Google Accuses Microsoft and Nokia of Harvesting Patent Trolls – Files Antitrust Complaint In Europe


Google, who is facing antitrust complaints on European and South Korean fronts, is going on the offensive today, filing their own complaint with the European Commission over accusations that really aren’t too surprising. According to Google, Microsoft and Nokia, whom are currently in cahoots with MS’s Windows Phone OS, are making dirty, back alley agreements with a company called Mosaid (infamous for suing anyone over their WiFi patents).

Apparently, Mosaid is being handed 1,200 wireless-related patents in exchange for sharing some of the revenue gained from lawsuits with Microsoft and Nokia. This would mean MS n’ N are actually harvesting patent trolls, in an attempt to scare handset makers into choosing Windows Phone over Android, over the threat of possible lawsuits. Ooooh, they’re so sneaky. Google said in a statement:

“Nokia and Microsoft are colluding to raise the costs of mobile devices for consumers, creating patent trolls that sidestep promises both companies have made. They should be held accountable, and we hope our complaint spurs others to look into these practices.”

Google says that although they haven’t been sued yet by Mosaid, their complaint is actually defensive measure given that something sinister is definitely afoot. Give ’em hell, Google.

[TheWallStreetJournal | Engadget]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Fu. Microsoft take your sh!tty phone and my sh!tty laptop for that matter and shove it . I’ll keep my Xbox tho; )

    1. honestly, get rid of that POS PC. i love android, and while i may not like everything apple does, they do make some of the nicest computers IMO. my 3 year old 15 inch macbook pro runs better than my brand new windows pc, and when the hard drive went out (because im a little hard on my comps), apple replaced it for free without apple care. i doubt that will happen when my windows laptop decides to let go.

      1. and what are PC gamers sopose to use if they drop windows? Now if the none gamers were to jump ship to other platforms such as Linux it would shift the gaming market as well which may just happen with the way microsoft is taking Windows 8. A lot of people will be sticking with windows 7 I know I will be.

        1. Windows. you can dual boot any Intel mac with windows. just because he said the computer is nicer doesn’t mean he has to use OSX

          1. ^THIS. Seriously, I’ve got a mid-2009 Macbook Pro and I’ve currently got an OS X, Windows 7, and Linux Mint triple boot configuration. OS X for everyday usage, Windows 7 for Messing around with Android (as most utilities are built for Windows), and Mint just to mess around with.

            @twitter-31606800:disqus, if you’re using a service like Steam for your games, some of the games are cross-platform, so it doesn’t matter Windows vs. OS X. Not to mention most of the bigger titles have their own OS X release, be it inside the App Store or otherwise. Point = moot.

          2. I do not use steam I get most of my games from which has mainly older titles. and you cna easily build pc with better specs for less then you can buy a mac and you dont have to use widnows on said machine you can easily use linux which is free and open sourced just like Android.

  2. About time someone acted

  3. I’m amazed professionals use such a unprofessional term “troll”

    1. Best way to describe it. Lol

      1. All too true

  4. Um, and Google didn’t acquire Motorola just for the patents. Uhuh.

    1. But outright purchasing to acquire patents is actually normal practice. Under the table deals how ever is not.

    2. Again, a defensive maneuver from Google. And the above article describes Microsoft and Nokia giving patents to another company, so that they can sue the pants off Android manufacturers.

  5. I approve of Goog using the word “troll” like a professional term.

  6. This is the only way they think they can slow down the giant called Android. Apple has been doing the same thing and this has been gong on with Nokia and Microsoft since they started to work together on their Windows phone. Nokia is desperate, they should have gone with Android and they would be home free by now. Nokia makes great hardware, too bad they picked the wrong software company to partner with. Nothing will slow down Android.

  7. This is probably the only way Microsoft could get people to buy their phones. By eliminating competition. I don’t think I know one person that owns a microsoft phone, and I work in a semiconductor company filled with geeks.

  8. YES!
    thats not the only sin of Microsoft, read carefully what they are doing!! mostly bribery! com/site/corpsins/

  9. It’s a game Google tried to avoid, but big business has forced their hand. Glad to see them throwing some punches. But I can’t help but notice this is happening as the Windows 8 hype is building.

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