Samsung Galaxy S3 launching in blue and white?


There is only one more day to go before the world will finally catch its first official glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy S3, but that leaves plenty of time to get in a few more leaks. The latest is suggesting the phone will come in two color options, blue and white.  This certainly matches the product invitation, which featured globs of white and blue to accompany the “next Galaxy” tease. More interesting than the color choices would be Samsung’s decision to make both available at launch. Typically it takes a few months before the white variant of a Samsung handset is released. I suppose we’ll have all the answer tomorrow, though.

[GSMArena via AndroidCentral]

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  1. kinda makes sense. my old blackjack 2 was blue and white. not sure if i’d like it on a modern phone tho..

    1. the blackjack 2 was modern when you had it though…

      1. true…also go ravens!

  2. One of my biggest gripes with all those smartphones was the lack of color options. I’d love to get my hands on this phone in blue.

    1. Maybe u should get a purple Razr

      1. or a Nokia phone… with swappable covers. God, I miss those days..

    2. Really? Color is your biggest phone gripe?

      Just get a frackin’ case if color is paramount (even if protection isn’t also).

  3. Blue for me please….

    1. If it’s the same blue as the note (wich looks more like black, only in sunlight its blue) i prefer black!

    2. Yes me too, I want at least the back to be the same colour blue as the above invitation not a blue that look black unless you look very close. 

  4. I can’t see why the darn things aren’t available in a rainbow of colors…

  5. Samsung bringing  devices on multiple OS? Android-of course,Windows-perhaps later in Q3 or Q4, Bada/Tizen???

  6. It makes sense to have both colors available at launch. I always think it is really stupid when another color comes out months after the phone is released.

  7. Hope that isnt true, I was really hoping they would have a black color option…

    1. Yeh I think it’s great to have blue and white options but surely black is still the most popular choice for smartphones. Hope they do all three.

    2. If its going to be glossy, then white is the way to go, other colors show greasy prints like a mofo, Im going to put it in a silicone case anyway but i felt it should be pointed out.

  8. Lol I want a black/light blue housing for my nexus to match the ICS theme, guess I have to paint it myself, deff geting the blue gs3

  9. yep, blue for me please.

  10. My first two Galaxy S’ where black then titanium.  I’m goin for white this time around if I get it.

  11. Add a red phone to the mix and Ill get my misses a set of patriotic phones. Bitches love being patriotic!


  12. Ugh please tell me they will have a black one.

  13. I dont give a damn if its pink ! I just want it to come to Verizon so I can finally get rid of this stupid Droid X

    1. Is there a chance that it won’t?  I’m really hoping to dump Sprint and their lack of cell coverage for Verizon.  But this phone is my next phone, and if Verizon doesn’t have it… I have to go with which ever carriers do.

    2. I can’t stand my Droid X..the worst phone I have ever owned by far. I’ve been waiting patiently for this phone to finally become available, but honestly at this point I’m really sick of hearing useless/empty rumors and know it will likely be released with specs that will not live up to all the hype surrounding it. I just want a phone that works as claimed, with battery life to get me past 10hours, and great reception. Too much to ask for?

  14. when will the States see the G3 October?

  15. Blue please

  16. If the S3 comes with the Snapdragon instead of its quad-core Exynos processor for the US, that’ll be a deal breaker for me.

    1.  take it or leave it sir.. lol

    2. Itll be the new Evo if thats the case.

  17. Verizon will pass on this , in favor of the Pre – Incredible Pre – Snapdragon clamshell dinosaur. Lazy buffoons at R&D

  18. I call fake, guys! You can see the color tag written in small letters for the S3, but everything else is in CAPS!

  19. Why would anyone want a black one??? There’s nothing stylish or modern or elegant about black electronics!!! Seriously, sometimes it seems all electronics are black, vcrs, DVD players, Blu-Ray players, TVs, I want some style, the white Galaxy S2 looks soooo nice & elegant!!! And if this holds true blue will be nice also.

    I just good Samsung doesn’t take the stupid internal battery crap route!!! I’ll be so pissed! Some other company better make some sort if external extended battery!

  20. A little trip around the Next Galaxy http://www.nextgalaxybirthday.com/

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