Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus Android 4.0.4 update should be starting any day now


Yesterday we saw the support docs for the Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus update to Android 4.0.4 go live, a sure sign that new software is right around the corner. Today, multiple sources out of Big Red have been hyping the update, giving the impression that it could begin any day now, if not within the next 24 hours. A tweet from Verizon’s Albery Aydin says Android 4.0.4 “will soon be pushed,” while a spokesperson for VZW confirmed the same to DroidLife.

Our most recent check of the “System updates” dialog under Settings/About phone returned nothing at the time of this writing, but we’ll be sure to watch that space like a hawk until we can pull down a fresher Ice Cream Sandwich build. Be sure to let us know when the update hits your handset!

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  1. I haven’t had an offical OTA since 2.2 on my Incredible. I’m kinda excited.

  2. Nothing yet in Kansas City, Missouri. Just hoping this is for real this time. If VZ takes much longer, I’m going to just root it and get it over with.

  3. As a matter of curiosity I though that the radios etc had been updated in 4.0.4 but the software upgrade you published yesterday makes no mention…..are signal issues addressed in 4.0.4? Thanks

    1. As far as Verizon is concerned, there are no issues with the radios, so they won’t mention it on the change log. /shrug

  4. If your phone is unlocked (but not rooted) when the OTA finally happens, will it keep it unlocked after the update?

    1. No, your phone will remain unlocked, the only difference is that you will have the new 4.0.4 update.

  5. Glad I have been running this for weeks already. Verizon blows for updates. Root and move on

  6. @nick Although I am able to root my phone my job requires I have a phone that is 100% stock. Ever think there are people who know how to root but for miscellaneous reasons can’t? Guess not.

  7. I used to get my hopes up when I read these articles…. BUT then nothing ever happened

  8. I never should’ve switched from HTC. The only reason I did it was for “timely” updates. I prefer everything about HTC and Sense over the pure stock Android.

    1. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but that’s just crazy.

    2. I see your point. Sense is not a bad UI; it just tends to age rather horribly. A few more months and HTC phones can get really sluggish.

  9. Another carrier screwing things up.

  10. 6 months too late. Whoooops

  11. So…. anyone receive OTA yet?

    1. Not here…..

  12. I bought an unlocked GNex from Expansys a week ago and it is on 4.0.2. Anyone know why this phone isn’t getting any updates? I thought I would be getting updates directly from google given that it is an unlocked phone.

    1. I’m in that same position. It’s all about the build that you have. More than likely you’re on a yakjuxw build like me. Those build types aren’t updated directly from Google. It appears they have to go through Samsung. As for my device I haven’t had any serious issues. I’m a power user so battery life could be a little better…and I’m using the Samsung extended battery. The stock Gallery takes up to 25 secs to load. But other than that no major complaints on my end.

      1. That’s right I’m on yakjuxw. That’s unfortunate. I definitely didnt know that when i bought the phone.

        Main reason im looking forward to the update is for the bump in battery life. Also there is some lag on the keyboard. Just disappointing to think we are two versions behind everyone else. Might just have to flash the non-samsung build.

  13. I had been patiently waiting for the OTA, I broke down yesterday and rooted finally got tired of the delay. I really was not experiencing the major bugs that many users had so I have not seen drastic changes. Though now that I have rooted once I will be looking at other ROM’s etc.

  14. any day now… never again! hate both equally. google/vzw.

  15. It’s a Nexus, we should not have to root just to get a stock update! Any day now? I’ll believe it when I see it. Verizon only cares about their profit.

  16. I got mine about 20 mins ago. I’m in Rapid City, SD. Build number IMM76K. So far it seems to have fixed my signal issues.

  17. Verizon is full of @#$%.

  18. OMG OMG will this break my Google Wallet installed through the apk??

  19. Ok so as far as I know my phone was updated silently to IMM30B. I did not manually update as far as I know. Do I still need to downgrade to receive this update or can I expect Verizon to update my phone as well. Also will downgrading wipe my data?

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