KegDroid uses NFC and Android to make pouring beer fun again [Smartbeer]


Slap me silly and throw me down a well, I’d be lying if I said this latest Arduino-powered gadget doesn’t get me excited. Engineer Paul Carff is introducing KegDroid, and as its name implies  this is sure to be a desirable item for beer lovers like myself. KegDroid makes use of three essential technologies – Arduino, Android devices, and NFC – to create a smart rail of sorts.

Using an NFC-enabled tag or badge, a user can simply tap the NFC reader with the badge and be authenticated to whatever beer they want. Using Google+, the user is greeted with their name and a small photo, but most won’t care because a nice selection of beer will be sitting right beneath that.

The display would allow you to not only select which beer to drink, but how much beer you want to pour. This is possible thanks to flow sensors which will pour the exact amount that you specify. Of course, the pour job in the video probably isn’t the best example of that (I’ve never seen that much head in my life) but you get the idea.

But rather than listening to me ramble on about it, why not let Paul explain it himself? Take a look at the video above. After you’re finished watching, proceed to fill his YouTube comments up with request to bring this thing to all who’ll take it. [Google+]

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  1. who gets beer in 1 or 8 oz?? man up!!!

    1. people who brew beer and need to check its progress….

  2. When did the Xoom get NFC ?

    looks like a barcode scanner

    1. It’s a 3rd party reader.  It’s not a Barcode.  Watch the video.  He even talks about NFC technology.  

  3. Beer + Android + micro controllers and flow-meters. WIN!

  4. i need thios at my next bbq ….NOWWWWWWWWWWWW

  5. You actually want head and a rough pour to release the flavor of the beer.  Tilting the cup and producing no head is for beers with no flavor, like Bud.  Pouring beer gently not to produce head is a myth, like the frosty mug.  Your glass should be no colder than room temperature.

    1.  Even so, that’s way too much head, no one pours a beer with 80% of the glass full of foam.

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