HTC One X launches June 10 at AT&T after customs delay


Yes, the U.S. customs delay kept America from getting their hands on the HTC One X by its original launch date, but now that the mess has been cleaned up we have good news. AT&T has set a new release date of June 10th for the phone that has slowly slipped from our minds thanks to the aforementioned delay and the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III. But that shouldn’t stop you from considering the One X as your next device. Check out our full review as a refresher. The One X earned the highest of praise from us. As originally planned, the phone will be available for $200 on a new two-year contract.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. About time! I’ve had my amazon order on hold since the beginning of May!

    1. You should’ve bought one at a store.. If it was possible for you. Since stores had them.

  2. still don’t know if I should get HTC One X or Galaxy S3…

    1. One X, they are awesome!

    2. I’d say gs3 if on att, but Evo if you’re on sprint. (that’s if battery/storage are important to you)

  3. Good, now maybe the Incredible 4G will ship for those of us that don’t want a tablet.

    1. Lol I know what you are saying but its actually not that big. As long as you aren’t wearing skin tight jeans, it fits smoothly in your pockets

  4. I think this delay will kill the sales. I’ll waiting on the Samsung! One month will not that long! I know HTC will have great updates. I also know Samsung will take its time for the next update. Jelly bean for Samsung is probably after the note 2 gets release.

  5. They were in stock here in the Raleigh area before the hold.

  6. Damn… Didn’t realize ATT was still waiting on this thing with all the EVO LTE hype. That sucks!

    1. we weren’t, there was a shortage due to the blockade but my One X that I have had for a few weeks now is living proof that it was available.

  7. I’ve had my One X for almost a month. Bought it at the ATT store down the block. They’ve had them available up until very recently in stores as well as online. Only in the last week or so have supplies dwindled and they started going on backorder and out of stock in some stores. They most definitely were released on time though.

  8. At Costco we’ve had the One X for awhile.

  9. This just in!!! You’re research skills ain’t worth a velvet painting of a whale and a dolphin gettin’ it on!

    1. If you look at the url and comments on the source article TC originally posted this as a new release as well. I have had mine for a bit too but I could see how one might be confused from the reports of the shortages. No need to get all crazy on him

  10. Canadians have had ours for few months now.

  11. “Sure, it lacks a removable battery and comes up short on removable storage, but that should only deter some of the pickier consumers”

    It will deter a lot of Android savvy consumers, fixed batteries and no sd card is for Appleites. It’s a nice phone, but the lack of those two things means I will definitely not be considering it.

    1. I have a feeling they are going after the iPhone crowd with phones like this, they are used to not having a removable battery and add on storage, the rest of us know better. ;)

  12. HTC one x trying to be iPhone! Fail. Android has removable battery and micro ad slot! That is what makes an android…an android!

    1. Does that make my camera an android? Oh boy, time to send pictures of my fancy android!!

      Choices make android what it is, and this phone is that, a choice.

      OH, Running on Android OS makes a phone an android too.

  13. Hurry and get one, Apple filed another complaint with the ITC to get them pulled.

  14. The Hell you talking about? It was released, and tons of stores had them. Sure, not for sale online, but stores offered them.

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