Leaked service manual reveals Galaxy S3 sketch and final specs?


With Samsung’s Unpacked event still a week away, there is plenty of time to get in a few more Galaxy S3 leaks. The latest is a scan of a page purported to be ripped from the upcoming phone’s service manual. Aside from a sketch of the handset we see what could be the final list of specs, though a few of the bullet points conflict with official and rumored information alike.

The scan references a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display while rumors have suggested we might see something closer in size to the Galaxy Nexus at 4.6 or 4.7 inches. A quad-core CPU clocked at 1.5GHz goes directly against Samsung’s announcement of a 1.4GHz quad-core Exynos chip to feature in the next Galaxy phone. It’s always possible that the manual was put together based on rough information and that we are looking at an outdated edition here. It’s also possible that we are looking at a clever fake.

The sketch if the device itself doesn’t come off as inspired, but it’s hard to make a judgement based on a 2D black-and-white line drawing. If anything, the device definitely looks like a handset from Samsung’s Galaxy lineup. May 3rd can’t get here soon enough.

[via SamMobile]

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  1. The article referencing the official processor announcement says:  ” new energy-efficient chip exceeds 1.4GHz per core”    So it is likely that it will have a 1.5 or higher CPU speed.

  2. i hope it doesn’t have an ugly button at the bottom like that. leave that shit for crApple.

    1. agreeeeeeeeeeeeeed

    2. Lol, the physical home button has always been my favourite part of the Galaxy line. I guess you’re an American who’s never used the international model.

      1. I’m Australian and I hate the physical home button on my original Galaxy S, if there is a physical home button on this thing, then I may be jumping on the HTC ship when I come out of contract.

        I agree with the OP, it’s too appley for my liking.

    3. I don’t agree with you, i wish it comes with the middle home button.

    4. I’m pulling for the physical button as long as it turns on the screen. I have to drag my thumb across the screen to unlock the device anyways so it would be nice to have that button there instead of having to hit the power button on the top of the phone.

    5. button or not, 4.8 is too big for my hand. i cant even use my gn with 1 hand already. 

      1. cause most Asians are tiny…

        yeah call me being stereotypical but is it true or not?

  3. Hello Gnex

  4. Hmmm reminds me of the nexus but without software buttons.

  5. Mehhhh looks fugly to me too me not liking those rounded off edges. looks like an ugly version of the S2 with a slightly elongated screen. they need to chill out making it long and make it slightly wider.

    1.  Longer is still able to fit in most people’s hands whereas if it were too thick it’d be uncomfortable to hold. G-Nex feels much better in the hand then the razr imo

      1. however if you have smaller hands you’re still gonna have to slide your hand up and down the phone. Making it wider however gives you more screen real estate where you can comfortably view a webpage or read an ebook.

        1. That doesn’t make sense.  If your hands are small, you can’t grip the phone.  Length and hand size don’t matter, unless you’re constantly holding the phone in portrait view.

          1. Ok let me explain a longer phone for a person with short thumbs of fingers “Not me” in portrait mode they would have to slide their hand to the top to reach the notification bar provided you don’t have a launcher on there that allows you to swipe down anywhere. Or slide you hand to the bottom to reach an app etc. Thats why most people prefer a phone between 4.3 and 4.5in in size :P

          2.  I have small hands i can easily touch the top and bottom of my GSI without adjusting my hand, a distance of 5 in. im used to something ~6 anyway…

  6. Looks like someone took a sketch of the GNex and just added 3 hardware buttons.  Definitely fake.

    1. Looks like 2 hardware buttons and a microphone.

    2. Don’t set yourself for a big disappointment when the S3 comes out and turns out to be a Galaxy Nexus 2.0… with a white back.

      1. i wouldnt mind that

  7. The desingn looks fine to me

  8. So no Super AMOLED+ ?

  9. This doesn’t match up. Some of the specs are off compared to what was confirmed recently. We shall see.

    1. Only thing confirmed was the processor, everything else was speculation, so is this.

  10. I agree with John. A little longer is better than wider as far as phones go. I have the gnex and when I pick up a razr it just feels unnatural because of the width.

    1. Mehhhh long screens annoy me its just like when I compare my ipad to my Vpad 10s its just kind of annoying to use. trim the bezel and make the screen a little wider. And stop making these phones so thin!!! They’re so easy to drop when they’re that skinny. I have an Epic 4G because it has “Physical Keyboard” and because its a nice thickness thats not easy to drop. But these new phones are annoyingly thin. At least thicken them up a little bit with a nice size battery that will get us through a full day of heavy usage. That way we can appreciate our screen quality at FULL brightness.

      1. I agree with you Avery.  I’d much rather have it a bit thicker device which in turn makes it much easier to hold. 

  11. No LTE (i.e. no Verizon)……

    Better be a fake

    1. Well HSPA+ wouldn’t be for Verizon anyway….

    2. The international version of the phone will likely not have LTE. There’s no need for it yet in most pars of the world. The Verizon version should have it though.

  12. Wow, such a drastic change to all the hype that was being put out there before. I knew this would just be another high end phone. Nothing special just a solid phone.

    1. hahaha, you always make me laugh with your trolls i meant comments!!.

      1. He reminds me of Richard Yarell.

        1. I thought they where the same person for a minute!!

      2. its not trolling if he doesnt actually bash the device

  13. I thought we already squashed the 1080p screen rumor.  And Samsung already announced 1.4GHz processor.

  14. No HSPA+ 42…  Looks like TMO will be getting an S4 processor along with the top 3 carriers.

  15. I’d be in for one of these except that it takes so long to get them in the states. I think most US carriers got the SGSII something like 3-5 months after it launched overseas. Choice are to wait 3+ months and hope it makes it to my carrier (either VZW or ATT, either or) and purchase on contract, or fork over retail, which will likely be around $700 to have the thing imported from overseas (of vourse I would be running on ATT at that point). It wouldn’t have LTE if I imported, which is a bit of a bummer (namely because I have an “unlimited plan and the throttle would remain at 3GB instead of 5).

    It does look like a very nice phone, though I would likely slap CM9 on it, assuming the option is there. :)

    Decisions, decisions.

  16. Every post about the gs3 always have different specs. This is making me go insane

  17. I know it’s a rough sketch, but if you look closely, the bottom of the device seem to be a bit thinner than the top..

    It would be awesome of Samsung does this to the S3 and totally steal Apple’s thunder right before the iPhone 4GS is announced. iFans calls it “tear-drop” shape, and it will most likely be trademarked again, knowing Apple. You know, like “Retina” and “iSight” and “Facetime”..

  18. No mention of LTE, so probably a fake.

  19. It’s BS, Samsung has/is doing away with hardware buttons as a design philosophy, keep on trollin’.

  20. Would think that we’d have surpassed the 8mp mark at this point.  Not that it’s a deal breaker by any means, just surprised that’s all…

  21. Where is the rest of that service manual ?

  22. And now a picture just released by pcworld at the unveiling of the Galaxy S3. 

  23. They say it has a quad core processor, 8mp camera with no shutter lag, 4.8″ HD super AMOLED display 1280×720, Has physical home button, S-voice (big improvement over I-phone’s Siri), face and voice recognition (apparently it knows when you are looking at it and when you are speaking to it, wireless charging, Battery capacity: 2,100 mAh, Internal storage: 16GB / 32GB / 64GB. 
    Sounds like an amazing phone, won’t be here the states though until late summer.

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