Google To Release 5 Nexus Devices On November 5th to Celebrate 5 Years of Android? [Rumor]


I have to admit, I was more than a bit skeptical after reading the latest rumor to come out of net. Only because it sounds more like a BGR “Breaksclusive” than anything but after reading it over… it actually makes a bit of sense.

TalkAndroid is reporting from an anonymous source that Google is preparing to release 5 Nexus devices directly from the Play Store, with news that they will launch on November 5th. In some ways, it kinda makes sense. On November 5th, 2012, Android will officially turn 5 years old. It seems only fitting that Google would want to celebrate the whole shindig by turning the mobile world upside down.

Of course, take all of this as nothing more than the finest grain of salt. The rumor mill has definitely been churning with whisperings that Google will be releasing multiple Nexus devices, partnering with multiple manufacturers so this could be nothing more than an educated guess. We expect Google to reveal more details at this year’s Google I/O, in which we’ll be on hand at the event, bringing you the very latest (and giving away some cool stuff) as it happens.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. It would be cool to see a couple phones and tablets on the play store. Heck, toss in a GTV box and maybe one of those “project titanium” android @ home things that never materialized and that would be even cooler. I do agree with you though Chris, anytime I see it was from BGR I tend to run away fast, they are so wrong, so often…

    1. I’m going on record as saying I will buy any Google TV set-top box that goes up in the Play Store and gets the nexus treatment.

      1. I really hope Apple releases some sort of i-TV… not because I’m an Apple fanboy but because it will spark the hell out of the Google environment.

        1. ummm…they already have for close to 2 years now…its called Apple tv…lacks some functionality compared to GTV…mainly web browers and downloadable apps…but you can stream movies, link with you apple computer and of course sync you iTunes library to play all you music and videos. That is what your talking about right?

          1. I don’t move much in the Apple world but I have heard of the process you describe. I was moreso referring to an Apple-branded TV which would most likely have the integration you explained.

            If that were to happen, enough desire would be generated outside that platform and would kick things into gear. Look at the tablet market, Apple became successful at it and it sparked Android tablets.

            If they create a buzz, then it’s my hope that there would be more focus on the half-baked Google TV (looking at logitech revue with google tv)

  2. Dammit, I was wanting a padfone, but it’s gonna be so expensive I don’t wanna have regrets. I would love a nexus tablet. So now maybe I should wait.

    Also I heard these are going to be running jelly bean? It’s so wierd ICS just came out. If it’s jelly bean already then it’s gotta be a version 4.x, right? I mean no way version 5.0 in a few months when 4.0 is barely at 5% today?

    1. 4.0 was announced around the same time last year. I would think that by releasing 5 devices on 11/5, which is the 5th anniversary, running 5.0 would make it even more suspicious?

    2. Why does adoption have anything to do with it? Why can’t Jellybean be 4.1? Historically updates come every six months. It’s been closer to a year so a big update is possible.

    3. Waaaay back in the G1 days, we were getting updates more often than once a year. This once a year is the toned down release schedule.

    4. You’re kidding right? By November it’ll have been a year since Ice Cream Sandwich was releases, so Jelly Bean would be right on time.

      Comparatively, Apple has released a major new version iOS once a year, for the past 5 years too. It’s worked great for them.

    5. 1st, a nexus padphone isn’t out of the question if asus is involved.
      2nd, I wouldn’t wait an extra 6 months to upgrade your phone. Because by November you’ll be hearing rumors about the next big thing that has 8 cores and a holographic display matrix and you’ll want to hold off another six months for that.

  3. I’m there, let me have them all.

    If it weren’t for contracts, I would of had every Nexus device.

    1. would’ve

      1. It’ll be alright, little grammar nazi.

        There, They’re, Their….

  4. Feels to me like the smartest thing to do. Just have minimal requirements so the nexus name doesn’t get tarnished.

  5. Nexus Tab 10, Nexus Tab 7, Nexus Phone (International), Nexus Phone (AT&T), Nexus Phone (Sprint). There are your 5 devices, nothing new to see here…

    Edit: I will remove the different sized Tabs and say that there will be an International version and a US version of one size.

    1. What do you mean nothing new to see here? We haven’t even seen them yet

      1. They are only going to release the same device for different carriers/tabs, they won’t have 5 completely different devices. Hell, technically there were 3 Nexus devices this year. GNex (International) GNex (Sprint), GNex (Verizon). And if AT&T decides to finally carry it, that will be 4. Truth hurts.

        1. That doesn’t square with the rumors that their are five OEMs involved. Which is just a rumor, but so is the whole five nexii rumor. I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility that we’re talking about tablets and Google TVs though rather than just phones. But I still expect five different devices if any of this has any truth to it.

        2. And you have the nerve to call someone else a moron, after a comment like this? Pot meet kettle.

  6. Would be great if one of these 5 came to VZW

    1. But it won’t. Because Verizon.

      1. Funny, Apple has no problems selling their phones there.

        1. Yes… cause it’s Apple. I’d say it’s apples to oranges but it’s… Apples to… Google….s….?

        2. After how long though? If I recall correctly, Verizon turned down the iPhone at first.

    2. Why? So everyone can complain about their device not getting updated for 6+ months while everyone else’s is….

      1. If its sold through the play store it won’t have to go through the vzw update process

        1. I seem to remember a lot of people saying something kind of like that when the Verizon GNex came out that no one should worry since it is a Nexus. (Even though a few of us pointed to the Verizon loaded apps.) Fast forward to more recently and….

          1. It was sold by Verizon, not through the play store

          2. It may not matter. Hard to say. That depends on how they work out the deal with Verizon (assuming there’s one to be had). I’m sure we’d all love it if Verizon could just step aside and let Google deal with their own device, but because CMDA is a proprietary, closed source cell radio standard that requires signed binaries BY Verizon, I don’t see that happening.

        2. If it’s sold through the Play Store, it won’t have subsidized pricing, and Verizon doesn’t have a good prepaid monthly plan for smartphones that makes that economical. Though maybe you could put it on Straight Talk.

        3. It will always have to go thru the Verizon update process…. CDMA is closed source. That is, unless you want old radios that don’t function well and never get updated.

  7. I hope at least one of them is an AT&T LTE version.

  8. Even if Google doesn’t have this planned, they should immediately adopt the idea. This would be cool as hell.

    1. and they should also blow something up.

  9. Do I have to be the first one to say it?

    Remember, remember…

    1. The 5th of November

      1. that day, i remember it for some reason…

  10. My gs3 should be worth 400 by then

    1. my condolences for owning that phone.

      1. What phone is better? Don’t worry I’ll wait

  11. And for the love of god, Google, kindly make them available in Canada.

  12. This has officially helped push back my decision on using my 2yr upgrade on sprint. I really want a worthwhile device to jump on. Dont want to go with a nexus now when a better one is coming Nov. Its either the next nexus or a Galaxy s3…..

    1. Oh that is a great decision. Sprint will get their Nexus in April 2013 and then they will announce a new Nexus for Nov 2013. So I guess your decision will be to wait for either that or the GS4. Moron…

      1. You had a good post until you called him a Moron. That’s why you got all the down votes. It really is a comical observation you brought up, marred by childish name calling.

        1. Hey beyond me as to why he’d call me a moron. im pretty sure my IQ tests would be pretty high….but MEH! to each his own

          1. Well good luck with the phone shopping, it’s the best/worst part about owning a smartphone, lol. SG3 is not for me, but it might be just what you are looking for. I don’t make phone decisions based on rumored devices, you may end up being disappointed. Cheers.

    2. I’m guessing they’ll be unlocked phones sold through Google Play with carriers having the option to brand and subsidize their own variants. But I doubt it’ll be simultaneous launch, especially for CDMA carriers.

  13. HTC Nexus One X
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2
    Motorolla Nexus Razr
    Asus Nexus Prime (yeah i am bringing it back)
    Sony Nexus TV

    just my wishlist lol

    1. I know a lot of people who would like a Sony Nexus Experia Play

      I hope Asus gets a Nexus Padphone myself.

    2. Since the Rumored Asus tablet is 7″ I’d go with:
      Asus Nexus Bumblebee (Same specs as the Prime, 32GB storage, HDMI out, Camera with flash, MicroSD slot all in a 7″ form factor)

      I would LOVE to have an HTC Nexus One X. Give it the looks of the original Nexus One(Cept with a 4.7″ screen of course), with the guts of the Euro-One X, have it work on T-Mobile and At&t’s Faux-G networks and price it at $549.99(Just like the Nexus One!), day one buy from me…

      The Motorola Nexus Slice should be a 4.5″ phone with a Keyboard an option to push the keyboard in the other direction to reveal control-pad buttons like on the Xperia Play: $449.99

      The Samsung Galaxy Nexus Fugia should run a Quad-Core Version of the A15 based Exynos, have 2GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and ability to download all the features of the Galaxy S III from the Play Store. It should also have a 5″ screen with no capacitive buttons at all, and dual front facing 2MP cameras so it can judge depth better (imagine the games!) and a 16MP rear camera. The ability to work on CDMA and GSM networks would be a big plus. I’d imagine this beast would be $799.99

      The Sony Nexus Play could be a revamp of GoogleTV, but with motion control ala Kinect and the ability to play some Market games, imagine pulling the slingshot in Angry Birds by pinching the end and pulling it back! Give it the native ability to play network video files and you have a fine media computer thats low power and inexpensive.

      1. OH man that would all be cool besides the prices lol I am hoping they sell them for 400 – 500 (for phones) on the play store

  14. Google,

    Please release a reasonably sized 4.0″ phone with excellent specs, battery life, and build quality on ALL US carriers, including Verizon.

    Loyal fan

    1. the padphone is 4.3 inches (aka too small for most people) and can be used on tmobile and at&t. it might work for you ;)

    2. It’s more up to Verizon whether or not you can use it on their service. You can technically use Sprint phones on Verizon and Vice-Versa (they are both CDMA similarly to how both T-Mobile and At&t are both GSM) but good luck finding a rep that’ll do it. SO basically Google could release CDMA versions of their New Nexus Phones, but it’s up to the carrier to let them work on their network….That’s why I love GSM!

      1. It can be done, but how well it works depends on which frequencies were tuned in the factory. Each phone is slightly different, so each undergoes a “tuning” to make sure the antenna gets the best possible signal. Just because a phone supports certain frequencies doesn’t mean that all supported frequencies were perfectly tuned. In most cases, it’ll work reasonably well so as you’d not really notice. In others…its a roll of the dice.

    3. Too small

  15. I hope this happens and I hope it is very successful so the carriers can see we want options, not contracts. We want updates, not delays and or loss of support. We want Android, not bloatware. I want beer, not sissy girl drinks.

  16. All five Nexus devices will be a Verizon exclusive for six months. Everyone else gets them May 5th, 2013. CINCO DE MAYO!!!

    That would just be cruel, and really foolish.

  17. So now I face the ultimate dilemma. Do I upgrade to the SGS3 next month, or should I wait until November? Decisions, decisions…

    1. Wait. Because in November if you don’t lyk what you see, you can get the GS3 and it would be cheaper. You still win. =.D

  18. Glad I didn’t jump on the SGS3.

  19. Seems unlikely. There have only been 3 total nexus devices thus far. There are only 3 manufacturers with the brand recognition to be worthy, htc, samsung and motorola. If you count the asus nexus tablet that would make a bit more sense.

  20. Best part of the article “bgr breaksclusive”.

  21. What are you smoking? Android launched in 2008….

    1. Yes, but the Open Handset Alliance was formed by Google on November 5, 2007

  22. smart

  23. im going to the google i/o!!!!!!!!!!! it’s going to be the best 3 days of my life

  24. Congratulations Google on the Moto acquisition and the Oracle verdict. Please build something great! How about also working with (or strong-arming, if necessary) 5 different carriers to get them to allow the use of your 5 new nexus devices on their networks, and quit restricting data to levels that render the cloud useless?

  25. So does this mean there will be news about the Nexus Tablet that was SUPPOSE to come out in May, but got pushed back? I was actually looking forward to that too. Guess I have to wait?

  26. This would be so unnecessary and counter productive. Google should focus on one device at a time. A very good one. Otherwise it will just turn into a samsung who releases dozens of devices a year ranging from horrible to the galaxy.

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  28. Each one of the original five members of the open handset alliance are going to manufacture a Nexus device this year to commemorate the fifth anniversary of Android, it all lines up nicely

  29. Glad i didn’t upgrade to the SIII now.

  30. This would be awesome, even more ways for android to dominate. It would be nice if a google device could sell as much as the galaxy s lines of products…a nice cheap $200 nexus tablet is going to be sweet

  31. Here we go with this again

  32. Sounds nice, but if they are wise, they will start to really push
    Superambiphobic screens. That is, screens that are both Superhydrophobic
    (water repellant, hence, smudge resistant) AND Superoleophobic (oil
    repellant, hence, fingerprint resistant).

  33. They should release all these devices……..on their own Google Wireless-branded Verizon MVNO. Call it Google Wireless. I’d buy it. :D

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