Nokia sues HTC, Viewsonic, RIM for patent infringement


When you’re down, sue the pants off the competition. That seems to be the approach in the mobile industry lately, and not even once-mighty Nokia is averse to throwing their legal weight around. The company has just announced plans to sue HTC, Viewsonic, and RIM over allegedly infringing upon some 45 patents covering everything from power management to email attachments. The list covers both hardware and software, so the defendants in the case will need to bring their best legal representation to the table.

Nokia has stayed out of the patent/lawsuit game for the most part, but did pull out a win over Apple back in 2011. The aggressive move is likely the result of declining market share due to increased competition.

[via WinSource]

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  1. Why not, when your company sucks and you FAIL at innovation, if u cant beat em, sue em.

    1. haha. Innovation? Any ONE of these Android OEMs getting sued have innovated? Get your Android fanboy cloak off, dude.

      1. Yeah look at  Samsung and LGs displays. Samsung Exynos chipset series. If you’re going to complain about being a fanboy, maybe you should get over the Nokia’s the best glory days…Nokia hasn’t been good for a while. If you don’t believe me, check the huge global decline in sales.

        1. I see you missed the word ‘these’ in my comment.

          1. Blackberry Messenger is/was innovative. How many people have tried to copy that in some form? Everyone! Don’t be mad at Android OEMs because Nokia was too stupid to take the Android lifeline.

          2. I’m not being mad at any Android OEM here. I’m just saying that HTC, Viewsonic, RIM – these companies are using tech that Nokia has patented, for free. I don’t see anything wrong in that. I won’t be mad at any Android OEM if they’d sue Nokia if the latter is found using that OEM’s tech for free.

          3. @jainrounak:disqus 
            You mean Allegedly stole tech…. :)

          4. yes, ‘allegedly’. Thanks for pointing it out :)

        2.  E X A C T L Y!! Not to mention Apple has used displays from BOTH Samsung and LG…

          They were innovative enough for Apple to use….that Retina Display that everyone was/is in love with? LG display…

          Add Moto for Webtop and the docks, they also are involved in lawsuits with Apple…

          The iFan is strong with that one there…

      2. you obviously are an apple fan boy. I can smell FAIL all over your post.

      3. The obvious question would be…what are you doing here then?

      4. @rounak

        You basically got owned blud!

  2.  Elop, you mad bro?

  3. Guess those patent agreements with MS aren’t working out so well when you turn around and get sued by MS’s hardware partner instead.

  4. They made a better product…. SUE! I honestly don’t give two squirts about their patent wars but I am saddened to see HTC being drug into them. For the most parts they have been one of the quieter companies in this ordeal but I hope they man up and countersue NOKIA. I mean if you can’t beat’em sue’em.
    Also I would be mad if I made the lumia and then HTC brings out the titan 2 and just demolishes it. 

  5. You have to be freaking kidding me.  

  6. Poor Nokia… Their new slogan should be: “Trying To Stay Relevant”

  7. They must be very disappointed with the WP7 sales so far, then?

  8. If you can’t beat them, sue them.  Kind of Apple mentality.

  9. But but I thought the windows phone sales were going so well???

  10. Wow. Way to go Nokia. Awful move

  11. Won’t matter. They’re still slow dancing in a burning room with Microsoft.

  12. Just die already Nokia, pretty pathetic showing lately

  13. Hey guys don’t forget… our (better spec’d) phones are only TEST PHONES, remember? *sarcasm* -__-

  14. Out of ALL the ways to take cues from Apple…..this is not what I had in mind….

    Why….after ALL these years are they suing these companies?

    HTC makes WP7 phones…..does this NOT make any sense? MS not gonna say anything about this? Seeing as they are in bed together…Nokia and MS.

    I remember the rumor that Moto was gonna do the same thing….then next thing you know….Google buys Moto. MS buying Nokia didnt stop this?

    This is shady on the deepest level…

    And didnt Elop say all those negative things about Android phones??? So either Nokia is in their feelings about Android or is suing HTC over WP7 stuff…

    Shady on the deepest levels….

  15. That’s it… I knew this would happen one day. It just proved nokia are failing and have to go down to the lowest form by suing. I used to defend nokia and love them from my n95 days but now I’m starting to really hate them

  16. Multitasking? Really? What a load of crap. They’ll do anything to save a dying company…

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