LG launching Cloud service May 1st, Android app incoming


LG is the latest mobile entity to announce their own cloud storage offering, which will allow users to stream content to a smartphone, PC, or TV set. The cleverly named LG Cloud will launch in beta on May 1st and gets its own Android app that will automatically sync content from a user’s smartphone for playback on various devices “almost instantaneously.” Apps will also be available for PCs and LG’s line of Smart TVs.

Both free and paid versions of LG Cloud will exist, but exact pricing plans will vary from market to market and won’t be announced until the service rolls out in earnest. The service sounds most useful for those with an abundance of compatible LG products (namely their Smart TVs), but provides yet another alternative for those looking for access to their media files wherever they go.

[LG via The Verge]

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  1. Being the Mac user I am I this will be as good as the Icloud and as easy to use for the sake of you android users.

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