UK judge orders Apple to publish notice saying Samsung didn’t copy the iPad on its site


This is about as low as it can get for Apple in the courts of the world. A judge over in the UK residing over the Apple vs Samsung case (where Apple claims the Samsung Galaxy Tab series is a blatant copy of the iPad series) has not only declared that Samsung’s line isn’t copying Apple’s, but also ruled that Apple must publish this information on its own website. They must also publish it in Financial Times, the Daily Mail, Guardian Mobile magazine, and T3.

It has to be a very tough thing to do. Imagine a bully getting beat up at school, and he has to go to the office and announce his defeat over the intercom. Yea, that’s exactly how it is. We’re not exactly sure how this message will be displayed.

We’re certain it won’t be in the big and bold fashion that they use for advertising the very products they’re fighting for, but beyond that there’s no telling. It’s also likely that this message will only be displayed to those who visit the site from the United Kingdom unless Apple decides to do it in the form of a press release.

Either way it’s an embarrassing loss for Apple. Unfortunately we know they won’t stop. They still have tons of cases in tons of other regions, and they have tons of ammunition to let the battle go on for a long time. Still, we can’t help but to smirk at this one. [via Bloomberg]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Lmao that’s too funny

  2. Can we import their judges to the US? They seem to be a lot smarter.

    1. PLEASE! It seems like they have their heads screwed on the right way.

    2. they are :D and our patent office knows what its doing. I do feel sorry for Americans being ruled by mighty apple overlords is no fun at all ;)

    3. but last year US ITC granted apple to pay nokia $600 million. This lawsuit started when apple said everyone is copying them, and they only innovate. That being said i guess our judges in the uk are good also

  3. Lol..Take that Apple

  4. Mega facepalm!! :P


  6. Now go away or we shall taunt you a second time……

    1. Best response so far! Thanks!

    2. They were French, but still funny response.

  7. 1. Apple posts statement on their website.
    2. I take a screenshot, crop it, and use it as my avatar everywhere
    4. Profit?

    1. I hope they post the statement soon. I will join in on taking the screenshot too. and posting it everywhere I can. Lol

      1. Ah!! I hope Phandroid actually makes an Article once Apple post this. That text will NOT be going anywhere.

    2. Im going to make it into a bumper sticker!

      1. it will be my facebook banner!

  8. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do you like them apples now? The bully is now being humiliated by the lil guy in front of everyone. Lmao!!!!!!!!!!!! Take that Crapple. I wish the judges here acted like the judge in the UK.

  9. I think that ruling is quite effective, since apple will cogitate a little longer the next time, wether they will sue samsung.

    1. Cogitate? Apple’s lawyer’s lack the ability. They are money grubbing sleasy, slimy bastards who lack such faculty. Wish they would be all fired, then the pace of innovation will take off like a rocket.

  10. totally awesome!

  11. I bet this will be on the Simpsons opening with Bart writing this in the blackboard. Only it will be spelled Mapple.


  13. Unfortunately, I am sure Apple will come up with some creative wording to make this sound more in their favor…

    1. Yes, but the Samsung legal team has to approve the language. I doubt they’ll let crApple color it the way they want.

    2. Doesn’t really matter WHAT Apple says, now. We already know the legal truth.

  14. I wonder if they’ll only post it to their UK website…

  15. wow, wtt Koh for life for any UK judge on loan for 6 months out of the year.

  16. GUYS !! did you see this bit :

    “As well as Apple’s website, the company must pay for notices in the Financial Times, the Daily Mail, Guardian Mobile magazine, and T3, according to a draft copy of the order provided by Samsung’s lawyers.”

    Bwahahahahah :D

  17. Judge: Samsung tablets “not as cool.” Uh if that gets us a win then, thanks?

    1. It’s so cool to me.

    2. Samsung: Our tablet is now legally declared the “Hottest” thing going. Just ask ApFail. Give us a try, make ApFail’s expensive efforts really pay off for us.

  18. I’m going to send this judge a Christmas card on behalf of the Android community.


  20. bwahaha can somebody in the uk screen shot this when it goes up.

    1. This should be the page where it will appear….

  21. Doesnt matter at this point how they word it, or how big the notice is, this news alone is going viral. Its a massive slap in the face for Apple and is basically the judges way of telling Apple not to fill the UK courts with petty legal actions are only harmful to customers.

  22. I the words of Nelson Muntz “HA HA”

  23. this came out in 2005/6… HP should be suing apple.

    1. I have this still (tc1100) and its predecessor the tc1000 which was released in 2002. ;)

    2. Maybe this is what that judge was talking about when he said that a product had came out by HP already had that same design.

  24. That judge is my hero and should be an idol for other judges around the world. IN YOUR FACE APPLE!!!

  25. Sh*t in the Face, Apple…..

  26. How do you like then Apples? F U Apple!

  27. What a great ruling! You think they will learn anything? Nope! Definitely shows judges are getting sick of this crap…wake up US judges!

  28. I can see it now, in bold letters, the ad will say “Samsung isn’t cool enough to be a copy of Apple”.

    1. Because it’s the Hottest product. You’re absolutely ryt.

  29. Man I love UK judges. hold that Apple

  30. WIN!

  31. sorry but

  32. Oh my gosh!! This has actually made me smile. A very wide smile. Kinda lyk this =.D
    Just lyk that. LoL!!

  33. Music to ears – Love Apple Love Android Love Technology Hate Patent Battles !!!

  34. it’s not on the UK site yet… how long do they have to comply?

  35. I cannot wait for this to happen. They should plaster it right on their main page like they always do with their newest products

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