HTC Golf pictured in the wild, new sources say Desire C could be final name


The phone codenamed HTC Golf has slowly been revealing itself to us. Its existence was confirmed after an image snapped by the phone’s camera appeared online. Then a leaked render popped up at which point the Wildfire C name was suggested as the final moniker of the mid-range handset. Now we are getting our first look at the device in the wild, and yet another name is being suggested for its retail release.

The Golf is now being dubbed the Desire C, though none of the rumored names have been confirmed. Just throw it into the hat along with the other possibilities. The Golf/Wildfire C/Desire C should feature a processor clocking in at under 1GHz, a 3.5-inch display with 480×320 resolution, 512MB of RAM, and 4GB of onboard storage.

[via PocketNow]

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  1. Hmm, not sure Desire is the name I’d give it. :P

  2. A waste. Only ten people will buy this.

  3. Why bother?

  4. yea.. whats the point.isn’t the One v kinda more entry level for HTC now?

  5. That’d besmirch the good name if Desire with those specs. I’d bet it’s a Wildfire.

  6. I could have sworn HTC recently said they’d reduce the number of models and focus.

    I guess the marketers have taken over again and eliminated the apparent few months of sensibility.

    See also, AT&T/HTC locked bootloader.

    At least HTC models usually have FM, unlike the US versions of the high end Galaxy devices.

    1. Ironically the US version of the HTC Desire Z had FM hardware, but didn’t come with drivers or software for it, so it couldn’t be used without installing a different ROM

  7. wow, I understand manufacturers trying to make budget phones, but at least make the specs equivalent to high-end 2010, this thing is sad =[

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