Hands-on with 5 new Tegra HD games from E3 2012 [video]


Remember the five new Tegra HD games NVIDIA announced earliest this week at E3? Welp, our gaming sister site tracked all of them down at E3 2012, and they wasted no time in going hands-on. Bounty Arms, Puddle, Heroes Call, Demons’ Score, and Dead Trigger were all on-hand. Chris Chavez and Ashley King from GameFans were our beneficiaries.

We’ve included the Dead Trigger hands-on here, but be sure to head to for the rest. Puddle can be had here, Demons’ Score here, Bounty Arms here, and Heroes Call here. Have at it and let us know if these games will be on your radar for your Tegra 3 (and possibly Tegra 2 for some of them) devices.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. which gamepad is that?

    1. it im pretty sure its the logitech F710

  2. This guy clearly said “from the guys that brought you Shadow Run” smh at the reporter its Shadowgun.

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