New Galaxy S3 leak suggests 4.8-inch display for Samsung’s next flagship


Yet another image purported to be of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has surfaced. It appears to be the same handset spied last week, which in turn seems to take a page out of the Galaxy Nexus’ book, design-wise. We can’t make out all the same details as in the earlier leak; a glowing home button and soft keys appear absent (but this may be simply due to a lack of backlighting). In the latest photo the phone is posed next to a ruler.

Given the measurements presented, the phone is similar in overall size to the Galaxy Nexus but the display definitely appears slightly larger. Guestimating based on what we are seeing here, it seems likely the phone will have a 4.8-inch display. Then again, we have seen some claims that the most recent round of GS3 photos are little more than cleverly ‘shopped images of the Galaxy Nexus. We won’t have to wait much longer to find out the truth. Samsung is unveiling the Galaxy S3 this week in London.

[KnowYourMobile via GSMArena]

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  1. It seems the display stops at less than the 4.5″ mark in that image…and that’s with the screen starting at the VERY bottom of the phone.

    1.  screen sizes are measured by the diagonal measurement, not the length or the width….

      1. Ahh, but if you have the length and the width of the screen, you can calculate the diagonal length. Pythagorean’s theorem applies: a^2 + b^2 = c^2  (C^2 being the length of the hypotenuse, which would be the diagonal length of the screen).

        1. Or just use the Screen Aspect Ratio and Dimension Calculator – http://www.silisoftware.com/tools/screen.php

          BTW, minor point, but C is the hypotenuse, not C^2.

          1. Good point – thank you!

    2.  Screen measurements in a feature spec are diagonal… the 4.8 was a guesstimation based on the height of the display in this picture.

    3. Screen size is measured in diagonal not in length.

  2. False ! the screen mesurement is done on the diagonal not on the larger side ! 4.8 for the longer side = 4.55 ou 4.65 inches for the diagonal ! 

    1. “4.8 for the longer side”. Now you’re talking about the whole phone’s length, and you’ll confuse everyone here :)

    2. the diagonal would be the longest side captain geometry

  3. http://www.galaxys3blog.net/2012/04/first-real-picture-of-samsungs-galaxy.html

    but seriously you guys have to see this

    i think this points out truth about fake of this leaked image

      1. just upload the picture wrongly

        click the link.

        1. Yeah my bad that’s actually a good site to look.  Wonder why someone would take the time to make that fake when it appears to look just like this new picture and the drawing.

          Is it all fake!?  

          1. I remember when everyone called the Galaxy Nexus leaked pics and videos “fake.” Turns out, those people were wrong. :p

    1. Yo I think the Galaxy Nexus side of the picture looks more fake than the GS3 side.  If you look at where the GS3 markings would be on the Nexus, it looks squared off like they’ve been photo shopped.  The FFC and earpiece, SAMSUNG, the home button and the menu and back button all look edited and not seamless like on the GS3.

      Edit: After reading it, I guess he did shop it and that’s why it looks like that.

  4. i think we don’t know about the feature untill may 3

  5. First

  6.  May 3rd is only round the corner!
    I decided to rotate the image and adjust the brightness and contrast, the home button and capacitive buttons are definitely there! This could be anything, and doesnt look to be photoshopped. I still reckon the shape of it matches the shape of the device under the blue material teased by Samsung. But time will tell!

  7. I just hope a simultaneous launch with EU if not, I’ll have to buy the one x

    1.  Just buy the international version. Get a Straight Talk 45.00 or Tmo 30.00 prepaid Unlimited sim and call it a day. Dump your greedy as US carrier with their slow lauches.  At worst you can use your data on TMo for voice calls since they are the only thing that is limited.

      Screw the carrier get the phone you want when you want it!

  8. Can’t even use it with one hand…..

  9. I say Fake !  Notice how the image of the phone is perfectly top view while the ruler seems at an angle. the first inch is much longer than the fifth.

    1. Nice catch.
       i want to see and measure it out with my programs.

  10. 4.8″ would be a mistake in my opinion. Samsung needs to try to appeal to tbe masses with their Galaxy S series or phones, and most people think my Nexus is too big at 4.65″. I don’t even notice the size anymore, but i would never go any bigger. In fact, I still think around 4″ is the sweet spot for mass appeal.

    1. if they said that the phone itself was the same size, then the extra screen space wouldnt be an issue.  I think most people complain about the actual size of the handset, not the big size of the screen.  

      1. Considering how think the bezel is on the GNex, I doubt they could increase the screen by 3% without also making the device itself bigger. Not impossible, but extremely difficult.

        1. leaked images, if proven true, show that the bezel for this phone is even thinner than the Nexus’.

    2. Agree!! i hope they can build two different sizes one been 4.3 and the other what ever they feel like, i said this before and i say it again, one of the main reason the iPhone sells so well is because how easy it is to hold in your hands and how pocket-able it is.

      1. I seriously doubt that is why people buy the iPhone. 

        1. I said one of the main reason i din’t say the reason, thanks.

          1. My response still remains the same. People aren’t buying the iPhone because of how it feels in their pocket. Most of them are buying it because it’s the hip thing to do. Your friends have the iPhone, so you’ll have the iPhone. Afterward, it’s just a battle between the fan-folk. This x brand is better than that y brand for z reason. It’s the same nonsensical argument you hear everyday.

          2. exactly…iphone is classified as a “brand”

          3. I think one of the main reasons why so many people bought the galaxy note is because of the 5.3 inch screen.

            I think one of the reasons why so many people do not buy and iphone is because of the small screen.

            Big hands + Gamer + Lots of texting = Me needing a big screen. 5.3 is my limit. I would actually prefer 5.0 like the galaxy player 5. Anything bigger is a tablet.

          4. I think one of the reasons why so many people do not buy and iphone is because of the small screen!! Are kidding me!!! look i hate everything that apple stand for but come on man lets not be crazy here, we all now that the iPhone is just one product, but you can’t even compare how many galaxy notes have been sold to iPhone because is not even close man, ok we don’t like apple but android is what it is today because of apple, it makes Google innovate and work a little harder.

          5. I wouldn’t buy an Android phone let alone an iPhone with such a small screen. My Desire at 3.7″ seems tiny now compared to my GNex.

      2. The Gnex at 4.65 is not as wide as most 4.3 inch screen phones. Hope they can do the same with the S3.

      3. I find the 4.3″ Galaxy S2 very easy to operate with one hand, and I don’t have large hands.

  11. For me… the bigger the better.

    1. That’s what she said

      1. C’mon Michael…….

        1.  I miss that guy. . . freaking HATE the new girl

  12. Does 4.8″ include the magical unicorn horn everyone expects this phone to have?  I haven’t seen so many articles about a phone that will undoubtedly look identical to all the phones they’ve made in the past 3 years.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the thin and fast phones, but come on man….it’ll be black, rectangular and have sensors.

    1. There is a ton of interest in this phone.  Lots of people like myself have skipped generations of other phones in hopes of the GS3 being great.  It’s not going to wash my car or make love to me, but it will definitely be leaps and bounds better than my Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4G.  I also am hoping for a nearly global launch.  Had my current phone for 20 months and it is definitely time to replace it.  I keep an eye on this coming handset like many others because it’s a relatively major purchase decision.  ( I have to buy 1 for myself and 1 for my wife so it’s even more expensive for me )

      1. I personally would stop waiting so eagerly for the SGSIII. Just looking at the phone I want to yawn! A big screen, quad-core, and TouchWiz is all that comes to mind, meanwhile I hear tons of crap pertaining to the One X (American) VS. SGSIII. People complain about the GPU in the One X not being good enough. Okay, so an Adreno 225 isn’t as ‘on par’ with an OC Mali 400. GPUs aren’t a big deal when they already can handle everything buttery smooth. Maybe someone can stable OC the Adreno. The SGSIII will be quad-core! Okay, the One X (American) is dual core. Big whoop. It’s not a big deal. Rumors suggest that the S4 will be on par with A15 processors once released. If the SGSIII performs like a Tegra 3, then maybe, just maybe, the S4 will win or be close. I like tech specs as much as the next guy, just don’t let it shift your views too strongly.

  13. I find it funny how we keep seeing these clearly FAKE images plastered all over, and publishers/ editors tend to believe its the real thing smh

  14. I’m interested in this as my next phone,this or something from htc, that said if you zoom in 2 or 3 times you can totally see the outline of the glowing home button, which makes me happy because I prefer that to the buttonless ICS phones.

  15. Thank god it looks less roundish

  16. Someone release this already. I’m tired of sgslll articles!

  17. You measure screens diagonal not from top to bottom like that pic is showing.

    1. Exactly what I was going to say…

    2.  they are guessing not measuring, by showing the length of the device and comparing it to the Nexus length and adding some size for less bezel they are guessing 4.8 diagonal. Im pretty sure (or at least hope) thats common sense.

  18. You can clearly see the home button.  It’s just dark, but it is there.

  19. Is there some unwritten requirement somewhere that all “leaked” pics of new phones must be blurry and under-lit? 

    1. Yes, it hides the photoshop-ness.

  20. If you buy the international version get a month to month on AT&T plan. No 3G on T-Mobile, they use a different network frequency on 3G. I travelled the states for 3 months got a T-Mo sum first no 3G on my Euro phone, dropped an AT&T sum in and it worked like a charm. The international version probably won’t have 4G though. The quad core Exynos doesn’t play nice with 4G bands, so I assume they won’t put the 4G antenna into the international version.
    It depends what is more important to you quad core or 4G (by 4G i mean LTE not that wrongfully advertised HSPA+, which is called 3G+ everywhere outside North America).

    1. The S3 should work on tmobile’s HSDPA+ network, just like the Galaxy Nexus does because it is a penta-band phone.  Also, the newest Exynos chip in supposed to be LTE capable; however, for other reasons a Qualcomm SoC may be used in the US models (dual-core S4).

      If the US release is delayed then I’ll import one, just like with the GN, the only issue here being that I would prefer the US style nav buttons, whether soft or hard.  Import will be the only option if they leave the Exynos out of the US version. 

      I get around 5Mbps – 11 Mbps on of my Gnex with tmobile.  I could live with that speed forever as long as I don’t have to impact battery life when using 4g.  Glad my gnex doesn’t have 4g, and wouldn’t mind the S3 not having it either.  I don’t need my broadband cell connection to be as fast as the wifi networks I’m surrounded by all day.

  21. Phandroid: please block this scammer’s profile.

  22. Can somebody delete this AllanDonald guy’s posts? I mean, blatant advertising is one thing, but when you pretend to be making an effort to contribute to the conversation, I get irked.

    1. Recent changes to the Disqus mod tools ended up with us having inconsistent results on the deletes. I’ve asked them to escalate a fix.

  23. That phone is smaller than a GN. The GN is 5.33″ in length. That phone is barely 5″.

  24. Oh, and that home button is clearly there in the pic.

  25. Still waiting for some awesome QWERTY phone, or for XDA to finish porting the Droid 4 to Tmo.

  26. Any word on if the battery is removable ot not?

  27. Ugh, i’d rather have a 4 to 4.3″ screen and not have such a big phone. Can’t even use it with one hand. Thumb can’t even reach the top of the notification bar, I have to do the awkward tilt the phone motion on my EVO in order to reach the notification bar with my thumb. Not everyone has huge hands!

  28. Here is a picture of it from pcworld live at the unveiling. and here are the official specs.
    2.5G (GSM/ GPRS/ EDGE)3G (HSPA+ 21Mbps)4G (Dependant on market) Display: 4.8″ HD Super AMOLED (11280×720) OS:Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) Camera: Main: 8mp Auto Focus with flash, zero shutter lag and BSIFront: 1.9mp HD recording @30fps with flash, zero shutter lag and BSIVideo: Full HD (1080p) Recording and Playback Connectivity:Wi-Fi- a/b/g/n, Wi-Fi HT40, GPS/GLONASS, NFC, BT4.0(LE) Internal storage: 16GB / 32GB / 64GBExternal memory:microSD Slot (SDXC 64GB exFAT Support) Size: 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6mm, 133g Battery capacity: 2,100 mAh 

    And of course the quad-core processor

  29. Oh and yes, there is a physical home button.

  30. It makes me laugh that people still buy iphones seeing phones like these. I would be embarrassed having an iphone next someone carrying this. Great job Samsung

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