Sprint Galaxy Nexus Poll: How Are You Liking Your New Phone (And Android 4.0)?


As someone who was formerly with Sprint and recently made the jump to the Galaxy Nexus, I can tell you it was a pretty huge step in my Android life. The high-def display and the slim form factor of the phone were like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. I found that the biggest “shock” when making the move to the G-Nex was Android 4.0. The OS is so different from Gingerbread that I almost had to learn how to use my phone all over again.

Now, I’m curious to hear some of your guys’ feedback. How has the move to the Galaxy Nexus been so far you? Have you found stock Android 4.0 has been all that it was cracked up to be? Notice any bugs or general hardware weirdness going on? Anything particularly bothersome about either the phone or the OS? I can tell you, the one thing that irked me the most about the Galaxy Nexus and Android 4.0 was the lack of a menu and/or search button (and the main reason behind me rooting my device so quickly). You know what? I think a quick poll is in order.

[polldaddy poll=6165607]

If you want to further rave about the Galaxy Nexus’s perfection (or proclaim your disgust for the it), head on over to our very own Android Forums where you can chat with other owners just like you. There you can find help trouble shooting problems, discovering new apps, or even learn a few quick tips and tricks.

[Galaxy Nexus Forums | Galaxy Nexus Tips and Tricks Thread]

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  1. What about waiting for May 3rd…

    1. Haha! You think Samsung/Sprint will release a Sprint tailored Galaxy S III that quickly? 

      1. If Samsung is going for a global release like most believe they are, then yes I believe they will put it out quickly.  I for one am waiting to see what the next Galaxy is, I am not going to get an Evo LTE if HTC locks the bootloader like they have been doing. However if the next Galaxy isn’t what rumors say it is or if for some reason Samsung locks the bootloader, I am most likely getting the GNex on Sprint.

        1. HTC has been unlocking boot loaders and on top of that, their phones are usually rooted pretty easy via other even easier methods

          1. HTC’s method of unlocking the boot loader voids your warranty and you can’t undo it.  Also since it doesn’t fully unlock it, you can’t install everything through recovery and you have to be tethered to a computer if you want to flash kernels or radios.

          2. Yep, having to push CWM to fastboot over adb gets old when you like to try out different ROMs and kernels. I have to say, HTC disappointed with the Evo 3D.

      2. I meant along the lines as waiting to see what Samsung has in store. :P

      3.  Well, Sprint generally has been the first US carrier to receive Galaxy S phones, and there are rumors (when aren’t there?) of a “global release,” so it is at least worth holding out for another week and 3 days.

  2. I would like it even better if my LTE Gnex would get a damn update.

  3. Waiting for the next Galaxy to be announced. 

    1. Yah I agree. What’s another week anyway :) I’ll bite on the GS3 or the Note whichever comes to sprint first :D

  4. Wish Verizon would release the update to fix my radio signal problem. Other than that, great phone!!!

    1. What Signal Problem? I Have No Problems On Mine? And I Jump From 4G To 3G Daily.

    2. No problem relating to radio signals here , but yea i want the official up date also

  5. You should always add a “Idk, i just want to see the results” option.

    1. Yeah I’m either waiting on the next galaxy or a note then I’ll boot an ICS stock rom on to it and be extremely happy. Galaxy Nexus is just not for me I say the next galaxy should have about a 5 inch screen with a super thin bezel ;) ohhh with an S pen…. 

      1. If only… Let’s throw in a candy dispenser while we’re at it.

    2. That would be the “view poll results” link

    3. Or a “Lol, I’ve been enjoying my galaxy nexus for months now” option

      1. wouldn’t that just be a “trolling” option?

    4. or you could just click the “view results” button that is already there. 

    5. Really though?  U don’t see it? Smh -_-

  6. I might have considered the Galaxy Nexus if it came in white or silver, but since it’s not, I’m definitely getting the EVO Lte and putting a case on it to make it less ugly….or waiting for a different color.

    1. This brings up two questions that I often have. 1) do people care about the color of the phone (I guess they do) and 2) why are 95% of all phones the same black color? This didn’t use to be the case…

  7. No major complaints so far.  Although has anyone been having random reboots?  Sometimes mine does it twice/day and then it will go a week without doing it.  I also took the plunge and purchased TSF Shell and LOVE IT!!!  Highly recommended!

    1. Reboots happen on the Verizon version too, not sure if it is just a coincidence, but I’ve noticed mine reboots way more with one of my batteries, but not the other

      1. I have had my verizon GN for 2 weeks now and no reboots on the original battery and on the extended it might just be a bad batch

        1. I’ve had it since launch day, reboots didn’t happen for a while at first, I thought I lucked out, but they slowly started happening, but not enough to actually inhibit use though, and honestly it is good to reboot your phone (computer) every so often

          I just find it odd that it happens noticeably more with one battery over another

          1. There might be a app that’s causing it, its preety odd if a phone just works fine and all of a suden it becomes problematic considering its still runing the same 0.2 it had from launch, do you have any battery related apps downloaded to your phone like managers ?

          2. no I do not use any managers / battery apps

  8. you forgot to add waiting for gs3!! that is what i am waiting for.

    1. Well… if it was officially announced for Sprint, I would have added it =p

      1. Chris now you know good and well Sprint never gets ANYTHINGGGG. LOL to all the people with their “3G” Galaxy Nexus phones!!! Oh if only Sprint could be number one in something…..

        1. I’m pretty sure they will get the SGS… so far they have had the two previous generations.

        2. actually, Sprint was the first to release the GSII in the U.S.

          oh yea, and stop trolling

          1. Yes, I know that and they were also the ones that received the Epic 4G….. However at the moment Sprint is kind of in an ugly position where they’re not receiving many phones due to the nature that they do not have a solid LTE network so everyone would HAVE to be back on 3G until its set up. And another thing I’ve had my 4G phone for the longest and have NEVER and will NEVER have 4G in my area which is quite sad. But anyways I was not trolling. I was just stating the fact that everyone who jumped out and bout the Galaxy Nexus only has access to 3G speeds much like myself….

          2. I never thought of that. I’m glad you pointed that out. I’m not picking up another Sprint phone until they get them some 4G. I’m glad you said that. LoL!!

        3. Interesting… I could’ve sworn they were getting the best version of the HTC One X. LOL to all the people who pay WAY to much on their phones per month!!!

        4. And, oh, if only other carriers didn’t cap your data and charge you through the nose or throttle your connection. :/

          1. Tmo’s “capped” data is as fast as Sprint’s 3G. LoL!! At least in my area of Houston it is. So…?

      2. If they do, will you eat your socks?!

  9. It’s no iPhone…

    1. Your right :(…… It’s MUCH better :)

      1. FTW! :D

        And technically speaking the proper term was “It’s no walled garden”

    2. Wow… you really are pathetic. I read over your previous posts because I figured you were an Apple troll judging by your comment and pic. And lo and behold… you are. If you hate anything that isn’t Apple, then why the hell are you on an android news site? Do you really have nothing better to do with your life? Go outside and get some sun, it might do you some good.

    3. Thank God! Why would anyone want that little turd?

  10. beat me to it by mere minutes :)

  11. Still waiting for my Galaxy Nexus to come in but I scooped up the Galaxy Tab 2 and the ICS on there is amazing.

  12. Well I have the gsm gnex and I’m loving it the only problem is that you can’t enjoy the screen at is fullest my phone is not even 6 month old and I’m having screen burn-in the notification bar and the on screen buttons bar are burn in playing a game or a video on full screen and you can see both bars and is very annoying this is my first Samsung device and I’m regretting it, I should it wait, I sow this on my friends vibrant and I was scare that this was going to happen some time I thing I should stay wit HTC :-( other than that is an amazing device

    1. I have zero burn in. Maybe you have the brightness too high.

  13. I love my Verizon Galaxy Nexus except for 2 things:
    1.  The location of the volume button.  I am forever turning my volume down when I hold the phone.
    2.  The volume level on this phone is too low.

    1. Check out Volume+ in the Market. Works as advertised.


      Also, the dev offers the full app for free on his website if you want to give it a try.

      1. I dont know why people thinks this works, cause it didnt do shit for me.. Must be a mind trick with some people..

        1. No mind trick man. You can toggle it on one off while music is playing and hear the difference. If it’s not working for you, then either you’re doing it wrong or its a bug and you should tell the developer. He seems to be pretty active in his forum.

        2. From a recent Market (I refuse…) review, retracting a previous complaint by the reviewer that Volume+ does nothing: “Someone said you need to go into settings, then sound and select music effects and select volume+. Makes all the difference in the world. 5 stars, galaxy nexus, ics.” So, maybe that’s the issue?

    2. root, install Franco kernel installer. it lets you bump up the volume at the kernel level. works like a charm.

  14. My galaxy nexus is awesome but the radio doesn’t seem as strong as the one on my rezound

    1. It is as strong. Compare the dBm.

  15. This phone is like a radio shack 50-1 kit. It has SO many bugs and quirks that i can’t recommend it. sms bad , email bad, fonts bad, signal bad, random reboots, tiles of death crash, volume lowering, keyboard lag in lanscape, camera crash, SO many bugs unfixed 4.0.2 that i have to carry my old blackberry as a second line. Just tonight verizon is dark for both me and my gf, we bought identical gnexes before christmas……waiting for the fan-flames, but sorry this is junk, admit it, if a phone dies during a 911 call you might too. lame

    1. Or you could take 15 minutes back everything up, unlock, updated to 4.0.4 like me and not complain about it any longer. The update fixes everything you just wrote about, not ONE random reboot in 3 months.

      1. not available yet

      2. did it fix the keyboard lag? the htlm mail bug? the volume issue? the email justification bug? did it fix the memory leaks?

        1. If you really have all those problems and I call BS, then you should have returned your phone.

          1. I had a 2 week window before Christmas……in retrospect I should have. I still warn any potential buyer of this phone to beware, it is a lemon

    2. Verizon? This is an article about the Sprint version running 4.0.4… I don’t have this phone (though I’m considering it…) but I can tell you that the 4.0.4 upgrade fixed every complaint I had with my Xoom…

    3. Wow your still on 4.0.2, I have 4.0.4 unrooted for verizon and loving it. Don’t know why your phone is not updated. My phone updated I think back in february or early march. BTW My phone is not rooted just stock.

  16. Doesn’t surf and talk simultaneously but the lg viper does.

  17. Its just not a Galaxy Note. Sigh!

  18. I like  the phone.  But cant stand the purple tint that I am getting at low brightness.  It is horrible. Other than that its great.

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