Galaxy S III to be among Verizon phones with global upgrade option


New reports have emerged that the Samsung Galaxy S III on Verizon will feature global roaming capabilities unlocked via a future software update, with the carrier confirming the news. Verizon also confirmed that other devices would receive similar functionality, as has been reported previously. For most devices the unlocked global radios look to come as part of upcoming Android 4.0 upgrades, though this won’t be the case for the GS3 as it will ship with Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box. When the appropriate update will follow is as much a mystery as the phone’s final release date.

[via The Verge]

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Verizon could ship Samsung Galaxy S III by July 9

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  1. Via a future software update…circa September 2013

    1. Does it really matter? its already running the latest software who cares if it takes a whole year to get a feature that less than 205 of people in America will use?

      1. There are many people who like to travel or travel for work who will probably find this very important.

      2. It matters to have this phone on att or tmobile here in US. just with Verizon label.

        1. Global roaming for voice only, right?

  2. Here’s to hoping the Galaxy S IV isn’t the size of a tablet.

  3. With all these killing Andriod phones coming out, it’s a wonder what Apple is coming out with.

    1. The iPhone 4GS. It’s like the iPhone 4S, but with amazing and magical 4G LTE capability.

  4. The size of a note would be fine Phinn…and if you dont like it you can always buy a smaller phone to fit your hands…even a iphone…whatever works for you sir…

    1. size of the nexus S would be perfect. just my opinion.

  5. iphone 4gs??? ilol…ididnt think of that, if thats the case…ipeople are ether hurting for iiideas, or saving the best for last…iphone is kind of a joke to me now …small and boring…4gs will only be a bumped phone with 4g…and A newish upgrade to the OS?…awow…for their sake if this is so …iiiiam in hopes they really are saving the best for last…

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