Apr 6th, 2012

There’s a new version of Legacy Native (LeNa) rearing its ugly head in the seedier Android app exchanges disguised as several popular apps. The malware utilizes the GingerBreak exploit to root a user’s device and then communicates with a remote server to download even more nasty code and push URLs to the handset’s browser. While the bad apps have yet to infect Google Play, they include popular new release Angry Birds Space. Given the full functional nature of the game, users may be blissfully unaware of any potential threat.

The latest version of LeNa affects Android devices running version 2.3.3 or lower and has so far been used primarily to push an application package for a Chinese game market. The result doesn’t seem so malicious, but the appearance of the market on a device is a sign that it has been compromised. Still, as with most malware threats, the best remedy is to practice caution when downloading new games and apps. Know their source and read over the permissions before installing an app to your device.

[via TomsGuide]

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