MOTOACTV Receives 7.2 Software Update – Read Tweets, Facebook Updates and More


Motorola’s MOTOACTV smart/fitness watch just got a little smarter today after Motorola officially revealed a new software update for the accessory. A ton of stuff was added like the addition of new Twitter and Facebook plug-ins, as well as more detailed workout planning for all you health nuts out there. Here’s the full rundown of what you can look forward to in the 7.2 update:

  • New Views, More Options for Golf – Added tee location options, more choices for ball lie marking and the ability to track the distance of your putts. We also extended the club distance range in Clubs Profile to better accommodate more players.
  • More Flexible Workout Planning – You can now define your targets for each stage of any activity including running, walking, cycling and more. If you’re a runner, you can set a moderate warm up pace for the first 15 minutes, kick it into high gear for the next 30 minutes, and then set the pace for a 10 minute cool down.
  • New Heart Rate Choices for Fitness Zones – You can now have dedicatedheart rate zones for any activity. Specify which types of zones you’d like to use for each workout (basic, Carmichael or custom). Allow MOTOACTV to update your max heart rate, or stay in full control by manually updating your zones and heart rate metrics.
  • See Facebook and Twitter – Get wall posts and tweets directly on your MOTOACTV.
  • Start Key Is Now a Smarter Key – If your display has gone to sleep while you’re working out, wake it up by pressing the start key.
  • Add More Custom Activities, Better Accuracy – Add and track as many new activities as you want – quickly and easily, and know that your calories burned are even more accurate than ever.
  • Better Views of Your Post-workout Map – Zoom in and pan out on route details after your workout. Touch “Show Route” on the workout summary screen, then touch the screen to zoom in. Pressing and holding on the route screen enables panning.
  • Easier Wi-Fi Network Setup – You can run, but your SSID can no longer hide! If your Wi-Fi network’s name (SSID) is hidden, you can still configure your MOTOACTV.

The update is applied over-the-wire, so just plug your ACTV into your PC or Mac to get started. I think it’s safe to say things are looking on the up-and-up for Motorola’s fitness watch. Honestly, I don’t hit the gym very often, but I have been looking for a capable Android smartwatch, and the ACTV just might fit the bill. Can any of our readers provide any feedback on the MOTOACTV? How’s the update treating you?

Motorola | Via Droid-Life

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  1. I use the Motoactv for cycling and have been impressed with Moto’s frequent software updates and improvements. I wouldn’t call this an Android watch though. It’s really a smart fitness device that will port over your iTunes songs (if you wish) and upload your workouts automagically via WiFi.

  2. I use this watch too but it is getting too complex now. I guess you can’t make everyone happy… :/

    1. It’s not like they are forcing you to use all the features.

  3. They are starting to get tempting but still on fence. Maybe once it’s a clearance item for 50 bucks.

    1. At 50 bucks you’d probably have to fight to get one before the hordes of bargain hunters descend and buy all the remaining stock!

  4. They don’t, but scrolling thru a 1000 options on a 1″ screen becomes cumbersome

    1. I have one, the only area where you might have to scroll a bit is the workout portion and that’s only if you do a weird exercise that you have to select one of the custom options for.

  5. I have it too, maybe we have different models because mine has at least a gazillion screens and menus and settings and notifications and…

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