Test photo tips off mid-range HTC Golf


While HTC is preaching quality over quantity this year, the high-end handsets of the One series shown off at Mobile World Congress won’t be the only devices released by the manufacturer in the coming month. A leaked test photo is now being linked to a phone codenamed the HTC Golf. The photo outs the phone’s 3MP camera, but PocketNow has the dirt one what else we can expect.

The Golf will be squarely mid-range, with a single-core CPU, 3.5-inch display, and 512MB of RAM. The phone will carry 4GB of on-board storage and arrive in a variety of color options. It sounds like the handset will be the focus of HTC’s next push into the mass market and may be one of only a few low-end devices released this year. The Golf is said to be arriving late in the 2nd quarter of the year. Details on the launch name and pricing are not available at this time.

[via PocketNow]

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  1. LOL that picture may aswell be completely blank because it does nothing to even hint at the quality of the camera, although tbh a 3mp camera in 2012 when I had a 5mp camera about 5 years ago is just a disgrace, especially considering that horrible phone Sprint are going to be selling for $20 has a 5mp camera.

    I personally don’t rate HTC anyway and would never buy 1 of their phones, I think Nokia are decent build wise but their shoddy OS lets them down.  Sony all the way for me unless the new iPhone doesn’t have glass front and back …. I’m sure the person who designed that and actually thought a phone surrounded in glass was practical must have been on crack, the i4 looks nice and is a joy to use but it’s just begging to crack, smash or scratch up to buggery.

    1. Why would you never buy one of their phones? HTC makes some pretty good stuff… at the risk of being branded a “fanboi” – all I have ever owned are HTC phones (well, all two of them: two years with the Droid Incredible and now I have the Rezound).

      They do take a lot of heat about making phones that all look the same but their build quality is great.

      1. I just don’t like them mate, it’s a personal thing .. They all have screens much bigger than I need, hence why I bought an Xperia Ray, they also tend to be so bulky and imo quite ugly whereas Sony and Apple make aesthetically pleasing devices which for me personally is more important than what’s under the hood so to speak in terms of power.

  2. Dear HTC,
    I am crossing my fingers, hoping and praying, that you will make the next google nexus phone with android 5.0 on board. I am an HTC fan for life. I just hope that the next nexus has the following specs:
    -manufactured by htc, 8mp camera w/2.0mp ffcamera, qualcomm quad core processor, 2gb ram, a 5″ display with a better resolution than the iphones retina, android 5.0, 4G lte(verizon)

    1. 5″ display? That’s too big, and also I’d rather have TI make the processor.

  3. I might be ok with a 4.5 inch, I’d have to hold it in person.

    1. article says it is 3.5″… that said, I have 4.3″ Rezound and it’s a great size — 4.5″ would be doable.

  4. They are all rectangles. You just find the rectangle of the best quality and your preferred size. HTC is my favorite producer of rectangles at the moment.

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