Apr 27th, 2012

I was just about to hit the lights and turn in for the evening when this popped up. What is it? Well, it appears that we’re looking at a real, bonafide Samsung Galaxy S III. Well, without that hideous prototype “dummy” casing we keep seeing over, and over again.

If this design looks familiar to you, it’s most likely because this devices looks almost damn near identical to another flagship device, Samsung and Google’s own Galaxy Nexus. If you hold a G-Nex up to the screen, you’ll notice a few small differences like less bezel (due to a larger 4.8-inch display) and what could be a slightly different speaker grill. Oh, and there’s that glowing physical “home” button, complete with capacitive buttons along each side of it.

Remember, current rumors have it that the Galaxy S III would only be a slight update from current GS2’s. I honestly can’t say I was expecting too much from Samsung, but this is… I’d say this looks about right. Earlier today, a leaked service manual showed us the Galaxy S III design that matches this to a tee. Yup, I’m going to call it in, folks. This is the real deal. Got my shorts ready. What do you guys think? Love it? Hate it? Still calling shenanigans?


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