Jul 9th, 2012

Samsung will be happy with the latest ruling in what seems to be an almost endless queue of legal battles with Apple over patent infringement. In this case, however, the company might not be so proud of the reasoning behind it. In the UK, Judge Colin Birss found Samsung not guilty of infringing upon Apple’s intellectual property when it comes to tablet design, reasoning that the Galaxy Tab was “not as cool” as Apple’s iPad. He also found that Samsung’s offering lacked the “understated and extreme simplicity” of the Cupertino-designed slate.

Still, being labeled as “not cool” is a lot better for Samsung and their Galaxy Tab than it would be to have the device pulled from shelves, as is the case in the US. Apple may still appeal the the latest decision, a move that would ironically find the company attempting to prove that Samsung’s tablet is indeed every bit as cool as the iPad in order to have sales of the Galaxy Tab banned in the UK.

[via Engadget]

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