Nova Launcher For Android 4.0 Devices Adds A Handful Of New Features


With Sprint Galaxy Nexus pre-orders selling out before its release on Sunday, that means there are more Android 4.0 users out there than ever before. If you’re currently rollin’ with ICS, you may find that the stock launcher is a bit… lacking. If you were looking for a little more customization out of your launcher, while keeping that stock ICS look, you might want to check out Nova Launcher from TeslaCoil Software.

One of the best launcher replacements for Android 4.0 devices, Nova Launcher was updated to version 1.1 today and includes a handful of brand new features:

  • Custom app drawer tabs and folders (Prime)
  • Vertical scroll in app drawer
  • Configurable drawer transparency
  • Bulk add to desktop or folder
  • 1×1 widgets in dock
  • Tablet optimizations (Dock, full screen app drawer)
  • System shortcuts for app drawer (Works with AOKP Navbar)
  • Activities shortcut
  • Many optimizations and bug fixes

Nova Launcher can be found in both a free and $4 paid version, with bonus “extra” options for those with rooted devices. Give it a try and don’t forget to rate it in the Play Store. Link below.

[Play Store Link]

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  1. I prefer apex over nova.

    1. I do as well

    2. Yeah, Apex has been able to do all that for a long while… and IMO is faster and smoother than any Launcher replacement app.

    3. Both seem to crash a little too often for my liking on my stock GNex. Every 10th home button press or so, my home screen has to re-load.

  2. I prefer nova over apex.

  3. I use Go Launcher EX, I like it just fine. Perhaps when I get a 4.0 smartphone (GS3?) I will give Nova launcher a try. But is it ?REALLY? worth $4?

    1. The free version does everything needed… the dev set it up that way so its more of a “donate” kind of thing.  Personally as a dev myself, I feel that $4 dollars is nothing.  The amount of time the dev puts into his apps (all of them) 4 dollars in far from a lot of money.  

      I personally look at it as funding the dev rather then buying the app (I know.. biased) but its like 3 sodas.. :)  

    2. I’m actually using Go Launcher EX on all my devices (HTC EVO 4G – Android 3.something) and on my Transformer (Android 4.0) as well as Cyanogen modded Touchpad (again android 4).
      I find GoLauncher EX it has more customzations and features than any of the other 4.0 launchers out there.  Go team also started rewriting a tablet version but it has less polish than the standard Ex version does at this point in time.

      I’ve tried Nova, Apex, and just about them all.. none seem to have all the features Go Launcher Does.    Best of all, I don’t notice any overhead issues with either my Transformer or Touchpad. (The Evo is pushing things as it’s a 1st Gen, and even on that it’s only slight with a few redraws every now and then).

  4. I agree. I really like the nova launcher and I bought the pay version as a thank you for the work that was clearly put into it.

  5. The only problem with prime is its to rich for its features. I’d probably pay $2 even if I wasn’t gonna use any of the extra features just to support the dev. $4 is to much for a couple of pretty pointless features though. That being said I’ve used this launcher from day one and for the most part its pretty stable. Has to be restarted maybe 2 or 3 times a week for minor glitches and response issues. Well within acceptable as far as I’m concerned.

    1. Yet as much as you like it and use it you actually feel it’s overpriced.  Something that you get THAT much use out of and gains even the subtle backhanded compliment you gave it, is probably actually worth the money.

      1. agreed.  4 bucks isn’t too much to pay for a good home screen replacement app that i use every day and every time i do anything with my phone. if it was an app that i used once a week…that might be a different story depending on the app.  

        anyway, IF motorola ever sees fit to grace the RAZR with ICS, i’ll check this one out, as well as the Apex app a couple people have mentioned.  i’m using ADW Launcher EX right now and love it, but i wouldn’t mind a more ICS look (if i’m ever actually *ON* ICS).

    2. So it’s lasted you longer than a $5 meal at mcdonalds, but it costs too much?

    3. loosen up your skinny jeans and skip a starbucks latte and support the dev who has given you a great launcher cheap ass..

  6. It’s sweet.

  7. nova is great but it always takes a bit too long to load up on my NS4G

  8. Apex pwns Nova haha i started out using Nova until i decided to give Apex a try and 
    WOW… Basically Nova’s settings are too convoluted in my opinion also it seem/feels 
    a bit clunky and not as streamlined and intuitive as apex. I mean compared to the 
    oldschool launchers of froyo years i think both Apex and Nova each have a ways to 
    go as far as simplifying options but Apex is just closer than Nova in my opinion. With 
    this said i still have yet to use Trebuchet launcher

  9. As I scan some of the Android posts I see a lot of complaining about price of apps.  We have to start to support the platform economically if we want to advance development.  App designers need to eat and stingy Android users offer no incentive or encouragement.  Even apps that don’t cost money and work as advertised get slammed by Android owners. Don’t you think it’s time we allowed Android to grow up? 

    1. Thank you.

      As an app dev I agree. Some people think I’m a rich greedy dev or corporation. LOL. I’ve worked 80 hours weeks for a year and make a tiny fraction of what I make with a normal 40 hour per week job.

      I pulled my free app from Play because of ignorant comments, but it’s still available from my XDA thread where anyone is welcome to discuss or “review” it.

    2.  If an app is worth while I keep it, if it cost money, I buy it.  If I’m not satisfied with it, I remove the app but I don’t make a stink about it.

      Developers who poor a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into their work deserve credit where it’s due, and just because some of the apps may not be on par with our expectations, the dev who built them shouldn’t be discouraged just because that one app wasn’t good.  It doesn’t mean they couldn’t turn right around and show us something spectacular.

      I agree with you completely.  We need to show our app devs more support and give them incentive to continue to improve upon our beloved mobile OS.

  10. Downloaded and bought the Prime unlocker based on all the hype that was around this launcher But … Took a while for Nova to support lower pixel density, Takes a while before loading apps And not *THAT* smooth I’m disapointed, by Nova, the good alod ADW Launcher EX does a much better job on both my xoom and my CM9’ed Galaxy note at 213dpi in tablet mode I’m keeping Nova and hope better performance for the futur (I bought it the prime unlocker + ADW is not updated any more :( .)

  11. Any of you guys use good ole Launcher Pro?

    1. ADW EX here…

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