Amazon once again offering refurbished Kindle Fire for $139


Amazon has replenished its stock of refurbished Kindle Fire units and is once again offering them for a steal of a price. For the next 16 hours (or until sold out) the online retailer is offering the certified in working order tablets for $139, a savings of $30 off the normal price of a refurbished unit (and $60 off a new one). The price includes the same one-year warranty you get with a new one. The same deal was offered a little over a month ago and sold out quickly, so you’ll want to act fast if you want to grab the Kindle Fire at this bargain price.

[Amazon via TalkAndroid]

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  1. Been putting off getting this but at $139, why not.

  2. If I hadn’t already set my heart on getting the tf300 I would jump on this. My son has one and I rooted it for him and put the Play store on there and it works great.  $139 is a bargain to be sure.

  3.  this is just salt to the wound since amazon refuses to ship this to europe :(

    1. No friends/family to send it over the pond for you??

      1. Sadly, no. And even so, I would still have to pay further import taxes :(

  4. How hard is it to root this thing and use it like a regular Android tablet with access to Google Play apps?

    1. Pretty easy, the process might be a little confusing, but it shouldn’t take too long. At least thats how I remembered it.

    2. yea its cake now brotha. Anyone who doesn’t get this is a complete fail!! Best android tab for the Mons…. android 4.0.4 and 3.0 kernel with HWA

  5. Just picked up two of them.  Should get them on Friday. 

  6. Sold out boo!

  7. Waiting for the Nexus Tablet…

  8. I Honestly bought a Chinese Ramos W6HD from: and it out honestly outperforms the kindle fire in every test that I (myself only) has tried out on it. I just hate how there is no portability on the Kindle Fire, on my W6HD I have HDMI, Micro USB, mic, headphone jack, etc. Even my little sister bought a ZT C71 from that site and it has two Mini USB ports, HDMI, T/F card slot of I believe 32GB and it has android 4.0 (ICS) that comes stock on it. It is also cheaper, so my opinion, look out kindle Fire!!! 

    P.S. They will put something new out soon B/C 8GB external Max. just not cutting it!

    1. Buyer beware–some of these cheap knock-off tablets might be OK, but they tend to have very poor battery life, proprietary chargers, and poor overall engineering.  I agree with you about the missing hardware features of the Fire but just be careful.

  9. Powsniffer, Do you honestly believe the Kindle Fire is the best tablet out there for money? Honestly? It is okay and you don’t honestly know Tablets well than… Let’s see this Tablet has the most problems installing Apps, only stores 8GB of Memory that is MAYBE 5 MOVIES! You can sideload your own video’s and music, but than you need to get an app to play it… There nothing to support it… For being a Kindle Fire I would expect a better screen they claim a 1024 x 600, but I have had to much glare. The said thing is it does not even have 1080 HD. NOW…..

    Model: Onda Vi10 Elite  i think LWGADGETS.COM HAS IT THE CHEAPEST at $188.00Operating System Android 4.0.3CPU Allwinner A10CPU Frequency 1.5GhzGPU Mali 4001GBType DDR3Internal Memory 8GBCard Reader microSD Card / TF Card 32GB Max.Screen Size 7 Inch Screen Resolution 1024*600 pixelsScreen Type Capacitive ScreenMultitouch Screen yesHD Video Support Full HD 2160pVideo Formats RM/RMVB/H.263/H.264/MPEG(DAT)/MPEG2(VOB)/MPEG4/WMV/VC-1Audio Formats MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC, OGG, AACeBook Formats txt, fb2, pdb, pdf, epub, mobiImage Formats JPG, BMP, PNGFlash Support YesWiFi Standard 802.11 b/g/n

    Supports so many more video & Book formats, is cheaper in cost, and did I mention 2160HD…. YES 2160HD You honestly have not a clue of what in the world your talking about. Please… What did you get paid to right this blog?

  10. For $139 the Fire is a good buy.  I got one a month ago during the last sale, and I’ve been using it every day, alongside my iPad2 and Nexus S phone.  It’s an OK tablet and I find that the 7″ screen is better than I expected it to be.
    The two main advantages of the Fire over an iPad are:  access to Amazon Prime free video, and access to Amazon Prime free kindle books.  For example, I just read the first two Hunger Games books for free on the Fire, and I’ve been watching Lost and all kinds of other stuff that I’ve been craving since discontinuing my Netflix :)

    Overall, the iPad wins; it’s a slicker, more advanced device and its user interface feels more refined and smooth.  The Fire feels jerky and incomplete, and the carousel app chooser is… well, kinda weird although usable.  It’s OK for my 7-year-old who loves the educational games, and we did need a second tablet.


  12. The Kindle Fire is Great! A killer alternative to the Ipad, and much cheaper. I got mine here at amazon

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