HTC Thunderbolt update 2.11.605.19 prepped, Verizon posts changelog


Verizon has posted the changelog for a new update to the HTC Thunderbolt. The latest software, which leaked within the past few weeks, will bring the Thunderbolt to build number 2.11.605.19 and will resolve some existing connectivity issues as well as enhance the default mail app and enhance VPN functionality. As far as we know, the update hasn’t started rolling out to users, but it shouldn’t be too long before it does.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. is it ICS..no, then its unimportant

    1. why? alot of users don’t care about ICS or even know what it is. Also, it may be a while before companies adopt ICS as part of a baseline for the corporate phones they support.

      Pretty short-sided comment.

      1. With all due respect… Users who read this blog are different than the average user. The only reason to be reading news about the HTC thunderbolt on the Phandroid website is because you got stuck with a 2year contract on a phone that HTC seems to be reluctant to support. ICS is in fact just about all most of us care about. Ignoring the forum where the discussion is taking place is “short sighted”.

        1. I agree that most people here are ICS fans, but also this website is one of the best resources for all Android-specific news. Don’t hate.

          I know people that have had the Thunderbolt for over a year, and appreciate any updates they can get. Now that Verizon no longer has 1-year contracts this is even more relevant.

        2. With all due respect….I enjoy hearing about other devices and their customers. The feedback entices me, what is or isn’t existent on my current device, to learn more about a user’s experience but when most commenters are just blathering about a fictitious OS update that hasn’t been confirmed…well let’s just say it gets old.

    2. agreed!

  2. Well acording to that leaked screenshot from Verizon, the Thunderbolt is supposed to get ICS via an OTA update tomorrow. At this point, I’m not very confident about that.

  3. I don’t care about anything at this point with my thunderbolt but a stable phone that last more then 5 hours lol.

  4. Is this not Ice Cream Sandwich? ummm.

  5. Downloading update as I type this

  6. Working good so far with this new update.

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