Apr 20th, 2012

NVIDIA general manager of mobile business Mike Rayfield was on hand at the HTC Frequencies conference in Seattle this week and he let loose some very interesting details regarding the immediate future of Tegra 3.

For starters, it looks like we’ll be getting LTE-enabled Tegra phones starting Q3 of this year. We knew NVIDIA was working on it and had samples ready for testing earlier this year, but manufacturers have to be given time to research, develop, and manufacture their devices so that’s why the wait seems longer than it should.

In any case, Tegra 3 lovers can soon stop compromising processor speed for radio speed and get both in one package. That’s not to say that LTE-ready options such as the S4 and OMAP4 aren’t nice, but we love options. Rayfield also mentioned one “Tegra 3+”  but was apparently quick to let everyone know that it won’t go by that final name.

We didn’t get many details, but he was able to say that it would definitely be a significant boost over the current Tegra 3 chipset. It’s unclear if NVIDIA will classify this as a new generation of Tegra, but we’re almost willing to bet there’ll be some architecture optimization and a nice processor + GPU speed bump. We won’t know until it’s official, though, so we’ll just have to wait until they’re ready to make those announcements. Oh, and for added bonus, we now know the codenames of their 2013 mobile chipsets: Wayne and Gray. Nananananananana Batman! [via PCMag]