Verizon Posts Galaxy Nexus 4.0.4 Update On Support Page – Rolling Out Soon (For Real This Time)


It’s been dragging its feet, but the official Android 4.0.4 update for the Galaxy Nexus should be hitting your device any minute/day/week now. Verizon’s support page has just posted the update, letting users know an OTA will be issued in the coming days. The IMM76K software update not only brings the Verizon Galaxy Nexus up to speed with GSM versions of the Nex, but should fix a few nasty bugs users have been experiencing since the device’s release. Good luck, everyone, and godspeed.

Thanks, Mimsy!

[Verizon Wireless Support]

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  1. Can you imagine what Verizon is going to do when jellybean comes out? xD

    1. I kind of like stale jellybeans.

    2. With Jelly Bean rolling out this summer, I think Google plans to release Key Lime Pie in December, along with the five Nexus devices. When they’re all up for sale on the Google Play Store, Verizon will look worse and worse when they still are releasing phones with barely ICS on them.

      Verizon is the cancer of the U.S. wireless industry, and Google is ready to go chemonuclear war on them.

  2. “___ root your phone___ I have been on this version for weeks____”

    1. Yeah, except most people don’t want to root and unlock.

      1. You don’t have to root or unlock but then again this is suppose to be a dev phone which make this just what folks SHOULD do. The leaks that have come out can be installed one after the other without unlocking or rooting … just takes the person wanting to fix things and not complain. The diff between 4.0.2 and 4.0.4 is HUGE for the radios alone and makes it worth it. If there is a fix and it’s out there .. i can’t see sitting and waiting for an OTA if I don’t have to. *shrug*

    2. The point is that I shouldn’t be Forced to root to have a reasonably up to date and fully functional device. Part of the reason why I switched to a GNex was to have the latest software soon after release Without Needing to Root.

      1. Not to be snarky but do you wait for Microsoft to push the latest version of Windows to you or Apple to push the latest version of OS X? I don’t think so. It’s your device … take charge of it. I say this to everyone.

        1. Yes… me and the other billion Windows users allow Windows Update to do the updates… and the 10 or so Mac users in the world get their OSX updates directly from Apple. That’s the whole point. Seamless, happens overnight when it doesn’t interfere, and I don’t waste time searching for radios that work, installing, wiping, restoring, backing up. You may not value your time – but others sure do.

    3. Sounds more like a typical Apple minion to me. “The iPhone doesn’t do XY or Z.”. Response “jailbreak!”. Not aiming this at you but I never understand why this is the answer to all for one platform and such a terrible thing for the other.

  3. O.o

    Still very hard to believe.

  4. So much for Google being the one to push out the updates regularly on this “True Google phone” Hope this update comes down, my phone is a mess

    1. I’m pretty sure the only ones calling this a Pure* Google Phone were Big Red, and those dumb enough to think a phone that comes with Verizon apps installed on it is still Pure Google.

      btw, Verizon has been sitting on this for at least a month, so don’t blame Google.

      1. Of course I blame Verizon, I had my eye on this phone months before its release and got it day 1. VZW clearly has the upper hand and have taken away a lot of what this phone could be. Now we have a nice device being held back and people like us anxiously awaiting an update we should have had a while ago. I have a hard time believing yet another article promising an update.

        1. Haha, I hear ya… I was right there with ya anxiously watching “leak” after “leak” on this site and elsewhere about rumored release dates for months… it was the Verizon apps that was the dealbreaker for me… I was ready to break contract at any moment and get this phone until then, but adding even a single carrier app just adds another hoop to jump through for each release. The absence of said hoop which is what typically makes Nexus devices so appealing to me.

  5. I’ll believe it when I see it!

  6. Verizon’s handling of this situation has left me disgusted with their customer service. I swear to god, if they keep up this update speed with future updates… I’ll probably do absolutely nothing… *sigh*

    1. Yep, same here. I get my kicks from complaining, but honestly, I’m probably not going to be leaving Verizon any time soon. As long as I get to keep my Grandfathered unlimited 4G I am DEFINITELY not leaving.

      1. Bad news on that front, they are eliminating their grandfathering plan for everyone.


  7. So more people who got 4.0.2 months ago will be upgraded to 4.0.4 while other languish on 4.0.1. The Nexus is hands down the best device on the market, only any version, but this is the most botched effort to updated a device I’ve ever seen. It is inexcusable that NEXUS owners have been abandoned for 6 months with no OTA’s and without any explanation. And you can’t blame Samsung for this. It is Google’s phone, Samsung is just the subcontractor.

    1. What about the people that were fuming at the mouth, demanding the phone before December? I think people should relax sometimes, lest the end up beta testing a phone instead of the carrier.

    2. Anyone languishing on 4.0.1 or 4.0.2 should be complaining to their carrier, not google or samsung. Its up to the carriers in certain regions to push updates, its not up to Google.

      Also, Samsung is not a subcontractor. Google puts out requests for designs/specs for every mfg to produce a Nexus phone. They gave Samsung the greenlight and worked with them to develop the phone to work with the newest OS and gave them exclusive access to it. Google didn’t “hire” Samsung any more than they ‘hire’ any other mfg.

  8. Soon there will be a new update…….

  9. I don’t blame Google or Samsung…this mess has Verizon written all over it. If ANY other carrier actually had a signal at my office, I’d leave them so fast! Unfortunately, I’m stuck. So much for Nexus on Verizon.

  10. “* Complete calls without experiencing choppy audio, clicking noises, and one-way audio noises.
    * Successfully access Voicemail and other automated systems without error.”

    Those are very big claims right there….

  11. 4.0.4 its the same crap, dropped calls and data are intact :(

  12. people waited 6 months … for this?

  13. yayyyyy….what a nice way to the start the day

  14. If I remember correctly the fact of the matter is that CDMA Phone’s require several closed sourced drivers and binaries that are provided by the carrier. Verizon likes to change the game after the fact (see what they are trying to do with their 700Mhz Block C spectrum). Google made a deal with the devil when releasing a Nexus device on Verizon and now they are getting burnt.

    1. it was a calculated deal. im pretty sure for Verizon users like me, it’s a heaven-sent to have a Nexus on Big Red. I know it turned it out to be a slugfest, but the exposure that the GNex got, imo, was well worth it for Google.

      And who’s not to say that maybe, just maybe, dealing with Verizon on the GNex was the tipping point that finally made Google to decide to sell phones from the Play Store?

      Carriers are going down, and with CDMA getting phased out in favor of LTE (which are sim-based), I think Google has a good shot at shaking the wireless industry in a couple years.

      That is if they don’t decide to be an ISP and a Carrier themselves. Google Wireless, anyone?

    2. remember: noun-verb-object. And bunk to your thesis. This is google and samsung’s problem. The update crippled GSM phones, they’re still crippled. Verizon didn’t want to ruin the phones

  15. I woke up this morning, checked my phone, and WOW, I actually had an update. No, not to 4.0.4, but a NEW widget that Verizon pushed to my GNex. Apparently I need a data use widget more than 4.0.4. Thanks for having my back Big Red.

  16. this phone is unreliable. i just checked and no update, how many times can gomer pyle be fooled again? cmon…….worst tech purchase of my life.

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