Madfinger Games’ Dead Trigger coming to Google Play on July 2


Madfinger Games, the folks behind popular title Shadow Gun, will release their zombie-fied first person shooter Dead Trigger on the Google Play Store on July 2nd. We had a chance to check out the horror game at this year’s E3, and it looks absolutely stunning. Graphics are right up there with the best and gameplay wasn’t too shabby either. Given Madfingers track record we are eager to give the full game a spin. Check out the latest trailer below.

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  1. Why did phandroid stop supporting chrome?
    There seems to be a new layout on phandroid, and it’s really messed up in chrome.
    It still looks fine in IE. I’m obviously not going to go back to IE just to get on phandroid. I would just stop coming to phandroid. This is nearly impossible to use, I have to scroll forever to see anything good.

    1. Runs fine in Chrome on several PC’s… PEBCAK.

      1. I’m presuming TheJunkie is zooming into the page on Chrome. The font doesn’t increase in size when you zoom in on chrome like it should do. I’ve had to switch to firefox until it’s fixed.

    2. It’s fine here, except that the CONTACTS link is non-functional, so, can’t send tips in until that’s fixed

      Chrome (21.0.1180.15 dev)

  2. Good use for that $25 play credit, amirite?

  3. Works fine for me on Chrome.

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