Google launches Glass Sessions to show off Project Glass concept


Google’s Project Glass won’t be ready for general consumption for some time. Developers are getting an early look at prototype devices early next year (we’ll be grabbing a few), and the plan then is to refine the device for a public release closer to 2014. Obviously, the concept still needs a bit more time in the oven. They don’t call it futuristic for nothing.

For those intrigued by what Google is doing with Glass, a new series of videos has launched called Glass Sessions. The first of which shows how Glass can be used to capture all the special moments that come along with raising a child, as well as easily share live video via a Hangout with a parent in a far away place. It’s just one of the many ways Google hopes to show the usefulness of Glass in our everyday life.

While it may be a bit hard to imagine using a device like Glass right now, the video perfectly demonstrates how seamless using the heads-up display can really be. Sure, it might take some time to get past how goofy you will look with a pair strapped across your brow, but there is no denying that Project Glass opens up a world of possibilities.

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  1. You know what? I think v neck shirts and skinny jeans look goofy, too…but people still wear them. Why not a pair of these?

      1. I wasn’t pointing fingers :P

  2. So it’s a video clip showing off a camera…… that all it does? take pictures and videos?

    1. well she’s using Google hangouts on Google + to stream it live, so it must have apps but you can’t see them, like for instance when your recording a video on your phone or skyping does your phones screen show up in the footage ? no right

  3. well i just sold these glasses to the to-be-mother-of-my-child

  4. why are they only showing off the camera feature? why not show us the UI?

  5. That baby was absolutely terrified by cyborg-Mom.

    1. I think the baby was terrified because the baby didn’t know who the freak this lady was…

  6. I hope 2 years from now we’re talking about how amazing the nexus glasses are and how well they compliment our driver-less nexus auto(tesla would be manufacturer of course). The future is right around the corner. I can’t wait.

    The baby in this video should be wearing baby Google glass and Google Now should be telling it what it’s looking at and improving it’s learning potential 10 fold.

  7. Oh how the porn industry will change…

  8. seriously? enough with the baby marketing pitch. first your cutting your demographics in half, because guys really arent picture happy . especially with their baby… second.. thats all we been hearing about is the camera. the only thing that excited most nerds was we HEARD it has a HUD and will connect to the phone. But no examples only how it can take photos. come on. start marketing it right… talk about how it will be a god send to motorcyclist, or law enforcement. Showing detailed maps HUD or info on addresses or a criminals picture and background. show how it can integrate at a factory where temperatures and numbers need to be constantly monitored. Show us how it can take the military by storm with every man on the ground that has access to maps, communications, commands… no… instead we see how we can take a freaking picture of our baby… and then video chat with our significant other. seriously… i dont even want to see my significant other when they get home from work.. why the F do i want to video chat with them. this is why A**** wins all the hype with their crap iphone. because they market it right. instead google is marketing to women, who are the most assenine fashion conscious people that would never be cought dead out of the house unless they have ther prada sun glasses on… look, if google is gonna sell geek tech.. then WTF… market to us geeks and we will pay double then what its worth….

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