Amazon selling refurbished Kindle Fire for $139 [Deal Alert]


Looking to get a Kindle Fire for a good chunk less than its $200 asking price? How about a certified refurbished Kindle Fire with full one-year warranty for $169? How about a deal on that certified refurbished Kindle Fire that prices it at a mere $139? Amazon has what you need. For the next 18 hours (or until stock runs out) you can score the 7-inch tablet and all the Amazon services it brings to your fingertips for $60 cheaper. You get a Kindle Fire that is in like-new condition, the warranty, and some good savings. Hard to pass a deal like this up.

[Amazon via AndroidForums | Thanks, IOWA!]

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  1.  Everybody’s out, placing the orders.

  2. my son has one and this is quite tempting.  It’s really going to be hard to pass up on this one

  3. The specs just aren’t good enough to make it future proof.  I’d rather pay $200 for a quad core Google branded tablet guaranteed to get the latest OS first.

  4. I don’t have any interest in the Kindle Fire…however, I did just order one.

  5. Would rather wait a few more months for the $150 7″ Nexus Tablet from Asus.

    1. I think it’s going to be $199 from the last news I heard

  6. I was hesitant on buying this but got a refurb for $170 a few weeks ago. Once you root it and put roms on it this thing is great. It doesn’t lag. Performs great. Plays Netflix fine. For $130 even if you hate it, oh well, it was only $130…. and for people that want “future proof” there is absolutely no such thing, once quad core is the norm there with be hex core, if you haven’t realized now that the “next best thing” is always just over the horizon you’re an idiot.

  7. I got one for the girlfriend… now I don’t have to feel bad when I buy myself the Nexus tablet

  8. Got one too, the thing that sold me on it was the ROM support, namely the CM9 Kang that has most things working. It didn’t hurt I had a $10 amazon giftcard from the AmazonLocal promo last week :)

  9. Hell yeah. Suck it apple!! Android rulez!

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