Thai govt. signs $32.8 million deal to purchase Android tablets for education


The Next Web has reported that the Thailand government has inked a deal that would see them carry out the widest educational tablet deployment to date. They will be purchasing 400,000 Android 4.0 tablets from Shenzhen Scope at $81 a pop. They might even purchase another 530,000 tablets, bringing the total spend to $75.7 million.

Fortunately, instead of purchasing crap like the Indian government did, they’ve focused on ensuring the hardware in the tablet would actually be usable. The $81 Scopad SP0712 tablet runs Ice Cream Sandwich, has a 7 inch screen (as expected), 8 GB of storage, 1 GB RAM and GPS. Shenzhen Scope is bullish that they could attract deals with governments from other countries, too.

“Thailand is the first country in which we have provided large numbers of tablets for students. Now we are talking with other governments to provide this kind of tablet device for [other] students, including Pakistan, Brazil and South Africa,” chairman Liu Jun said.


[via The Next Web]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Welcome to the future of education. Tree lovers will be pleased.

    1. I think its great too. textbooks are way overpriced, and i would much rather by any kind of tablet (ipad or an android) than have to pay hundreds every semester for books.

  2. Hopefully they don’t random reboot during an exam…

    1. really…

      1. Not funny?

        1. +1 for a quick mild chuckle. :)

    2. If you’re not doing well on the exam that might actually be very cool. Maybe even an App forr that!

  3. Come on USA get is all ipads…. I mean android tablets.

  4. Im so embarassed to American this is the only stupid country thats buys so much Apple Crap!

    1. what? to be*? America is awesome, you’re wrong. And Apple sells a shit ton of products in other countries, so you’re wrong, again.

  5. What are Computer illiterate Apple Fanboys doing on Phandroid? If everyone else jumped off a bridge I wouldnt follow. Android Products already have quad core processors and 4 G SD card capability. And you can root and still get updates. Apple instigated all the patent suits not HTC not Samsung. They are marking geniuses to dupe the public into buying their inferior products. They stole other companies ideas but God forbid if any Android makers do. Siri is a cheap gimmick it means ass in Japanese. Cluzee is just as good. Really no voice assistant works that well. Apple is just trying to monopolise on iPad just like iPod. Hopefully there are enough Android enthusiasts to keep ot from happening. Sad most Europeans speak three languages. Americans mostly one. Still love America but isheep embarass me. Stop sniffing fan boy cool aid and wake up!

  6. Raveesh Bhalla I read your review of the 35$ please give me and thing cost to that cost and compare it. A point of a good reviewer is to compare it to a the product prices range. This is 81 dollar that is twice as much as the 35 dollar one. Having 1 gig of RAM is all good but what is the CPU and GPU? Because they would make more of a different.

    1. I understand the price difference issue, and I’ve pointed out repeatedly in the comments over there that at any price (heck even if sold for $20) it isn’t worth it. Firstly, it costs us $50 (the Government subsidizes it to $35 for students). And secondly, the tablet is just impossible to use. You’re waiting forever for the app drawer to open, or sliding through home screens.

      These tablets are meant to make education fun. Unfortunately, with it being so slow (I can’t even imagine how long it would take to render a pdf file for the text books) it could potentially actually take the kids’ disinterest in education to another level.

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