Entry-level HTC Golf press image leaks


Though a 5MP smear of blue has been the only proof of its existence up to this point, the entry-level HTC Golf looks like it will fit right in with the manufacturer’s 2012 lineup. A newly leaked press shot of the device shows us a handset that takes some of its design cues from the recently launched One line and transplants them onto what should launch as the next entry to the popular Wildfire series.

Rumored to launch as the Wildfire C, the phone should feature a single-core processor and 512MB of RAM to go along with the previously mentioned 5MP camera. A 3.5-inch display will sport a resolution of 480×320. Interestingly, though the phone appears to skirt One branding, its Ice Cream Sandwich build is said to come skinned with Sense 4.0. HTC has stated in the past that only One series phones would get that treatment, but we wouldn’t complain if the critically acclaimed software shows up on the lower-tier device.

Other specs include 4GB of storage (with microSD expansion and 25GB of Dropbox storage), Bluetooth 3.0, and 802.11 b/g/n WiFi. It should launch by the end of the quarter.

[via PocketNow]

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  1. HTC: were going to focus on the ONE branding placing quality over quantity. 2-3 months later they have the HTC one X, HTC one S, HTC one V, HTC droid incredible 4g, HTC evo 4g LTE, HTC golf, and the 3 new HTC models for the Asian vendors. 9 new phones and were only 4 months into the year, their on the right track 

    1.  You will always have the different versions of the US carriers phones.

      1. Yeah, exactly… HTC wont just drop all of their best selling lines right off the bat, and the One series is just their flagship series. Doesn’t matter as long as they don’t make as many phones as Samsung.

        1. Best selling lines? they don’t have a best selling line, their profits last year were horrible, in my opinion their still experimenting.   

          1. Yea Evo’s did sell well on sprint (all 4 diff variations) but before sprint got the galaxy s2/ iphone 4s, Evo’s made up over 2/3 of the high end smartphone’s on the carrier, when you have a limited choice like that ofcourse your going to buy an Evo

          2. I thought that people could choose among both the SGS and SGS2 variants as the Epic and Epic Touch, and the Photon as the world phone. And none of those happened really recently. Maybe phones sell well when people like them. I wouldn’t know.

      2. you don’t have to just look at the iPhone its pretty much the same through out all carriers around the world the only difference being the antennas, HTC on the other hand changes up screen sizes, resolutions, and a slight design difference,  instead of providing the Chinese carriers with the desire branded phones they could have just changed the antennas to the ONE V and provided them with that which has pretty much the same hardware specs. and instead of providing Verizon with the droid incredible 4g and sprint with the htc evo 4g LTE they could have just extended the ONE S phone to them with LTE connectivity. Again these carriers aren’t forcing them to make more phones they choose to.  

    2. +1!  I can’t agree with this enough.  Seriously! 

  2. instead of making all these new phones for different carriers why dint they just extend the ONE brand to all carriers ? p

    1. Because the carriers are idiots. They all want the phone that will make them stand out and give them the most clients.

      1. The bad side to all of this is updating, with all these new phones, updates are going to be a lot slower rolling out and most of the older phones are going to loose  upgrade support earlier then the promised 18 months. I mean we had a big surge of new phones in 2011 and most  of those phones still haven’t received the ICS update to date but now their just all over the place 9 phones 4 months into the year, jelly bean is going to take over a year just to reach all these devices if they even get it to begin with. 

      2. T-mobile seems to be the only one staying true. They’ve gone from the sensation to the One S. ATT is trying, rebranding their vivid last year, but now going with the One X as well

  3. haha and the higher end phones like the rezound and vivid wont even get sense 4 but this will. hahah 

  4. This is such a cute phone, HAHAHAHAHA

  5. Hey look at that! Htc listened, they changed their design, a little. But, they use it for all of their new phones, so does it really count? No….

    1. What other phones would they use it for but new ones? Makes no sense to go back and redesign old models.

  6. Dont be a Dick, HTC. Bring Sense 4 to your high end phone, the Rezound… damn it

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