Android 4.0.4 update rolling out to some Samsung Galaxy Nexus users on Verizon


Reports are coming in from all over that Verizon has kicked off the Android 4.0.4 update for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for a select group of users. Verizon posted the changelog earlier this week and began teasing the update as coming soon, but has not officially announced the that a rollout has begun. You can check to see if the update might be ready for your device by navigating to Settings/About phone/ System updates. So far we’ve been coming up empty at the Phandroid home base. Let us know in the comments if you are seeing the update!

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  1. nothing yet in the New Haven area (CT)

  2. Nothing here levittown,ny

  3. Nothing here in Pittsburgh yet.

  4. Got it here in South Dakota around 11pm last night!

  5. Got mine in Columbus, OH, a little after midnight.

  6. Nada. Buffalo.

  7. No love in SoCal yet….

  8. Nothing in Minnesota yet

  9. Nothing in southern Florida as of Thursday morning

  10. Nothing here in Hou….nevermind

    —-anonymous crackflasher

    1. lol…..is that a Houston we have liftoff???

  11. I got my update just after midnight in Atlanta

  12. Nothing in myrtle beach yet

  13. Nothing from columbus and that other dude from columbus got his , probably doesn’t matter what city your in but what device you have

  14. Nothing for me in South FL.

  15. Updated 1230AM Eastern

  16. Nothing in DE yet

  17. Still waiting patiently here in Michigan. Really hoping this fixes my shutdown issues and radio hangs, because I’ve been holding off of turning it in for warranty to give this update a chance.

    And now, to commence ceaselessly mashing the “Check now” button!

  18. Updated this morning: Albuquerque. Experiencing 4g reception in towers that I didn’t before. Response time in ics overall seems snappier.

  19. YUP! IL. got the update…..well IL. SPRINT users got the update. I know there’s no HUGE differences BUT how come I’m rocking the UNLOCKED Galaxy Nexus on TMO straight from Google and my buddy running his Galaxy on Sprint got the update 1st? I’m stil at 4.0.2!!!!

    1. You have an unlocked gnex running .2 still? That’s your own fault..

  20. Nothing here in southern California LA 323

  21. Nothing yet in southeastern MA

  22. I got here…..Only because I got the unlocked GSM from Google Play!

  23. Nothin in nj. Still waiting

  24. What was all this talk about google pushing the o t a? Are we really waiting on verizon or google? I thought it was ready just waiting for verizon to approve and then google would push.

    BTW still waiting in Columbus GA.

  25. Checked @ noon in Pawtucket RI, no dice. (Still love this phone! Just got it on Tuesday)

  26. Nothing in MD yet. :o(

  27. Still no dice here in Phoenix, Arizona.

    1. 2hrs later. still nothing. phx, az. =/
      course my phone actually works normal. so i dunno if i’d notice a huge difference.

  28. Question for everyone: my Verizon SGN is currently disconnected from Verizon, as I am abroad in Europe for an extended period of time. I use it every day on wifi. Will I be excluded from updates since it’s not on Verizon’s network? Clicking “check now” gives “Your system is currently up to date”.

  29. Once I verified it was the file already available from Google, I downloaded it and used a workaround to sideload the update manually.

    Works great. Signal took a few hours to stabilize, but once it did, it’s smooth sailing. 3G-to-4G transitions are much better and more reliable, signal strength is improved, overall responsiveness of the phone is improved and the call quality seems to have improved as well!

    I used this guide:


    Just replace the update they use in the video with the IMM76K one from Google at this address:


    AND FOLLOW THE VIDEO’S INSTRUCTIONS TO THE LETTER! You might also need to install the Samsung drivers. If you do, the easiest way is to install/use Galaxy Nexus Toolkit. You can get it here:


    1. nothing in south georgia

  30. Still nothing in Pittsburgh. Come on! The Verizon store model has it!

  31. Nada in Oregon. Verizon GN

  32. Still nothing here is Buffalo — I think by the time I get the update I will have to buy a new phone as there is going to be a whole in the area where the ‘check now’ button is. :)

  33. Nothing in Tulsa, OK right now. Also notcing a lack of 4G on my phone. Not sure if LTE is down in my area or just my phone being silly.

  34. Question: I heard a factory reset will break Google Wallet installed using the apk, since it is not officially supported by Verizon. Do I need to uninstall Google Wallet before trying to update? I don’t wanna fry the Wallet’s security chips..

    1. I would recommend it. I did not and know I can’t use it but I am also rooted….. not sure if that matters.

  35. Still nothing I’m myrtle beach

  36. No update for me yet in Chicago

  37. My SGN with VERIZON as the network updated from 4.0.2 > 4.0.4 today at exactly 08:47am EST in Orlando, Florida. From my experience with the 4G LTE network not just in my city but in my Metropolitan area is a honest 8/10 give it take. Its safe too say in some parts its 10+ simply BC metroPCS is powered or runs off Verizon’s towers. From my knowledge and according too the billboards towering the inner city Universal Studios area of Orlando is more of AT&T and Sprint terory. T-Mobile is not great througho

  38. My SGN (Verizon) updated from 4.0.2 > 4.0.4 at approximately 08:43am est in Orlando, Florida. No difference I can tell from the update received half a year (6 months) ago… last year that I can make it, love the phone, unhappy with the price plans @ Verizon and I am terribly shocked at the update roll outs thus far for my SGN. I look forward too Jellybean 5.0 or a Motorola Nexus too release in the near future. It sucks that I bought this then high-end smartphone exclusively from Verizon after my Sprint contract ended and with both Sprint and T-Mobile lines activated prior too the SGN’s release which I thought would be strictly Verizon hardware… Within a matter of months a GSM version is released at the Play store followed by Sprints 4G LTE which made me red hot. Waste of time, money, effort and preparation. Minus well waited for Galaxy SIII. Although I’m still a die hard Nexus enthusiast I believe its time too let another company mark its logo. Motorola hopefully and makes sense…

  39. Still no update… I’m going hysterical checking every hour.

  40. Updated at 9:45pm today in Los Angeles. I’m out in West Hollywood though, so I don’t know if that matters. :) can’t wait to test drive battery life with 4G on.

  41. Just got the update here in Pennsylvania.
    Never had any problems but glad to have the update non the less.

  42. finally in nj yeah!!! Took long ago

  43. Got mine right now. Its great so far

  44. Update just reached Phoenix

  45. Woke up to update notification 5/2! Smooth install so far so good.

  46. Finally I got the update last night

  47. Updated this AM in Chicago. OS running ridiculously slow and had first random restart 3 hours in while using GPS. Not a good sign.

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