HTC Amaze 4G Official Ice Cream Sandwich Update [Leak]


HTC Amaze 4G owners were already having a great weekend after a utility was released allowing just about any HTC phone to achieve S-Off with minimal effort. Now, the official Ice Cream Sandwich update for the device leaked yesterday onto XDA, where happy Amaze users have already grabbed their forks and are digging in.

Before you rush over to the thread and start flashing, keep in mind that this stock update has not been rooted just yet, but devs will no doubt have something cooked up soon, if not already. Still no word on exactly when T-Mobile will begin pushing out this update over-the-air but given that everything is just about ready to go, it shouldn’t be long.


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HTC Sensation users on Cincinnati Bell receive Ice Cream Sandwich

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  1. Wrong screenshots thats sense 4.0, the update has sense 3.6.

    1. Good eye. *Fixed* 

  2. Really I’m calling t Mobile right now that’s bs they are taking forever

  3. That looks better than the rezound leak. But looks like an error

  4. Oh now I see

  5. Minimal S-off link?

    1. You have to use a wire to connect 2 parts. If you’re comfortable with that it’s 

  6. Where the hell is the Evo 3D update already?!

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