Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.1 update could be coming as soon as next month (Galaxy S2, as well)


Sadly, we have grown used to waiting around for several months before manufacturers release the latest updates to Android devices. If the latest rumors are true, though, it looks like Samsung may be improving in this department. Sammobile’s sources claim that the Android 4.1 update for the Galaxy S3 is almost ready, and could be released during August or September.

This means that Sammy is probably doing its final tests on the update and making sure all those Jelly Beans go well with the flagship smartphone. This is better news for owners of the international/unlocked version of the device. Those of us locked to American carriers will have to wait until the update is approved.

There is also a bit of good news for those rocking an older iteration of the Galaxy series. The same sources mention the Korean manufacturer is also testing this update on the Galaxy S2. As usual, the manufacturer will only release the update if it works well with the device. The Galaxy S2 is a very capable smartphone, and continues to be one of the most popular devices out there. So we are hoping Samsung will want to keep all those millions of users happy.

Hell, my bets go to the Samsung Galaxy S3 getting the update before my Verizon Galaxy Nexus… what a sad world. Prove me wrong, Verizon!

[Via: Sammobile]

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  1. Here’s hoping. Jelly bean so soon would be great!

    1. Here to! But for some reason I don’t feel good in side…lol If it happens, I’ll be a happy camper… :)

    2. Shame on you Phandroid for posting this click bait. Not only is there no legitimate proof, but SamMobile has been consistently wrong in the past and their article is written in barely acceptable English.

      I will solely be reading DroiDog and Android Central from now on.

      1. sammobile is great i got all the latest firmware using odin about 3 weeks before it was officialy released

  2. HTC take a notes…

    This is why Samsung sales increase and yours drop quarter after quarter

  3. wasn’t it said that after ics the update process is supposed to be a smooth process

  4. something new will be out by the time the US version gets it….lol, we always get screwed

    1. Can run CM10 (JB) now, even on the VZW version of the phone. It’s, well.. amazingly snappy.

    2. Rumor: Samsung Galaxy 4 in the works?

  5. If this happens I will post a nude picture of me!

    1. saved for future reference

  6. I am not impatient and but by the time a carruer GSII gets this update, i will be on the next nexus device that is also LTE capable. So whatever to this.

  7. HTC one series users here in OZ are getting jelly bean very soon with the telstra network. Im hoping the GS2 gets jelly bean, more than capable of running it.

  8. All i want to say is Samsung has been listening to its users and hence we could expect Jelly Bean soon.

  9. Won’t be that quick on Verizon. I’ll be waiting for JB for my GNex until next year when older devices (Nexus S) are already getting it.

  10. This is why I factor projected sales figures into my phone purchase decisions. More phones sold = more manufacturer and carrier support. My old Droid X got some good love in its day, and now it’s the GS3’s turn.

  11. “Hell, my bets go to the Samsung Galaxy S3 getting the update before my Verizon Galaxy Nexus… Prove me wrong, Verizon!”
    They did. http://blog.gsmarena.com/nexus-7-gets-android-4-1-1-update-adds-support-for-google-wallet/

  12. Jelly bean!!!!! jelly bean!!!! jelly bean!!!

  13. What about Galaxy NOTE? I got an update this morning from Samsung.. Android 4.04.. Which wad almost 110 MB..

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