AT&T’s HTC One X pictured, you won’t notice the difference


One look at the AT&T HTC One X and you could hardly tell that the quad-core Tegra 3 processor of the international version has been swapped out for a dual-core Snapdragon S4 and LTE support. If you can deduce the internals of a phone just by glancing at it your powers are better served elsewhere. As expected the AT&T variant of the handset is identical in its outward appearance, right down to its white paint job and Beats Audio logo.

We’ve seen plenty of evidence to suggest users won’t notice much of a difference between the quad-core and dual-core setup, and the added LTE speeds will surely sweeten the pot. No official announcement has been made, but the One X is expected to arrive at AT&T some time in early May.

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  1. I noticed the difference as soon as I saw that AT&T logo plastered to the front

    1. hey at least its a small logo on a Verizon device you get a giant Verizon wireless logo, hell we should get payed for advertising their services lol

      1. Well that’s part of the reason I got a Galaxy Nexus. The only Verizon logo is on the back. 

        1. Where it should say “With Google”

          1. Yeah :-

          2.  Just “Google”. Get it right. It is THE Google phone. Jeez.

    2.  Am i the only one who isnt bother by a carrier logo?  I can’t even tell you with certainty what corner of my phone the sprint logo is on.

      1. I used to not care but when I switched to galaxy s 2 with sprint (which has no carrier logo on the front) I began to notice other phones with logos. I love the front of a phone to be clean

  2. BASTARDS!!!!!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m leaning towards the Evo LTE, but DAMN ain’t this phone a beaut?!

    1. Damn sprint!!

      1. I bet sprint will put out a white one

        1. i’ll second that, it’ll probs come out a month or two later than the black version

    2. The EVO 4G LTE has several upgrades over this one that I find are a must have.  Bigger battery and sd card to start..

      1. too bad it’s super ugly.

        1. well, thats purely opinion… function over form, is my opinion. nothing a case cant solve IF you dont like the looks.

        2. Agreed, ugly as sin. So glad I have AT&T for once.

          1. you like limited data and getting a second tier phone?

          2. Grandfathered unlimited, and because I have LTE I get throttled after 5gb, I think I’m fine.

            And the One X being second tier? Have fun living under your bridge, troll.

      2. Also too bad the LTE will work in just a handful of cities.

        1. yea, unfortunately thats the way it is with LTE right now (unless you’re on T-mo, your just SOL). Sprints got a pretty strong deployment going as we speak though: 

  3. What are those dots on the back for?

    1. They are known as pogo pins. They are used to connect the device to various docks, whether it be a car dock or a charging dock.

  4. Of course they have to shove an AT&T branding on the front.

    1. I know…I wish these manufactures would flex some muscle on these flagship devices and say no logo. I would not mind a logo if it was on the back, but the front is tacky.
      I hated how my Evo 4G and 3D had an htc logo on the front right, sprint logo on the front left, and another sprint 4g logo on the back. Guess they wanted to make sure people knew that was Sprint’s device. But for the phones like the HTC one series and Galaxy S that come on every carrier, they should just leave it off or put it on the back. Pretty sure the iPhone has no carrier logos on the body right?

  5. Thank you ‘Three’ (Sweden) for that you give us these phones without touching them.

  6. Hmm… The Sprint version looks more complete to me

    1. I wish the AT&T version had the 2000mAh battery, but the glossy plastic on the Sprint version just looks tacky and I’m not crazy about the red belt (kickstand).

      1. That’s what cases are for. 

        1. I thought cases were to protect the phones. So basically, it is okay to design a phone that looks like shit because that is what cases are for. I mean sure, I guess we have to keep that market for cases viable somehow. Here is a thought: Design the phone with durability and aesthetics in mind, then no urgent need for a case at all.

          1. Just because YOU think a phone looks like shit doesn’t mean it actually looks like shit. :-)

          2. Exactly. If someone wants to voice their dislike of the design on a phone (or some other dislike), don’t buy the phone. Have the other 10 million people get it. ;)

          3. Exactly…! People are saying function over form. But there’s no reason we can’t have both. 

    2. That camera bump looks soooo 2000 where sony made those clamshell mobiles with those ugly camera lens designs ewww

  7. Gorgeous phone, awful software.  Putting Sense on a nice piece of hardware like that is like putting a Kia engine in a Ferrari.

    1.  Until you actually use it don’t hate it just to hate.

    2. You sound pretty ignorant, Sense 4 has been refined and works nicely with ICS… Don’t knock it til u try it

    3. Yours has to be the dumbest comment today.

  8. I like what AT&T has been doing lately.  I would have switched if their GSII had been a slide-out keyboard, but happily that was just a rumor and their version was truer to the international than any other carrier.  They got the Note (which my wife will be getting) and will be getting both the OneX and the GSII Skyrocket HD.  They are also leading all other carriers on ICS updates (Google phones not included).  Assuming they come out with a timely and true to the OEM version GSIII, I will be in love with the carrier so many seem to hate.

    1. This is the spring/summer of AT&T.  SII Skyrocket, One X, SGSIII, and you damn well know Moto has a flagship coming.

  9. That sucks! Y cant the sprint version have the cool dock pins on the side! Or at least look like this one! I just dnt get it…

  10. This version looks so much better than the Sprint version.

  11. What’s the difference between the at&t one x and one XL? Same thing?
    This pic does look the same as the international one x but I remember an at&t pic a few weeks ago where their one x just had a single row of earpiece speaker ports

    1. That was just a unit for testers, they don’t always get the final build.

  12. I could care less about logo’s, I just hope it doesn’t have an unlockable bootloader.  

  13. Sprint is alittle better because of the 2000 battery and a kick stand.

    1. and the micro sd slot.

  14. i really love this..besides ill never buy a sprint branded phone.they suck period.

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