Samsung Galaxy S III pre-orders live at Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint; shipping late June


Samsung Galaxy S III pre-orders have gone live for three of the five carriers announced to receive the device in the US. Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint are all offering customers the chance to reserve their very own GS3 in a choice of Marble White or Pebble Blue finishes. Verizon and Sprint have the phone priced at $199 on a new two-year contract for the 16GB version and $249 for the 32GB model. AT&T is offering only a 16GB option, and its price matches that of VZW and Sprint.

As suggested yesterday, Verizon’s site is showing a ship date of no later than July 9th. For AT&T the phone will begin shipping on June 18th, while Sprint will start fulfilling pre-orders on June 21st, the same day as T-Mobile’s launch of the device. The phone will take advantage of all three carriers’ LTE networks, and will also feature HSPA+ connectivity on AT&T. For this reason the phone will sport a dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor instead of the quad-core Exynos chip found in the international version. Other hardware highlights include a 4.8-inch HD display, 8MP camera, and 2GB of RAM.

[via Sprint, Verizon, AT&T | Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  1. I am curious to see how Sprint’s sales and pre-orders for the phone will be seeing how there is no 4G network to run it on yet, vs people waiting till the network is built in their area. I am not going to get rid of my OG EVO and loose 4G to go to a better phone on a slow 3g network.

    1. Didn’t stop people from buying the iPhone on Sprint. I see your point for those who already have a high end 4G phone though, bad timing on Sprint’s part.

    2. Damn that is so true about the 3g part

  2. Verizon says it will ship by July 9.

    1. Yep my rep told me that they want to under promise and over deliver. Now we will see if Samsung can keep up the the demand that will be coming and everyone will meet there ship days.

  3. Tits!

  4. Ordered the pebble blue from At&t… expected date is 6-21! woohoo!

  5. Does anyone know if Amazon Wireless will be doing preorders for Verizon?

    1. I’m wondering the same thing! I have some amazon e-codes that I’d like to use but for the AT&T variant.

  6. Had my order processed at 7:05 am for the white 32 gig on verizon. Got mine for 149 cuz I still had 100 dollar 4g upgrade credit that was still on my account since January, Shhhhwing!

    1. I got a blue one for verizon. Seems like verizon customers will get their phones last of all the carriers. Lame…

    2. noice!

  7. Pre-ordered mine… and I got to keep my unlimited data package!!

    1. yup! me too!

    2. Right there with you!

    3. Same!

    4. me too!!!

  8. That’s the big question….is it worth going from my original evo with 4G capabilities to the galaxy s3 with strictly 3g service when I have already been told that my city won’t have LTE up and running until 2013 minimum. Anyway, I took the chance and pre-ordered it.

  9. Where the heck is the T-mobile pre-order? What the hell is wrong with T-mobile? This is why they keep keep losing customers. Stupid T-mobile!

  10. Pre-ordered mine and keep my unlimted data package…

  11. I’m on the Verizon Unlimited plan, They fixed the website to show it as a choice (you use to pick something else but in the background it stayed unlimited.) Any updates on when Verizon will end the unlimited plans (Hopefully not July 8th :-p

    1. All you have to do is make a call to them and speak to a sales representative, and as long as you’re eligible for an upgrade, they’ll preorder the phone for you and you will keep your unlimited data. Just did it myself about an hour ago. Hope this helps

    2. I got verification from Verizon management and a online rep that you must upgrade by July 1st in order to keep your grandfathered unlimited data plan. After that you’ll have to purchase the phone at full price to keep unlimited data.

  12. I think Sprint, T-Mo, and ATT are launching on the 21st. ATT starts shipping on the 18th, but it says “expected delivery on June 21st”.
    I bet preorders for Sprint ship early too, with the intent to deliver by the 21st. Just wanted to clear that up, since Phandroid and others are reporting the ship date for ATT.

  13. Anybody know when you pay for the pre order om Verizon? I ordered it but nothing taken out of my account yet?

    1. I’m fairly certain that they (like nearly all online retailers) will charge you when the product ships.

    2. did you get a confirmation email… i have not received one ??

  14. US Cellular starts on the 12th!

  15. I am getting the gold one!

  16. When will costco have a pre-order?

    1. No. Indirects get them at a later time…but should be soon enough.

  17. Got mine ordered!! (Verizon, so I’ll have to wait until July 9th or a day or two after, but I’m pretty freaking excited!! I got my 16gb version for 169 due to a “new every two” 30 dollar credit. (I was surprised they honored it since it’s over a year old) oh yeah!

  18. At best buy right now to pre order my 32 blue, but they aren’t offering on pre order – only the 16, but he thinks they will eventually sell it.

    Big bonus for you t mobile fans – the internal memo he let me read said best buy.com will allow t mobile pre orders at the end of this week

  19. I know that it’s been mentioned before in other threads, but that $30 upgrade fee is bullshit! I’m going to wait until I have my S3 in-hand and then call up VZW and see if they’ll credit it back. Greedy douchebags!

  20. I will be upgrading from an iPhone 4 with unlimited data to this phone. Will I get any crap about going to a 4G plan an keeping unlimited data?

  21. I have my Galaxy Note and I`m happy one with it…

  22. Got mine @7:05 am! Cant wait!

  23. Pre-ordered mine at full price from AT&T… Will be selling my Note for this so I hope it’s worth it….

  24. Anyone not get a confirmation email when they pre-ordered?

    1. Verizon help is useless as usual.

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