Google Glass: We’re Getting 3 Pairs [THE FUTURE]


When the project first leaked it struck me as a gimmicky geek concept that could instantly convert the coolest kid on the block into the neighborhood punching bag. But watching Googlers walk around with their Project Glass Google Glasses has slowly but surely changed my mind.

With a few similarly equipped staff roaming around, you get the distinct feeling that you’re entering Robocop/Jetsons/Minority Report mode. And somehow that seems cool (the attractive Google Staffers modeling them certainly didn’t hurt). Whereas I’d typically write the concept off as seeming forced, awkward, dorky, and futuristically fake, the design seems hip if you give it a chance. Alright, fine… and a little dorky.

Whether or not Google Glass is functional, helpful, entertaining, and enjoyable remains to be seen. Luckily for us, we’ll be one of the first in the world with the opportunity to provide our opinion on the topic.

All Google IO 2012 attendees were given the option to purchase a very early Google Glass beta unit for $1,500. The devices are not yet ready (shipping in 2013), so attendees were asked to provide their contact information after answering a handful of questions, binding them to buy the glasses when available. Myself, Steve Albright, and Chris Chavez all signed up for the exclusive Google Glass beta, after which we received the following tokens to commemorate our future wares.

These numbers will also get engraved into the side of the glasses when they’re produced.

I’m a little bit wary of people actually following through with these purchases. A lot can change in 6 months (the earliest they’ll ship), and $1,500 isn’t exactly pocket change. They also said the “contract” you signed isn’t binding- so some people were likely enticed to “sign up” so they could get their little commemorative prize. Nobody had to actually fill out payment details.

Depending on how many developer beta units are available, I severely doubt they’ll have trouble selling the rest. The latest and greatest Android devices are already hundreds of dollars off contract and Google Glasses are a category of device never before attempted.

It’s pretty darn exciting and we can’t wait to get these beta units and sharing all the information we can about them. We’d also love to try our hand at developing for the first generation of Google Glass Apps. The type of concepts and potential integrations are much different in comparison to phones and tablets; we’ve had some fun talking about various useful examples we could see realistically playing out.

So what do you think… would you wear Google Glass? It would greatly help to know the feature set and specs, but filling in the blanks with your imagination… at what price point would you buy a pair?

Excited about Google Glass? Head over to our Google Glass Forums to discuss!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. Awesome, I’m so glad phandroid got in on this! More updates please! Also, could you check chris’s power level when you get yours?

    1. that would be a bad idea what if its over 9000 and they shatter their goes 1500 bucks >.>

      1. his hair alone is easily over 9k

        1. there will be a scouter app. I guarantee it.

  2. Assuming that I could get a pair in my prescription, Id rock a pair…then again I sported a mullet at one point in my life, so what do I know about style? xD

    1. They don’t have actual prescriptions themselves. If you wear glasses these would attach TO your glasses as kind of a secondary glasses accessory. At least from what I understand.

      1. So just the hardware would attach to my existing frames? Hmm, if that were the case, I could pick out a set of frames that make the whole thing a little less, umm, geeky.

        1. Impossibru.

  3. if these glasses are fully functional and are actually useful, i would pay $1000 the most! but, because these could be one of the first glasses ever made, i would pay $1500 if i have that money just because they would probably be worth more in the future…

  4. @robjackson81:disqus Have you worn a pair?? Can you please tell us, or show us photo what the HUD looks like? Sergey Brin showcased the camera function of Glass, but dang it, I wanna see HUD! Can you please direct me where i can find a photo of HUD functionality? And yes, i would definitely wear Glass. I can even see myself wearing it at work, where we sometimes have violent situations, and capturing the action on video would be useful.

  5. The potential blows my mind. I can’t wait for this concept to take off. Making the information we gain digitally integrated with the actual physical world. These are a huge step in the direction I think portable technology needs to be going. At the moment, smartphones really get in the way of interacting with the physical world which is one of their biggest flaws. If these work like I’m imagining them in my head, I’d paid at least $1000 for these bad boys. These could allow conversations to take on a whole new level, exchanging and interacting with digital content while talking, and still actually looking at the person you’re communicating with.

  6. I would never wear them out in public, but I’d love to have a set for home use or while driving.

  7. I see it like the Segway. Lots of people will buy them for the novelty of them Many will be under utilized after the novelty wears off.

  8. Listen Spammer… I asked for a photo, not a spam website. Don’t you hate yourself for being a spammer? doesn’t it bother you that people HATE you? sleep on that….

    1. It’s an automated bot. It doesn’t hear you and only cares that a reply registered.

      We’ll continue to work with Disqus to suppress them, but it’s like stomping roaches. ;)

      1. WOW that sucks…..but how do they end up answering on topic?

  9. So which one of you 3 are gonna be the first person live streaming/recording lapdances pov style from the stripclub? I know atleast one of you are.

    I can hear wives everywhere.

  10. What changed my mind was the sun glass clip ins Sergey was wearing!!!! If they can actually look cool AND functional these things will be a hit. Being cool does do something for sales I mean, people buy the iPhone without even knowing what it can do or how it compares to other phones because of it’s ‘cool’ status.

  11. Health impact? GPS, cell, wifi, Bluetooth radios so close to your head for extended periods of time.

    1. Ionizing vs non-ionizing radiation.

      Health effects equals zero.

  12. I think that they can be very useful when used in situations where you currently have to carry around headsets – like museum tours (where filming is allowed). Also useful in lecture theatres and perhaps even movie theatres. Wearing them for everyday use I think will be problematic – as people that you interact with will not know if you are recording them. I can see the glasses banned in all change rooms and anywhere where “confidential” information is discussed. Also anywhere that filming is currently banned – like at some famous museums / art galleries, rock concerts etc.
    I can see that they will change forever how we take our holiday snaps and home movies….

  13. I would ABSOLUTELY wear one. I like to consider myself one with the tech. :) Anything that gets me closer to cyberpunk type tech is my friend. Though I never use my phone for much, it is with me and on my person during all of my waking hours. It would be awesome to have a glass attached to my glasses and charge at night while I sleep, wake up, put my glasses on and BOOM be connected.

    Oh yes, I would DEFINITELY wear one! :D

  14. I am soo excited about Google Glass! I don’t care how ridiculous I may look. I am a father of two little ‘uns and I have a terrible memory. I would wear these all the time to take pics and video that will help me remember all the little details of our life that I would otherwise forget. Please release to public soon!

  15. DBZ

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