire Again (7″), Kindle Fire Shine (9.7″ tablet)

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