Jul 18th, 2012

This is about as low as it can get for Apple in the courts of the world. A judge over in the UK residing over the Apple vs Samsung case (where Apple claims the Samsung Galaxy Tab series is a blatant copy of the iPad series) has not only declared that Samsung’s line isn’t copying Apple’s, but also ruled that Apple must publish this information on its own website. They must also publish it in Financial Times, the Daily Mail, Guardian Mobile magazine, and T3.

It has to be a very tough thing to do. Imagine a bully getting beat up at school, and he has to go to the office and announce his defeat over the intercom. Yea, that’s exactly how it is. We’re not exactly sure how this message will be displayed.

We’re certain it won’t be in the big and bold fashion that they use for advertising the very products they’re fighting for, but beyond that there’s no telling. It’s also likely that this message will only be displayed to those who visit the site from the United Kingdom unless Apple decides to do it in the form of a press release.

Either way it’s an embarrassing loss for Apple. Unfortunately we know they won’t stop. They still have tons of cases in tons of other regions, and they have tons of ammunition to let the battle go on for a long time. Still, we can’t help but to smirk at this one. [via Bloomberg]

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