Nook Simple Touch with front-lit eInk display launching soon?


Barnes & Noble looks to be bringing yet another progression in eInk technology to their Nook series of e-readers. An advertisement has surfaced that touts a Android-based Nook Simple Touch model with something called GlowLight, a cutesy name for describing a front-lit eInk display. Unlike traditional back-lit displays, GlowLight uses a lighting apparatus positioned above the main display to distribute light across its surface.

The image originates with The Digital Reader along with claims that the new Nook will launch very soon, quite possibly as early as today. We’d be surprised to see the new model launch with such short notice, but given that it looks only to be a modification of the existing Simple Touch coupled with the fact that B&N is already putting together an ad campaign a launch in the near future is conceivable.

[via BGR]

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  1. I like the Amazon Kindle myself, but this looks like a pretty cool feature. Skeptical about how it will affect battery life though.

  2. though the kindle always seems to be the media darling the nook has always been a step ahead of it in looks and designs and features from

    library lending
    Lending to friends
    touch screen
    ereader tablet
    sleak designs  ( look at the first gen nook and then look at the first two generation kindles, egads the kindles were butt fugly)

    1. My kindle fire was $129. Epub, lending with friends after 6.3 update. Highlighting, sharing notes , all that. Plus CM9 and almost 3.xx kernel o__O

      1. ok for one you don’t have ePub,  it’s amazon own drm mobi format

        and secondly I didn’t say the kindle does not have these features outside of epub  I  was stating the nook had them BEFORE the kindle.   Much of the kindle’s improvements are because the nook kept raising the bar.

  3. If this have a high PPI screen then I will buy it in a heartbeat, getting tired of my kindle and everything on it looks like crap :-/

  4. I’ve already received an email from B&N. It’s out.

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