What can we expect from the next Nexus smartphone?


With the Nexus 7 and Nexus Q released and out of the way, we can’t help but think about a certain topic we have been very quiet about for quite some time. Let me break the ice and say it, because I am sure these rumors are going to start making rounds across the internet anytime soon – what’s the deal with the next Nexus smartphone?

For those unfamiliar to the subject, a Nexus device is a smartphone (now tablets and media streaming devices, as well) built by a manufacturer in cooperation with Google. There is usually one released per year, with each becoming an official Google device. Originally meant for developers, these devices are supposed to be the first to get the newest Android updates, as it is supported by Google, carries to manufacturer UI overlays and is not limited by the carriers’ decisions (until the Verizon Galaxy Nexus came to be). These are also said to be a representation of where Android is headed.

With that out of the way, we can get to the juicy parts. If it all goes as usual, this device should be announced sometime during the last quarter of the year or the beginning of next year. The Nexus One, Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus have all followed this pattern.

Many of us believe the Nexus 7 may have shaken things up a bit, though. Mostly because we have seen no major leaks and rumors ever since the talks of 5 Nexus devices coming from different manufacturers (now that would be crazy).

Regardless of what the outcome will be, we have a certain set of standards. We must also remember that Nexus devices usually don’t come with the best of the best specs, something that tends to let us down. We tend to over-hype Nexus devices to a point where pleasing us would be nearly impossible. We must keep in mind that we don’t exactly need amazingly stunning specs. Nexus smartphones get updates in a timely fashion and run stock Android, making the experience as smooth and fast as can be.

With that out of the way, here is what I would like to see in the next pure Google smartphone(s):

A 1080p screen?

No. A 1080p display simply does not make a difference in a 5-inch or smaller display. Sure, it would be great marketing material. But seriously, those talking about wanting a 1080p display on a smartphone need to reconsider.

We are talking about 440 pixels per inch; this is for a 5-inch display with 1920x1080p resolution. Apple’s Retina Display features a pixel density of 326 ppi. This makes individual pixels practically invisible to the naked eye (you have to really try to look for them).

A display with such resolution would only be a waste of processing power. Your smarpthone would function much better running a 720p screen, which looks just as amazing on a sub-5-inch display.

Quad-core Processor?

We have seen dual-core processors out-perform quad-core chips. The most notable example is the Snapdragon S4 compared to NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processors. An operating system could ultimately take advantage of extra cores, though, and Google could optimize Android to do so.

Tegra 3 processors are getting LTE compatibility later this year. NVIDIA’s lack of LTE compatibility is the main reason why manufacturers have been opting for S4 processors lately. When more processors start becoming LTE capable, competition should start getting fierce, especially in the US.

Also in line for LTE capabilities is Exynos Quad-core processors. This has been nothing but rumors and leaks up to now, but we are sure Sammy is cooking something up for all Exynos fans out there (which there are many of).

Regardless of the chip maker, we should definitely see some very good power under the hood. As mentioned above, though, remember Nexus devices don’t need too much power to run better than most high-end smartphones out there.

Larger Display

I must say, I am more than happy with the Galaxy Nexus’ 4.65-inch display. It is not small, it is not huge. But I do happen to be a fan of monsters like the Galaxy Note. With that said, I would definitely like to see a Nexus device with at least a 5-inch display. That is a personal preference, though, and a touchy subject for many. I am sure those with smaller hands would not appreciate it.

Regardless, size is not as important as quality. As mentioned above, I would like to see a 720p display. I would prefer to stick with AMOLED (and its variants), but I would also be happy with a good Super LCD display.

Wireless Charging

Google is all about the future of Android. Whether inductive charging is currently a gimmick or not, it happens to be a very convenient technology that will take off in the near future. I would love to see the next Nexus devices being officially capable of inductive charging. Preferably with accessories like the charging station being sold separately. This definitely needs some more attention.

Larger battery instead of thinness, please!

Manufacturers have been moving towards thinner designs, giving battery life and removable batteries less focus. This is a big issue for many Android users, yours truly included. I like being able to keep my device alive, so please do not start making Nexus devices with a non-removable battery and please give us a larger battery (even if that means keeping the device a bit thicker).

This is a personal preference, you might love thin devices. But even if that is the case, look at the Motorola RAZR Maxx; a super-thin device with the largest battery in the smartphone market. It is definitely possible to please the majority of us, so I would like to see some good options here. Make my next smartphone with a larger battery, if that is not possible, don’t stop me from going back there and changing things my way.

The Next Android Version

This is where it gets tricky. Nexus devices are usually released along with a major Android update, to which they hold exclusivity for a while. The reason why we believe the Nexus 7 may have pushed things back is because it was released with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, which is a major update. Unless Google has some good plans for Android 4.2 coming that soon, the next Nexus device might very well come with a very small update.

Wrap Up

Looking through my personal preferences, I guess my only advice would be to keep it simple and not have any over-expectations of the next Nexus device(s). It is nice to dream and be a nerd, but this also makes us upset when devices are finally announced.

We do need to move forward, though. The next Nexus should be better than the current one, and if we are lucky, it should come with some new awesome features. Something else I would like to see is Android@Home. I did not mention this because it is not exactly exclusive to the next Nexus (or Nexi), but seeing some Android@Home accessories and features built into Android would keep me more than happy.

Regardless, the device will rock, it will be awesome and it will even be the best Android phone available for at least a few months.

With that said, let’s jump into the fun part – what do you expect from the upcoming Nexus? Do you think Google will actually release multiple devices? Do you agree with my points? Is there something I didn’t include that you would like to have?

Edgar Cervantes

Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.1 update could be coming as soon as next month (Galaxy S2, as well)

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  1. A greatly improved camera.

    1. Weird, I can’t “Leave a message…” above – only Reply to existing…

      Anyway, with Google trumping the competition (read “Apple”) by bringing manufacturing of the Nexus Q back home to the USA, I really have my fingers crossed that this was only the beginning. If Google can prove that it’s financially liable to develop and manufacture the next Nexus phone in the USA, it will open the floodgate for companies that have been outsourcing to China “because it’s too expensive not to”…

      Go Google!

      1. Same here with the can’t “Leave a message…”

        I think the next Nexus is obviously going to have better battery life so we don’t have to worry about that, plus – my Nexus Galaxy lasts all day now anyways (but that’s with manual screen brightness adjustments).

        I would like to see the best feasible camera possible, I think with the thinness of phones nowadays they could add some thickness and add some optical zoom in there. And they could make use of that added thickness as well. This idea I think would have to allow the user to completely remove the optical zoom part or something, in case it breaks (rendering the camera much less useful).
        And let’s not forget the FFC, that could always use an upgrade.

        Things like increased processing power couldn’t hurt but my Nexus Galaxy is already as fast as I need it to be, but who knows what the future holds – might as well increase it if it is feasible (it would be nice to run desktop games from my phone, I want to play Duke Nukem Forever where ever I go).

        Wireless charging would be nice.

        Invincibility cheat codes for the screen.

        Removable storage.

        Better media streaming from my device. I want to be able to stream any media (any format as well) from my phone to any display/speaker in some way shape or form, preferably wirelessly.

      2. Me, too.

        I don´t think we should hope for great technological advances of the next Nexus device. The Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus were both not superior in the Hardware area.

    2. Can’t create a ‘New’ message either.

      I’m currently a Thunderbolt owner and I haven’t seen a phone yet that I’d “upgrade” to. I love some of the features of my phone that hasn’t been duplicated since.

      I like the solid feel of the thunderbolt so I’d like to see a phone that’s not all plastic.

      I like the dual mode kickstand what was improved upon from the Evo. The newer HTC kickstands only work in landscape mode. I don’t understand why this was changed. So I’d like to see a Thunderbolt style kickstand.

      From what I can tell, the 4.65″ Nexus desktop screen size isn’t really any bigger than the 4.3″ Thunderbolt. The actual screen is just taller to integrate the on screen buttons. The difference between a phone and a tablet is you can fit a phone in your pocket. The 5.3″ Note is too big to be a phone. I think the limit for that would be 5″. So I’d like to see a 5″ screen.

      My 1Ghz processor seems to do everything I can throw at it with no problem so anything they do with a new processor will be fine with me.

      And last but not least I believe ALL smartphones should come with a minimum 3000mA user replaceable battery.

      1. sounds like everything you want in in the Evo LTE (aside form the 3000+MaH battery)

        1. Nope, The ruined the kickstand and too small of a battery. I would like to compare the screen size to my Thunderbolt in person.

          1. the kickstand is much better in the lte

      2. I have the Note LTE and it’s not too big for a phone. I wouldn’t want the main Nexus to be this big though. I’d say put out a 4+ inch and a 5+ inch and let people buy what they want :)

    3. i too would love a better camera.

    4. still can’t post comments. using reply instead.

      anyway, I’m not so sure that a 1080p display would be wasted. There are many experts who disagree – e.g. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2364871,00.asp
      also, what if I want to hold my phone at less than a foot away? I’d say I do that fairly frequently and while the image looks very good, it could, of course, look better. There’s also the fact that some people have better than 20/20 vision.

      The only thing that I can think of that I’m really looking forward to is support for Canadian LTE. A new version of Android is always nice(though it can be a nightmare when developing apps) as well. A better camera would be nice. A low starting price would be awesome too.

    5. Wow so its not just me that cant post comments? i was wondering if i had got banned or something without reason or warning or notification of said ban/warning. basically in a DAFUQ state of mind. ANYWAY back on topic – Yes i definitely agree that the camera software as a whole needs to have a major overhaul. granted a lot of the new nifty stuff is in 4.1 but it still doesn’t give great pics and videos. Nodo GT managed to dev up a HQ WTFBBQ version of the cam software on the HTC Sensation. No hardware mod just software. Its like 100000000x better. If a dude on XDA can pull it off (no offense meant at all Nodo), than Google/manufacturers sure as hell better be able to. Also the UI is friggin atrocious. All these little icons with minimal text and just straight lines all over the place with that damn font. Makes it so confusing and generally just a PITA to even try to do anything more than point and press the button and pray it comes out remotely half friggin decent >_<

    6. Galaxy s3 nexus edition…

      1. We can also maybe expect android 4.2. Their Voice Actions in 4.1 are un finished as they plan to allow changing settings and much more with Voice Actions. So maybe 4.2 could come soon or maybe they will just stick with 4.1.x. Time will tell!

    7. Hey guys,

      I am also unable to make comments. I have informed the team about it and they will be working on it. We are really sorry about this. Hopefully it will be back soon, I really wanted to see what you guys have to say! :(

      1. Google is going to release 2 yearly updates, the first update in Q2 and the second update in Q4, every year since 2011. This is simply the first time they’ve named their mid-year update, and the Nexus Phone(s) will come with Android 5.0/4.2. As far as a spec wish list, 136/70/9mm with an arc oxidized aluminum unibody design, a 1280X768 LCD2 5 inch screen with Gorilla Glass and software keys, 2/12 megapixel cameras, 1.7ghz Adreno 320 Dual Core S4 Pro processor, 2GB RAM, 16gb internal with 64gb expandable uSD storage and a 3,500mah battery would be achievable spec bumps that combined the best of the best attributes of Android phones. I’d love to see 1080p screens and Quad Core S4 Prime in phones, but it’s wishful thinking at this point and both are probably unnecessary..

        1. Doubt there will be removable memory. Google has explained why they don’t like it.

        2. I want what you’ve been smokin man.

      2. thanks man. i was going to send an email about it.
        Glad I’m not the only one.

      3. After my experiences with the Nexus 7 I’m not sure I want my next smartphone to be anything BUT a Nexus.
        I have drunk the Kool-aid and found it to be sweet!


    8. A 4.8″ Super AMOLED using PenTile to 1920×1080 could be a nice solution.
      To that resolution, even on the GS3, each pixel is impossible to see to naked view.
      I won´t expect nothing different to the GS3.

      1. Non-pentile 1280×720 would be far better than pentile 1920×1080 at that screen size. Anything over 300ppi is pointless.

    9. *improved camera is a must.. needs to be able to perform well in low light, at least as well as the iphone.
      *720p non-pentile
      *screen somewhere between 4 and 4.65 inches.. screens need to stop getting bigger, cause my hands stopped getting bigger a long time ago.
      *rubberized finish.. I’ve had enough of slippery phones!
      *gorilla glass!
      *water/shock/dust resistant (a la motorola defy)
      *gimme a microsd slot dammit!
      *an actual camera hard button would be nice
      *loud ringer/speakerphone, strong vibe motor
      *decent battery life, with user replaceable battery!
      *gsm/lte/cdma world phone, one model for every carrier! (voice over lte?)
      *any of the next gen processors should be okay so i’m not too worried there, but it would be nice to start at the head of the curve like the Nexus One did.
      *GLONASS to compliment GPS
      *no logos on the front! love my GN for that!
      *great accessory support! verizon car dock for GN doesn’t use the 3 pins at all wtf?? colored battery doors would be nice too.

      1. I like all these points.Pretty much what I was thinking. However, I don’t think you will ever see another nexus with an sd slot. Doesn’t fit in line with the pushing of cloud services. For me, this hasn’t really been an issue since I utilize all of them but for some I can see it being an issue.

        I also would like to see the screen go back to a 4″ like the nexus s. That was the perfect size imo.

        1. After seeing how ppL bought the 16GB Nexus tablet and not the 8GB version. I think Google is learning that ppL want an insane amount of space or removable storage.

          And if it makes Google fill better, I just lyk my media on my device since I can’t ALWAYS rely on cloud storage for media.

          1. Doubt I would consider 16gb insane amounts. I would like to be able to have 64gb or 128gb on my phone. As for my S3, I have the 32gb and a 64gb memory card.

            Im personally creating my own cloud server at home. Its in the works but will house roughly 24TB.

          2. What I meant was saying ppL want an insane amount. I’m not saying Google supplied that. So the next Nexus device NEEDS to have micro SD card support so ppL can get those high amounts. And 32GB with 64GB SD card? You can store a back up of your computer with all that space. LoL!!

          3. You are forgetting the whole point though. Google’s business model is akin to Amazons with the fire now. They don’t want you loading your own content on there, they want you to buy from the play store. If that wasn’t the case, you wouldn’t be picking up a Nexus 7 for such a low price or a Galaxy nexus for $350.

            Google isn’t a closed garden type of company so you will always have the option to buy from other sources but don’t expect them to encourage it.

          4. Hmm… interesting. I see.

          5. The thing with me is that I’m storing my content – through Google’s services. For example, I have 26GB of music (stored in Google Music), but I only store about 2GB of that using the Google Play Music app because with all the big apps (games like Order & Chaos @900MB), pictures (3+GB), and HD videos from the camera, my measly 16GB goes by fast.

            I’m all for cloud storage, but if my data plan is only 2GB/month, I’d rather cache stuff while at home to conserve mobile data for times when I need something that isn’t already on my device.

          6. It’s stupid really that they don’t put on external storage support just for pushing cloud storage. There are places/countries where the internet isn’t so fast nor cheap nor unlimited. Just can’t replace physical storage with cloud storage no matter what the cloud storage evangelists might say.
            And there were also some reasons a Google employee gave in an interview that suggest they will never put in external storage. He says: ‘we don’t have external storage, but that’s the best thing about Android, you have choice of other devices that do’. Too bad he forgot those devices aren’t Nexus devices -.-

      2. that about wraps it up for me. :D even a few i didn’t think of! thank you!

      3. *gsm/lte/cdma world phone, one model for every carrier!”
        this one does it for me. If Google can produce 1 Nexus phone for all carriers that covers all bands that alone would be killer. And maybe a $349/399 price point to sell in the Google play store?

        1. Cramming that many radio chips and antennas into small, low cost package sounds challenging.

          1. I hear that Qualcomm’s Gobi network chip can support most of the world’s frequencies (both GSM and CDMA).

          2. Yep, but that’s a modem, not a radio, similar situation to the Qualcomm S4 and its embedded world modem.

            You still need radio chips with radio transceivers inside and antennas can nearly fill a phone supporting just one carrier.

          3. My rezound has tons of radios. GSM CDMA and LTE. Ive used it on at&t, tmobile and Verizon. Ive also used it on Vodafone in London, and on Telcel in Mexico City. So its already possible to make a radio with tons of frequencies, now they just need to make it work with all LTE frequencies.

          4. Nice, very nice. With 3 antennas per LTE frequency being not unheard of, that’s going to be a problem.

        2. The only thing keeping me from picking up a pair of $350 Galaxy Nexus right now for my wife and I is that we are on Sprint. Why Google can’t sell the Sprint version on the Play store baffles and frustrates me. It’s like I’m screaming “shut up and take my money” but noone is listening.

          1. The whole point of selling the Nexus from the Play Store is to make sure they are free from carrier restrictions as well as carrier software. Otherwise there is no point. With Sprint/Verizon taking time with updates, getting an unlocked carrier-free device from the Play Store is the best option..

      4. *rubberized finish.. I’ve had enough of slippery phones!

        THIS! I love the rubberized finish on the Nexus 7. It feels so durable and makes it really grippable (I just made a new word).

        1. grippy finish feels really swell in your hands, but try to retrieve a grippy phone from your pocket, and the person who’s calling you is going to hang up before you can get it out.

          phones with a rubberized finish are horrible. I know cause I had the tmo wing.

          1. stop wearing skinny jeans! j/k
            I got one with a somewhat rubberized finish, it’s nice and not too grippy as in it doesn’t cling on the my pockets.

      5. “*screen somewhere between 4 and 4.65 inches.. screens need to stop
        getting bigger, cause my hands stopped getting bigger a long time ago.”

        Well said, I agree completely. Release a Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 separately, to go with the Nexus 7 if needed.

        1. Agreed, and this is coming from a Galaxy Note fanatic/owner. Put it out in 4 and 5 inches with every phone radio available on the Play Store for 350 bucks plz. Gotta push that Nexus brand!

        2. This is a fantastic idea! Exactly what I was thinking. The Nexus S was the perfect screen size imo. Not to big, not too small. I personally think that the reason the Galaxy Nexus was bigger was because technology at the time didn’t allow for 720p resolution on a screen that small.

          My personal wishlist:

          – 4″ SuperAMOLED HD Plus screen 1280×720
          – Quad core exynos processor or tegra 3 with 16 core graphics (this would probably make more sense to make it match the nexus 7)
          – At least 32Gb storage (not because I really need it but to keep up with the times)
          – A good camera for a change. Use one of the quality Sony sensors around 13 Mp with f2.2 aperture and good low light performance
          – Metal body with faux leather sections in key grip locations(back edges for example). Make it the same texture as the back of the nexus 7, but not for the entire back.
          – On screen navigation buttons (ala Galaxy Nexus/ Nexus 7)
          – This one is one I came up with and won’t happen but I think would be a good move for android. A Google Now button on the side of the phone that allows you to launch directly into now or perform voice searches without unlocking your phone.
          – Copy the Xperia camera button that launches direct into the camera app and takes a picture in 3 seconds without unlocking the device.
          – Wireless charging
          – NFC dongle for the pc instead of the usb cord for wireless data transfer
          – gorilla glass 2 front panel
          – 3200mA battery ala Razr max
          – Thin. At the most 9mm to not get much thicker than the current model, even with the new battery.
          – Make the side buttons (power, volume up/down, now) flush and pressure sensitive like the blackberry storm to keep with the clean look.

          1. I think the 4.65 decision was becasue the 4.3 GS2 was killer and with the on-screen buttons you have 4.3 inches of usable realestate on the 4.65 panel. I think 4.65-4.7 is the perfect size and would love to see something alont the lines of a HTC One X (minus capacitive buttons) with a 2000+mAh removable batteyr.

          2. The problem with that is one handed use. I have big hands and I find it large compared to the nexus s which fit perfectly. I think if you wanted the on screen buttons going 4.3″ would have been the right size to maintain the nexus s’s original screen real estate.

            Like I said though, I just don’t think they could get the ppi down. That is why they went 4.65. At 4″ or 4.3″ the ppi would have been really high.

      6. I had a phone with a rubberized finish (tmo wing) and it was the most impossibly difficult phone to get into and out of a pocket ever.

        I would not wish a rubberized finish on my worst enemy.

    10. Can’t leave a message, but can reply like everyone else.

      I believe the screen will be improved, but not the resolution. I believe that the next Nexus will use a non-pentile 720p display utilizing technology like Super AMOLED Plus.

      As for the processor, I believe the next Nexus will be looking more at the Graphics cores like the Nexus 7. With 12 graphic cores, the Tegra 3 will probably be the chip or something better.

      Larger display? The sizes are getting ridiculous. I don’t expect any changes in size.

      Wireless charging? Nothing new. The Palm Pre had it and look where it is today. This is not a game changer.

      A larger battery is a must, especially with LTE. Motorola made a brilliant move with the RAZR MAXX. I would expect a huge battery in the next Nexus.

      As for the next version of Android, I would expect Key Lime Pie to be more than an incremental release. Google has been doing two releases or more a year since Cupcake, so they are more than up for the challenge.

      The key question is what is the game changing feature. The Nexus line always pushed the envelope in some way. I suspect the next Nexus might deal with sound. I think sound is the one area cell phones lag. Better quality and louder would be an improvement.

      I am not sure if 5 Nexus phones makes sense except if Google uses them to make reference phones for different segments of the market (a way to reduce fragmentation) — low-end cheap phone, high-end with all the bells and whistles, gaming phone with great graphics and sound, media phone which will have good graphics and decent audio, a compact-slim phone for those who don’t want the 4″+ phone. This is the only way 5 devices makes sense.

      1. What if the 5 nexus rumour was a mistake.
        Maybe somebody mistook the 5 devices on google play as all being different Nexii?
        1-Galaxy nexus
        2-Nexus 7 8GB
        3-Nexus 7 16GB
        4-Nexus Q
        5-I think there were some amplifiers for the nexus Q

        1. I hope you’re wrong lol

          also good usage of Nexi

          1. I hope so too!

    11. I’m still voting for:
      – non pentile screen of 720p or greater resolution
      – large removable battery that comes stock (meaning I wont have to buy extended because the normal one sucks)
      – quad core processor, or next gen whatever that may be
      – 2GB of ram, please

    12. Lots of people have said the most important ones: battery life and camera.

      The current resolution is fine, though non-pentile would be nice. 4.65″ IS huge — shrink it a bit. 5″+ is niche.

      Keep up the multi-band support! LTE is still not that important where you have quality HSPA networks. Having one phone that you can use everywhere is awesome. If that can’t be done with LTE yet, then at least keep an HSPA option.

      1. I agree, Anything over 4.65″ is to much for a phone. I was feeling nostalgic and compared my Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S 4G and thought the Nexus S had a much nicer screen size that fits in my hand. But that’s just my personal preference. I’d like to see 4″ – 4.65″ screen, better battery life, and the newest device(s) NOT on Verizon. Still waiting on my 4.1 update Verizon…. #verizonsucks

        1. I agree. 4.0-4.3″ i’ve found to be perfect. As far as the 4.1 update, head over to Rootzwiki or XDA, people already have it running perfectly on the Toro.

          1. I like 4.3″ – 4.7″

            I would not go over 4.8″. I have fairly average size hands, maybe a tad bigger, and 4.8″ is the upper limit on what is usable one-handed.

            Of course, if the screen goes edge-to-edge, this can change. It’s the device that’s the limit, not the screen.

            I have a GS3 and love it, but one-handed sometimes it’s hard to hit a button on the other side of the screen.

          2. I’m 6’6″ tall and have large hands compared to most people, and my GS3 is too big to use one handed comfortably. I’m praying for a 4.3-4.5″ Nexus so I can sell this thing and buy that.

    13. HA! I actually asked this same thing on Google+ a few days ago. http://goo.gl/AzSRn
      I’m copying and pasting what my wishlist is. I want a lot of the same things Edgar wants as well. I split mine up between hardware and software:

      Google Taking Control Over Updates – As much as we all HATE to hear the word fragmentation, it’s there, and those users that choose NOT to buy a Nexus device have to deal with it. There are still devices being announced shipping with Gingerbread 9 Months after Ice Cream Sandwich was announced. This is ridiculous! I hope Google starts to take a little more control and limits carrier and OEM customizations. The ideal scenario would be to allow OEM’s and carriers to instal their custom launchers and apps, but leave the framework untouched, so Google can release alpha updates based on hardware and update the OS. Something along the lines of what Microsoft will be implementing where they will release updates to phones that don’t have an official update would be cool too, though there are far more Android devices then Windows Phones and this is probably not feasible.
      Official Theme Engine – The T-Mobile Theme Engine included inCyanogenMod roms is a quick and easy way to change your phone’s theme without having to hack the actual rom. Google could always build their own theme engine, but if Google were to incorporate T-Mobile’s into Android (it’s open source) they would have instantly available to them hundreds if not thousands of themes, many of them already available on Google Play. This will also allow OEM’s and carriers to theme their devices without messing with the framework, helping to alleviate the problem above just a bit.
      Webtop-like Interface – With an MHL adapter, I can plug my Galaxy Nexus into a monitor or TV, but I still see the phone interface. Give me an option to switch to tablet mode or Google TV mode when on a big screen. Please… With a cherry on top… I promise to be your best friend…
      Finish Unifying Android – ICS unified the tablet and phone OS, but Google TV was left out in the cold like a redheaded stepchild. What’s up with that? Incorporate Google TV in the next Android build to allow for that Webtop-like interface mentioned above.
      Merging Messaging Apps – Currently on my phone I have Messaging(default SMS client) Messenger (Google+ mobile chat client) Google Voice (for voicemail, but also includes an SMS client) and Google Talk. There is no reason to have so many apps that do the same thing. It’s kind of ridiculous. Add all that integration into Messaging and have One app to rule them all, One app to find them, One app to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
      Native Podcast Integration in Google Music – If I want to listen to podcasts on Android, Google offers the app Listen, which is decent for being free. If I want to manage my podcasts, I can do it through the app, which is a pain in the butt, or I can manage them through Google Reader. Why not get rid of Listen all together and have everything done through Google Music? I think it’s more intuitive that way and allows you to get rid of another app.

      More Storage – The days of unlimited data are dead. Carriers realize they can make a killing by charging overage charges, so unlimited data will never come back. 16GB’s of storage on the GSM Nexus might be a lot to some people, but to some of us that enjoy music, it’s peanuts. Add to that games that are 1GB in size, and the size of high resolution pictures, and those 16GB’s are gone before you know it. Google Music and Google+ Picture Uploads were developed to help solve this issue, but I listen to a lot of music and hit my 5GB data limit in 3 weeks and I have my WIFI always on while at home. I hope to see the next Nexus device released with an unprecedented 64GB’s and 128GB’s of storage and beat Apple at the punch as a true media consumption device. I see this as being highly unlikely, but I can only dream…
      High Powered Headphone Amplifier – The Galaxy Nexus has the best sound quality of any media device I own, but it really sucks at powering headphones. My Bose Over The Ear Headphones sound great with my Nexus, but I can barely hear my Klipsch Image S2’s with my phone’s volume at full blast. My iPod and Motorola Xoom on the other hand have no problem powering the S2’s. We already know that Google is capable of producing high quality “audiophile” components in their Nexus Q. Let’s see that on their next Nexus phone.
      Better Battery Life – I rather have a phone last me all day then to be so thin, that it’ll snap in two if I put it in my pocket. Just saying…

  2. I’m wondering about utilizing something like the Kai platform that’s in the Nexus 7 in order to bring down the price. How about an unlocked Nexus phone selling immediately for less than $400?

  3. These are the areas I’d really want to see improvement in the Nexus Nexus phone:
    1) Much better battery, it should last at least 24 hours with screen on full brightness
    2) More internal storage. There should be an option for 64GB or more especially if there’s no SD support
    3) Much better camera with much improved optics. At least 12MP camera

    1. Battery is kind of hard to make better because People use their phone differently. I for example get 48 to 72 hours on 50% brightness. Maybe they will use a battery like the one from the RAZR.

      1. Holy crap!! 48 hours?? I have only ever been able to get 12 to 15, tops. That’s with automatic brightness, though.

        1. Turn off the radios that your not using. I can get 4 days out of my Thunderbolt that everyone else cry’s about. The difference is that I turn off LTE and any other radio that I’m not actively using. But I must admit that it’d be nice if I didn’t need to do that.

          1. Turning radios off and on defeats the purpose of a smartphone for me. I completely understand you guys with LTE having to do it though :/

      2. WHAT THE DUECE!? 48 hours! Does your phone run on unicorns? I have the GNex with the 2000mah running JB. Today my phone has been running unplugged for 9.5 hours and its at 63%. I did about 26 hours when I ran ICS now I get about a little more than half that.

        1. Yeah and I have the stock battery. I got 30 hours after I posted that comment. I am on 4.1 on the HSPA+ Gnex. I don’t do anything special either like turn off 3G, Airplane mode, etc, I just use my phone. I was only able to get 24 hours on my Nexus One and Nexus S. On my work phone the iPhone I get “up to” 6 days.

  4. Better battery, don’t scrimp on the processor, and sd slot!!

    1. From articles I’ve read in the past you can forget about Google adding an SD slot. Lets just hope that there are 32Gb & 64Gb options.

      1. what articles? google’s never gonna put an sd card?

        1. Looks like you need to read more.

  5. Guys, you can post comments from the app….

    1. Great catch, thanks! :)

    2. Yep. That’s what I did…but what’s up with the website???

  6. Better camera and better battery life!

  7. They need to get off the idiotic notion that micro SD cannot be part of the Nexus equation! People are demanding storage flexibility and the cloud is not an option with phones as long as the carriers are pushing tiered data. Either ship devices with 32gb minimum or swallow your pride and include the micro SD that almost EVERYONE WANTS!

    1. It isn’t going to happen, because micro SD is a bottleneck when it comes to performance and stability. It also require extra support from developer to support app to SD.

      1. Apps2sd is a niche need. Being able to swap or increase sd cards isn’t. Don’t know about stability, that’s a new one on me.

        1. Let me say it like this, not every micro sd card is excellent, yes you can buy micro sd card that are both stable and perform well, but you can also buy something that become dysfunctional, and being the bottleneck on your mobile. The average consumer aren’t even aware that the problem they are having, can come from having a crappy micro SD.

          1. I always hear that the average consumer is so unaware.

            So, you support limiting technology so that that average consumer doesn’t need awareness and the rest of us have to suffer?

            I think that by definition 50% of us are above average and 50% are below average.

            That’s a whole lot of people understanding what that average consumer doesn’t.

            Just saying. ;)

          2. Being slightly over average doesn’t mean you understand anything about tech, heck a lot of people think they are tech people, but can’t even put together a computer.
            “So, you support limiting technology so that that average consumer doesn’t need awareness and the rest of us have to suffer?”
            When did I say anything like that? Limiting hardware space to 16gb or 32gb, isn’t a reason to complain, cause if you are an advance/power user, you should be able to set up your computer to work as a server, so you can access your computer files wherever you are.

          3. You say this after criticizing an SD card as a bottleneck?

          4. I mention the cons with SD card, but I also say you can buy a SD card that doesn’t become a bottleneck. It is like having your OS and program installed on a 5400rpm HDD, if everything else in your system is top-notch it will be a bottleneck, and you will need a SDD(or faster HDD) to improve your system.

            “is an interesting constraint but besides the point.” When building a computer, you have to look at each part for stuff like, what might slow it down, what brand have the lowest error rate, will this component lower the overall performance compared to the other components I have chosen, and so on. Yes you can build a computer without that knowledge, but if you actually do care about tech you will have to look into it. However most people just buy an assemble computer, because they don’t know what the important thing is for the best performance and stability. When they buy a SD card, they just buy one that are cheap, and most likely have a slow transfer rate.

            If I’m so wrong then please enlighten me, why does both google and apple not support SD card with their phones and tablet?

            I don’t think people over average understand tech, but it was high you made look like with this comment.
            “I think that by definition 50% of us are above average and 50% are below average.

            That’s a whole lot of people understanding what that average consumer doesn’t. “

          5. Exactly.

          6. Being over average doesn’t mean that you understand tech, and then qualifying that to computer assembly, is an interesting constraint but besides the point.

            As is the idea that I need to accommodate the device getting dumbed down.

            Here’s an alternative – in addition to sufficient probable storage built in, add an sd card slot.

            The main storage controller for eMMC memory is already everything required to control an sd card and the software for it has been there for years.

            You’re defending leaving off an option that costs less than a dollar in order to enslave devices to remote servers, a solution that you think improves if my device is slaved to my server.

    2. First, the GNex comes with 32GB which is more than enough for me. Secondly, the phone that it seems almost “everyone wants” doesn’t have a sd card. So not many people care about about an sd card like you think.

    3. Agreed. It also baffles me that a device that is supposed to be THE developer device does not have the sd option.

  8. We need sexy unbreakable nextgen hardware

  9. Just like the U.S. version of the GS3 …. 2GB of ram

  10. I also agree with you Kevin!!! We want expandable storage!!!!

  11. Huge battery, because it is necessary and Motorola did it, so it’s possible. SD card slot. Not a weak Omap processor. 8-12 mp camera. Some kind of power saving technology to make using the phone’s radios not eat the battery like 3g dies a bit and lte does a lot.

  12. Kickstand (that, unlike the Thunderbolt’s, leaves access to the charging port while in landscape mode); 2gb RAM; simultaneous voice and data on 3G (like the Thunderbolt and Rezound); battery like RAZR MAXX; release on Verizon WITHOUT bloatware; removable SD card (to expedite data backup / transfer).

  13. I think a great solution to the battery life vs. thinness quandary is to make phones with multiple options in battery size. An OEM supported extended battery and cover that were anticipated and planed for during the design stages would be fantastic. Then those wishing to sacrifice some thinness for extra battery life could just buy an official OEM supported extension battery and back cover accessories.

  14. I would also prefer battery life over thinness. I also don’t care what anyonr says I want to be able to use my SD card. The sIII has a bigger battery and an SD slot, why can’t the other manufacturers figure it out?

  15. improved camera and battery is what I want to see

  16. compatibility with t-mobile’s hspa+42 network and i’m sold. but I would be happier if it can support t-mo’s lte network to launch in 2013.

    1. Nexus phones are not supposed to be the Creme of the crop, they are supposed to be a medium between high end and mid tier phones. so with that said here is what I think are realistic hopes.
      I would like to see inductive charging. I think if the next Nexus phone had that you would see most mid to high tier phones have that within a year. I love having that on my TP. I like the 4.6in screen on my GNex but I would like to see SLCD2 on the next phone. 1080p on a little screen is pointless and is just a waste of CPU power having to render that. I’m sorry all you SAMOLED fan boys but SLCD2 is currently the king. I like SAMOLED screens to but if you put a GS3 next to an HTC OneX (although both are nice) the One X has it beat in color, brightness and I would say the black levels are damn near on par.
      I hope they put SD slot back in but I doubt it. They haven’t had one in the past 2 I dont see them changing it. Which kind of sucks because with unlimited data pretty much not existing any more we need to have the ability to stick a 32-64gb card in our phones. I use my phone as a flash drive all the time and I wish I could stick an additional 64gb in it.
      I would like to see a camera sensor thats the equivalent of the one in the HTC OneX. Camera phones don’t need more MP, they need better sensors. I would put my 12 year old 2.4mp DSLR against any 8mp+ camera phone currently out and blow it away in image quality.
      I hope they keep sticking with removable batteries. I would like to see the next phone have at least a 2000mah battery. 2200-2400 would be perfect. That should give even a heavy user around a full days use and keep the phone slim enough so that its not like carrying a brick around.

      If you want better specs than that then I think you should be looking more along the lines of the next high end phone. The Nexus phones have always been more about setting the standard, not being the top of the line.

  17. 1. A Nexus Note would be amazing
    2. They need to start adding a SD slot to the Nexus devices

  18. The next Nexus will probably be similar spec wise to the GSIII if Samsung is on board for the project.

  19. Good article and points. The I agree fully but would add a dedicated camera button. All too often pics get blurred due to bad grip.

  20. More internal storage, I love the fact you can stream from the cloud, but there are times you don’t have access to the internet through wireless or data. So internal storage of min of 32gb and an option to expand with an sd card would be great.

  21. You would prefer AMOLED? I guess you prefer burn in, shitty PenTile blurriness, and a VERY dim screen. With bizarrely saturated colors, tints, and ink marks also. Ugh. LCD kicks AMOLED in every which way.

  22. I would love to see a nexus device with a physical keyboard

  23. They better not release another android version until we all get Jelly Bean. Phones barley have ice cream sandwich.

  24. If Motorola makes the next Nexus, maybe they can throw in one of their uber large, yet small batteries in it. Awesome!! =.D

    That’s all I want. Oh wait!!

    QWERTY NEXUS!! I will be happy for one of those!!
    They need to make a Qwerty Nexus. None of y’all’s wishful thinking tops that. I miss my G2. =.[
    Trackballs and pads were cool.

  25. Ill take all the above thank you

  26. One wish only……that it not be built by Samsung, so we can have competition instead of an S4.

  27. It seems like a no-brainer to me, I would expect it in Q4 just like the other Nexus phones.

    Obviously it’ll have incremental improvements. New camera, and hopefully a Snapdragon S4 for improved LTE battery life. If Google was smart they would just put an S4 into all of them an make one model worldwide. Additionally, I hope they make a smaller 4.0″ish version, it’s just getting too big, I don’t play games or watch movies on my phone and have no interest in something as massive as the GS3.

  28. the next Nexus could be just like the Nexus One was to the Droid… it was still Eclair, but there were many refinements from 2.0 to 2.1 that made a difference in the overall experience… especially with the bug fixes.

  29. Hardware: variety, first of all. The rumor of multiple varieties, so you don’t have to choose between the hardware configuration you prefer and the stock, always-up-to-date Google experience would be a killer feature by itself. Have one with a 4-inch screen, one with a Note-sized screen, one with a keyboard, and one with a padphone-like docking system. Hardware choice is one of the strengths of Android, but not if you want a Nexus.

    A better camera is a must, but other than that I’m pretty happy with my GSM Nexus. I obviously want to see a processor upgrade and consolidated support for cdma and LTE, and a 1080p and/or non-pentile display would be a bonus. Don’t really care about more storage personally, but keeping the removable battery is a must.

    Software: 1) Native support for docking systems like webtop and the padphone. This is something that third-party accessory developers should be able to create without having to mess with the OS. 2) For tablets, dockable sidebar apps like windows 8 has. Just show the phone view of the app in the sidebar. 3) A plug-in system so OEMs can customize Android without messing with the underlying code, thus allowing Google to push out software updates themselves. 4) A new version of Chrome that brings it more in line with the desktop version, including extensions and apps. 5) Adding more banks and cards to Google Wallet. 6) A new UI intended for larger-format use–like having your device plugged into a 1080p monitor that shows multiple apps simultaneously and allows you to freely move them and change their sizes. With a new generation of processors, this should be possible with decent performance. 7) Native support for Project Glass integration via bluetooth connection or USB.

  30. I feel like a Nexus this year would be too early, the Gnex is still pretty fresh.

  31. I am hopeful for those who are holding out for the next nexus, but myself, I’m very pleased with the GNex. I am however very hopeful for the next Nexus tablet to be a 10″ and release before the end of the year with at least 32GB of onboard storage.

  32. The next real Nexus will be coming next summer at I/O… this year they released the Nexus 7 and that’s good enough. 5″ is too alienating. 4.8″ is as big as a phone can go, unless it becomes a flexible phone which can mold into tight spaces a bit better. Having bought a 7″ tablet to carry around, I have zero desire for a phone bigger than my Galaxy Nexus.

  33. This might be an odd suggestion: But why can’t phone manufacturers allow owners to customize the internals of their phone a la Laptops? Sure, it’s cost more. But just like with laptops you get charged for what you put in. Only makes sense to me.

  34. Do people think that the Exynos 5 Dual will appear in a phone or just a tablet before the end of 2012?

  35. No bigger Display plz!!

    its enough! 4.8 in max!

    i like lovely phone Not monster phone!

    let they go for galaxy note 2!

    Google nexuses are not Monsters! they are Nexus!

    just better battery and keep lovely nexuses style!
    and be more magical!

  36. Since they put the Nexus name on the back of the 7. I’d love to see the next phone have just the big X bezeled into the back. I also hope they dont let the screen get any bigger than 4.7″ even with the on-screen buttons. 4.8+ is just too big, the SIII is somewhat clumsy to use for me so we must be reaching the limit soon.
    Even better would be to have all equally powered flagships but with each flagship screen size that was introduced over the years 4.0 (usable 3.7″), 4.65 (usable 4.3:) and 5.0 (usable 4.7″). I really hope moving to a smaller screen size doesn’t force the customer to make a sacrifice, that’s my biggest qualm with the ecosystem right now.

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