Report: Galaxy Note 10.1 delayed until June, will launch with quad-core Exynos CPU


A new report has surfaced that claims the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is getting pushed back to June, but for good reason. A Korean economic daily claims the delay is due to a change in processor from the dual-core model shown off at Mobile World Congress to an edition that will feature Samsung’s upcoming quad-core Exynos platform.

The model we saw at MWC largely resembled a Galaxy Tab 10.1 with S Pen support, but the change to a beefier processor — if the report pans out — will equate to a big jump in power. The June release date would follow the likely release of the Galaxy S III, which is rumored to be the first device to utilize the new Samsung Exynos CPU.

[via PocketDroid]

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  1. And now I am starting to care about this tablet a little.  Any word if they have increased the resolution?  I feel that from this point forward, 1080p is a minimum for top tier tablets.

    1. I don’t think so. That would add further cost to the Note (remember it has  the added Wacom digitizer and a S Pen). Adding a newer SoC will also be costlier. So, in all probability, the screen would stay at 1280×800 to keep costs down.
      I think they will have a higher resolution wqxga screen for the Tab 10.1 successor with Exynos 5250. 

      Off-topic: I was checking on the details of Mali T-604 on Exynos 5250. It can crank upto 68GFLOPS (consider this against 11 GFLOPS in Tegra3). Samsung won’t go to max levels as this would require a higher frequency GPU. But think even 60%-80% of that would be just too awesome. 

      1. Yes, both the 2 Ghz dual core Cortex A15 CPU and the Mali T604 GPU will be great, and will also be able to power that rumored 2560×1600 resolution, but I’m starting to think we won’t see it in any device until the second half of this year.

  2. Unfortunately this will cost an arm and a leg and probably be slathered with a crappy custom skin.  Wake me up when the Google tablet is announced.

  3. You’d expect them to upgrade the screen on it since they made the one for the new i*ad

  4. Wow,this pretty much makes the Galaxy Tab 2 worthless! Still, I was hoping for a proper ICS tablet from Samsung, with a quad core processor AND a display rivaling Apple’s retina display. I already have an Asus Prime… so I’m just waiting for an Android tablet that ups the ante in display tech. Guess I’ll be waiting for another year.

  5. If they want to compete with Apple they have to beat Apple! So a better screen is mandatory!
    Look at the galaxy s 2 beats the iphone 4s in specs or at least competes with it.
    No one would buy this even with quad core exynos if the screen is the same resolution as iPad 1 and 2. Rather buy the galaxy s 3 soon @ 720p with exynos just sayin.

    1. High-density screens are nice, but once it gets close to the average human not being able to see individual pixels, it doesn’t really matter anymore. Ultra-high-density screens are a niche product or just a gimmick.

  6. Still happily running dual core on my desktop.  I don’t see any need for quad on a tablet unless battery life is a lot longer.  At least not for anything I would ever use it for.

  7. This isn’t such great news. This probably means that the Exynos 5250 tablet with 2560×1600 display will take even longer to get here. And also you can forget about Exynos 5250 in the Galaxy S3. Too bad.

  8. Quad core processor is fine but another GB of RAM will make this perfect for the artist and designer. Who cares if it costs a little more. The goal is to have a tablet to fulfill peoples’ needs and this can’t been done without upping the specs. No need for a higher res screen. The one they have is adequate but a boost in ram memory is essential.

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